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War Crime Follow-Up: The Papa John’s Murder in Columbia, Tennessee


War crime victim Gordon Schaffer, 22

Suspected war criminal Rodney Harvell

Suspected war criminal Darious Fitzpatrick, though only 17, is already a violent career criminal with several felony convictions as a juvenile; his example is spurring calls for juvenile justice reform in Tennessee

“Papa John's CEO Attends Funeral of Employee Shot Dead by Robbers While Working at the Popular Pizza Chain - and Pays for his Service and Medical Expenses.”

By David in TN
I went by the "Papa John's" at 5 p.m. today. The store is at the end of a strip mall. It was open with two employees, one a young man who looked like Gordon Schaffer, and a young woman.

At the entrance were some flowers, balloons, and dolls. A kind of shrine modern culture requires (instead of outrage) at times like this.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 at 10:05:00 P.M. EDT
Today, December 19, I went to the Maury County Courthouse in Columbia, Tennessee. I made my way to the Circuit Court Clerk's office. I told them I've written a few pieces on the internet about trials. I asked how far the case is in the system.

A young woman went to a filing cabinet for the details. The "alleged" killer, Darious Fitzpatrick, is still in juvenile court. They are waiting for the results of "mental and forensic evaluations."

Step one will be transferring Fitzpatrick from juvenile to adult court. The next step will be the grand jury. Then will be the trial.

She said the trial would be in the Maury County courthouse unless the "high profile nature" causes it to be moved to another county.

I told her from my own experience the custom in Tennessee is for a jury to be bused in from somewhere else. The trial will be in Columbia. The courtroom is a few yards from this office.

It was hard to tell how long it will take until the trial. I told her I would check back in a month.

By the way, Columbia, Tennessee has a fairly high black population, 20.8% vs. 69.3% non-Hispanic white.

Friday, December 19, 2014 at 7:49:00 P.M. EST

Ten Whites Set Afire in Recent Months

Black Genius: Four Black Men Rape Two Raceless, Underaged Girls, One 12, and Videotape Their Crimes; Perps Receive Token Sentences, and Will be Back Soon, to Rape Again

By Jerry PDX

Here is a recent incident in Oregon involving four adult black men and two underaged girls, one 12 years old. No information on the race of the girls or the specific age of the other one, but she was underaged also. The men posted a video on Youtube of them having sex with the girls. Yes, I'm pretty sure they have single digit IQ's. Knock me over with a feather.

Child sex abuse and child porn is, of course, something Afroracists love to claim is the exclusive province of white men. Anyone who pays attention to local news, and actually retains information, knows that is false. There are plenty of local reports of black men committing these crimes, though often you do have to read between the lines to see through the media PC disinformation campaign.

I found 18 references online to this incident, majority of which were blogs that picked up the story, a couple were local news stations, though the other major local news station ignored the story completely. A couple of cursory mentions in the Oregonian, our local "news"paper, and two mainstream news mentions in the Huffington Post and Pamplin media. Of course, Huffington being a news aggregator pretty much picks up everything, so I'm not sure if it counts. I like to see how much news coverage white sex offenders get, as opposed to black ones, and invariably white ones bring up more references, particularly in mainstream "news" outlets. The limited exposure this incident has gotten is par for the course, because the perps are black men. Interesting that one reference is a magazine devoted to black issues (Madamnoire), it's the first link below, there are of course comments suggesting blame toward the 12 year old and her parents, reminds you of the way the black community in Texas blamed the 12-year-old Hispanic girl and her parents, when she was raped by over 20 black men.

Another lie that black people constantly tell each other is how unjustly the black man gets sentenced for any crime, I found a couple of comments claiming: Those black boys gonna git sent to prison for life!!! Always happens to black men when he messes with a white woman! We knows that for a fact!!!

The 2nd URL is re the last man sentenced. One man got 18 years, the rest five or six years. They should be out in two or three. Not exactly life sentences, are they? Except for, maybe, one of them, it seems pretty light for child rape and child pornography, are these diversity sentences?

[N.S.: You betcha!]

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Don’t Wait Until Sunday; Get Your Multicultural Wrap-Up Now!

By Nicholas Stix

At Countenance.

Men, Want to Get Custody of Your Kids After a Divorce? Then You Must Do a “Swish”!

By Nicholas Stix

At 28Sherman.

Is UVA “Sexual Assault Activist” Emily Renda, Who Helped Organize the Jackie Coakley/Sabrina Rubin Erdely Rolling Stone Rape Hoax, Herself a Rape Hoaxer?

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

Previously: “What Role Did UVA ‘Sexual Assault Activist’ Emily Renda Play in Rape Hoax?”

peterike said...

I smell a rat with Renda. Her so-called rape (a new Lifetime series: "My So-Called Rape") sounds a lot like she got sloppy drunk, hooked up with some guy, and regretted it. But she knew a good thing when she saw it and converted it into a career. (Her words: "I was a first year student out at a party drinking in the fall, and a guy who insisted on walking me home invited me to hang out in his room, where he forced me down and raped me.") (So he "invited" you and you went along? Wonder why.)

Let's face it: a rape story is the new hot internship. It gives you instant "moral authority," a phrase the Progs love oh so much. And you just don't question rape stories, like you don't question when a black guy says somebody once thought he was the waiter. Oh really? Ooops, sacred ground! Can't question that!

I don't expect Renda is any kind of dummy. She knew the lay of the land, and what better way to make her bones as a Professional Rape Victim then by, well, by becoming a rape victim. So I'm very suspicious.

She's a cute girl. No hottie, by any means, and who knows if she's got some grudge about not being hot enough to get the guys she wants. God knows. American women these days are so many kinds of crazy that you can't keep up. But I very much suspect that her "rape" was a perverse form of resume building and so far it's going gangbusters for her.

December 11, 2014, 7:51 P.M.

The Washington & Lee Rape Hoax Piggybacks on the UVA Rape Hoax

By Nicholas Stix


A Gruesome Photograph from America’s Racist Past



By Nicholas Stix

The back story is at VDARE.

Michelle Obama’s Lies About Her Experiences with “Racism”



By Nicholas Stix


Theodore Dalrymple on a Bad Day: Depicts Socialists/Communists/Whatevers as Perfection-Seeking “Utopians”

By Nicholas Stix

I don’t know where the idea got around that leftists are “utopians.” That Republican writers would say such drivel is unsurprising, since they’re hacks. But when brilliant people like Theodore Dalrymple/Anthony Daniels or Thomas Sowell say it…

All my adult life, I’ve heard it said that Marxists seek “utopia.” But all of the Marxists, etc. I’ve seen have worshiped hatred, genocidal violence, and pursued politics as a zero-sum game, none of which is remotely utopian.

In a new column, Dalrymple gives the example of Irish demonstrators demanding “free” water, at other’s expense. They know that they are demanding that their fellow citizens pay for their “free” water, in addition to the former having to pay for their own. Rather than being utopian, such demands are the stuff of the ugliest imaginable power play. And so it is with every leftist demand. That such demands are couched in the language of “human rights” doesn’t fool anyone above the age of eight, or an intelligent five-year-old.

One explanation for such a mistaken description is that everyone has a bad day now and then, in which he surrenders to his inner Republican. Another is that these are old men, from a time in which communists worked harder to disguise their murderous intentions—though they didn’t fool George Orwell—and in Sowell’s case, could be a sentimental carry-over from his own days as a young Marxist.

“The Demand for Perfection.”

Not from The Onion, but It Ought to be: Detroit — Robert Davis, the Former Highland Park School Board Member and Self-Styled Anti-Corruption Crusader, was Sentenced to 18 Months in Federal Prison Thursday for Corruption

By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat

At the Detroit News.

A Philadelphia Woman Pleaded Guilty Thursday to Involuntary Manslaughter and Child Endangerment After Her 2-Year-Old Found a Loaded .357 Revolver and Fatally Shot His 11-Year-Old Sister

By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat


Isn't This the Most Egregious Form of Racial Profiling? Ford Awards Spelman College Students $75,000 As Winners of Second Annual HBCU Community Challenge


N.S. It’s also a violation of the Civil Rights Act, which applies to both the public and private sectors, not that the authorities ever pay any attention to it, unless it benefits the usual suspects.

At Ford’s PR page.

Texas: Family of Man Shot Outside Stafford Walmart Files Suit Against Company

By A Texas Reader


Crystal Gayle: I'll Do It All Over Again (Video, Presented Without Commercial Interruptions)



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Published on Jul 14, 2012 by PlanetPygar from the 1979 compilation CRYSTAL GAYLE - CLASSIC CRYSTAL - created at


Ben Franklin's Classic, Short Pamphlet on Affordable Family Formation


Reprinted by Nicholas Stix

A tip ‘o the hate to Steve Sailer.


I made some corrections based on the assumption that no work written by Ben Franklin would contain so many glaring errors, and that they must have crept in through the scanning process. At first, I added many “e”s, as in changing “occupy d” to “occupyed,” but then considered that the gaps were much more likely due to an apostrophe than to an “e” being lost in scanning.

“i 7 5 5” to 1755
“heigh th” to height
“Numbtr” to Number
“form d” to formed
“common :” to common:
“incourag d” to incouraged
“furnish d” to furnished
thirty . Sterling to thirty Sterling
“. . 8.” to ….
“occupy d” to occupy’d
“be comes” to becomes
“discourag d” to discouraged
“lessen d” to lessened
“depriv d” to deprived
“lessen d” to lessened
“maintain d” maintained
“in creasing” to increasing
“compar d” to compar’d
“nation s” to nation’s
“employ d” to employ’d
“suffer d” to suffer’d
“blacken d” to blacken’d
“replenish d” to replenish’d
“suppos d” to suppos’d
“Elizabeth s” to Elizabeth’s
“supply d” to supply’d

I am convinced that there are many other scanning errors, e.g., “Tarn Muim* OF HUTOBI WITH NOTM,” but do not yet know what the corrections would entail.

Full text of "Observations concerning the increase of mankind, peopling of countries, &c"


By Benjamin Franklin
Printed and Sold by S. K N E E L A N D in Queen-Street, 1 7 5 5.




Being Extra Number BS of Tarn Muim* OF HUTOBI WITH NOTM *o QOMII

OBSERVATIONS concerning the Increase of Mankind, Peopling of Countries, &c.

TABLES of the proportion of Marriages to Births, of Deaths to Births, of Marriages to the numbers of inhabitants, &c. formed on observations made upon the Bills of Mortality, Christenings, &c. of populous cities, will not suit countries; nor will tables formed on observations made on full settled old countries as Europe, suit new countries, as America.

2. For people increase in proportion to the number of marriages, and that is greater in proportion to the ease and convenience of supporting a family. When families can be easily supported, more persons marry, and earlier in life.

3. In cities, where all trades, occupations and offices are full, many delay marrying, till they can see how to bear the charges of a family; which charges are greater in cities, as Luxury is more common: many live single during life, and continue servants to families, journeymen to Trades, &c. hence cities do not by natural generation supply themselves with inhabitants; the deaths are more than the

4. In countries full settled, the case must be nearly the same; all Lands being occupied and improved to the height; those who cannot get land must labour for others that have it; when labourers are plenty their wages will be low; by low wages a family is supported with difficulty; this difficulty deters many from marriage, who therefore long continue servants and single. Only as the Cities take supplies of people from the country, and thereby make a little more room in the country, Marriage is a little more incourag’d there, and the births exceed the deaths.

5. Europe is generally full settled with husbandmen, manufacturers, &c. and therefore cannot now much increase in People: America is chiefly occupied by Indians, who subsist mostly by hunt-



ing. But as the hunter, of all men, requires the greatest quantity of land from whence to draw his subsistence, (the husbandman subsisting on much less, the gardener on still less, and the manufacturer requiring least of all), the Europeans found America as fully settled as it well could be by hunters; yet these having large
Tracts, were easily prevailed on to part with portions of territory to the new comers, who did not much interfere with the natives in hunting, and furnish’d them with many things they wanted.

6. Land being thus plenty in America, and so cheap as that a labouring man that understands Husbandry, can in a short time save money enough to purchase a piece of new Land sufficient for a plantation, whereon he may subsist a family; such are not afraid to marry; for if they even look far enough forward to consider how
their children when grown up are to be provided for, they see that more Land is to be had at rates equally easy, all circumstances considered.

7. Hence Marriages in America are more general, and more generally early, than in Europe. And if it is reckoned there, that there is but one marriage per annum among one hundred persons, perhaps we may here reckon two; and if in Europe they have but four Births to a marriage(many of their marriages being late) we may here reckon eight, of which if one half grow up, and our marriages are made, reckoning one with another at twenty years of age our people must at least be doubled every twenty years.

8. But not withstanding this increase, so vast is the Territory of North America, that it will require many ages to settle it fully; and till it is fully settled, labour will never be cheap here, where no man continues long a labourer for others, but gets a Plantation of his own, no man continues long a journeyman to a trade, but goes among those new settlers and sets up for himself, &c. Hence labour is no cheaper now in Pennsylvania, than it was thirty years ago, tho so many thousand labouring people have been imported.

9. The danger therefore of these Colonies interfering with



their Mother Country in trades that depend on labour, Manufactures, &c. is too remote to require the attention of Great Britain.

10 But in proportion to the increase of the Colonies a vast demand is growing for British Manufactures, a glorious market wholly in the power of Britain, in which foreigners cannot interfere, which will increase in a short time even beyond her power of supplying, tho her whole trade should be to her Colonies: Therefore
Britain should not too much restrain Manufactures in her Colonies. A wise and good mother will not do it. To distress is to weaken, and weakening the children weakens the whole family.

11. Besides if the manufactures of Britain (by reason of the American Demands) should rise too high in price, foreigners who can sell cheaper will drive her merchants out of foreign markets; foreign manufactures will thereby be encouraged and increased, and consequently foreign nations, perhaps her rivals in power, grow more populous and more powerful; while her own Colonies, kept
too low, are unable to assist her or add to her strength.

12. Tis an ill-grounded opinion that by the labour of slaves, America may possibly vie in cheapness of manufactures with Britain. The labour of slaves can never be so cheap here as the labour of working men is in Britain. Any one may compute it. Interest of money is in the Colonies from six to ten per Cent. Slaves one with another cost thirty Sterling per head. Reckon then the interest of the first purchase of a slave, the Insurance or risque on his life, his cloathing and diet, expenses in his sickness and loss of time, loss by his neglect of business. (Neglect is natural to the man who is not to be benefited by his own care or diligence), Expence of a Driver to keep him at work, and his pilfering from time to time, almost every slave being by Nature a thief, and compare the whole amount with the wages of a manufacturer of iron or wool in England, you will see that labour is much cheaper there than it
ever can be by negroes here. Why then will Americans purchase slaves? Because slaves may be kept as long as a man pleases, or


has occasion for their labour; while hired men are continually leaving their master (often in the midst of his business,) and setting up for themselves. . 8.

13. As the increase of people depends on the encouragement of marriages, the following things must diminish a Nation, viz.
1. The being conquered; for the conquerors will engross as many offices, and exact as much tribute or profit on the labour of the conquered, as will maintain them in their new establishment, and this diminishing the subsistence of the natives discourages their marriages, and so gradually diminishes them, while the foreigners increase. 2. Loss of Territory. Thus the Britons being driven into Wales, and crowded together in a barren country insufficient to support such great numbers, diminished till the people bore a proportion to the produce, while the Saxons increased on their abandoned lands; till the Island became full of English. And were the English now driven into Wales by some foreign nation, there would in a few years be no more Englishmen in Britain than there are now people in Wales. 3. Loss of Trade. Manufactures exported draw subsistence from foreign countries for numbers, who are thereby enabled to marry and raise families. If the nation be deprived of any branch of trade, and no new employment is found for the people occupy’d in that branch, it will also be soon deprived of so many People. 4. Loss of Food. Suppose a nation has a Fishery, which not only employs great numbers, but makes the food and subsistence of the people cheaper. If another nation becomes Master of the Seas, and prevents the Fishery, the people will diminish in proportion as the loss of employ, and dearness of provision makes it more difficult to subsist a family. 5. Bad Government and insecure property. People not only leave such a country, and settling abroad incorporate with other nations, lose their native Languages, and become foreigners; but the industry of those that remain being discourag’d, the quantity of subsistence in the country is lessen’d, and the support of a family becomes more difficult. So heavy taxes tend to diminish a People. 6. The



Introduction of slaves. The negroes brought into the English Sugar Islands have greatly diminished the whites there; the poor are by this means deprived of employment, while a few families acquire vast Estates, which they spend on foreign luxuries, and educating their children in the habit of those luxuries, the same Income is needed for the support of one that might have maintain’d
one hundred. The Whites who have slaves, not labouring, are enfeebled, and therefore not so generally prolific; the slaves being work d too hard, and ill fed, their constitutions are broken, and the deaths among them are more than the births; so that a continual supply is needed from Africa. The Northern Colonies having few slaves increase in Whites. Slaves also pejorate* the Families that use them; the white children become proud, disgusted with labour, and being educated in idleness, are rendered unfit to get a Living by industry.

14. Hence the Prince that acquires new territory, if he finds it vacant, or removes the natives to give his own people room; the Legislator that makes effectual laws for promoting of trade, in creasing Employment, improving land by more or better Tillage; providing more food by Fisheries; securing property, &c. and the
man that invents new trades, arts or manufactures, or new improvments in husbandry, may be properly called Fathers of their Nation, as they are the cause of the generation of multitudes, by the encouragement they afford to marriage.

15. As to Privileges granted to the married, (such as the Justrium Liberorum among the Romans), they may hasten the filling of a country that has been thinned by war or pestilence, or that has otherwise vacant territory; but cannot increase a people beyond the means provided for their subsistence.

16. Foreign luxuries and needless manufactures imported and used in a nation, do, by the same reasoning, increase the people of the nation that furnishes them, and diminish the people of the nation that uses them. Laws therefore that prevent such impor-

*Depreciate, or degrade.



tations, and on the contrary promote the exportation of manufactures to be consumed in foreign countries, may be called (with respect to the people that make them) generative laws, as by increasing subsistence they encourage marriage. Such laws likewise strengthen a Country doubly, by increasing its own people and
diminishing its neighbours.

17. Some European Nations prudently refuse to consume the manufactures of East India. They should likewise forbid them to their colonies; for the gain to the merchant is not to be compar’d with the loss by this means of people to the Nation.

18. Home Luxury in the great, increases the nation’s manufacturers employ’d by it, who are many, and only tends to diminish the Families that indulge in it, who are few. The greater the common fashionable expence of any rank of people, the more cautious they are of marriage. Therefore luxury should never be suffer’d to become common.

19. The great increase of Offspring in particular families is not always owing to greater fecundity of Nature, but sometimes to examples of industry in the Heads, and industrious education; by which the children are enabled to provide better for themselves, and their marrying early is encouraged from the prospect of good

20. If there be a sect therefore, in our nation, that regard Frugality and Industry as religious duties, and educate their children therein, more than others commonly do, such sect must consequently increase more by natural generation, than any other sect in Britain.

21. The importation of foreigners into a country that has as many inhabitants as the present employments and provisions for subsistence will bear, will be in the end no increase of people; unless the new comers have more industry and frugality than the natives, and then they will provide more Subsistence, and increase in the
country; but they will gradually eat the natives out. Nor is it



necessary to bring in foreigners to fill up any occasional vacancy in a country; for such vacancy (if the Laws are good, 14, 16) will soon be filled by natural generation. Who can now find the vacancy made in Sweden, France or other warlike nations, by the Plague of heroism forty Years ago; in France by the expulsion of the Protestants; in England by the settlement of her Colonies; or in Guinea, by one hundred years exportation of slaves, that has blacken’d half America? The thinness of inhabitants in Spain is owing to national pride and idleness, and other causes, rather than to the expulsion of the Moors, or to the making of new settlements.

22. There is in short, no bound to the prolific nature of plants or animals, but what is made by their crowding and interfering with each others means of subsistence. Was the face of the earth vacant of other plants, it might be gradually sowed and overspread with one kind only; as, for instance, with Fennel; and were it empty
of other inhabitants, it might in a few Ages be replenish d from one nation only; as for Instance, with Englishmen. Thus there are suppos’d to be now upwards of One Million English Souls in North America, (tho tis thought scarce 80,000 have been brought over sea) and yet perhaps there is not one the fewer in Britain, but rather
many more, on Account of the employment the Colonies afford to manufacturers at home. This million doubling, suppose but once in twenty-five years, will in another century be more than the people of England, and the greatest Number of Englishmen will be on this side the water. What an accession of Power to the British empire by the Sea as well as Land! What increase of trade and navigation! What numbers of ships and seamen! We have been here but little more than one hundred years, and yet the force of our Privateers in the late war, united, was greater, both in men and guns, than that of the whole British Navy in Queen Elizabeth’s time. How important an affair then to Britain, is the present treaty for
settling the bounds between her Colonies and the French, and how careful should she be to secure room enough, since on the room depends so much the increase of her people?



23. In fine, A nation well regulated is like a Polypus; take away a limb, its place is soon supply’d; cut it in two, and each de ficient part shall speedily grow out of the part remaining. Thus if you have room and subsistence enough, as you may by dividing make ten Polypes out of one, you may of one make ten nations, equally populous and powerful; or rather, increase a nation ten fold in numbers and strength.

And since detachments of English horn Britain sent to America, will have their places at home so soon supply d and increase so large ly here; why should the Palatine Boors be suffered to swarm into our settlements, and by herding together establish their languages and manners to the exclusion of ours? Why should Pennsylvania, founded by the English, become a colony of Aliens, who will shortly
be so numerous as to Germanize us instead of our Anglifying them, and will never adopt our language or customs, any more than they can acquire our complexion?

24. Which leads me to add one remark: That the number of purely white people in the world is proportionably very small. All Africa is black or tawny. Asia chiefly tawny. America (ex clusive of the new comers) wholly so. And in Europe, the Spaniards, Italians, French, Russians and Swedes are generally of what we call a swarthy complexion; as are the Germans also, the Saxons only excepted, who with the English make the principal body of white people on the face of the earth. I could wish their numbers were increased. And while we are, as I may call it, scouring our planet, by clearing America of woods, and so making this side of our globe reflect a brighter light to the eyes of inhabitants in Mars or Venus, why should we in the sight of superior beings, darken its people? why increase the sons of Africa, by planting them in America, where we have so fair an opportunity, by excluding all blacks and tawneys, of increasing the lovely white and red? But perhaps I am partial to the complexion of my Country, for such kind of partiality is natural to Mankind.



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From Nicholas Stixx

How are you?
Nicholas Stixx

On the Bush Dynasty: Mark Steyn



By Nicholas Stix


No Snitchin’: Dallas police are asking the public for help solving a series of unrelated slayings. From Friday to Monday, five homicides were reported in the city, and so far police have arrested a suspect in only one of them.

By A Texas Reader

Swedes again?

At the Dallas Morning News.

What Role Did UVA “Sexual Assault Activist” Emily Renda Play in Rape Hoax?


UVA rape hoax activist Emily Renda at the White House

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

The Erdely-Renda Connection
December 11, 2014

Narratives are collapsing at faster and faster speeds now. Trayvon took months, while Michael Brown took weeks. The Duke Lacrosse hoax took months, while the UVa hoax took weeks. These false narratives pollute the social environment, yet repeat themselves over and over again because the people who hold the megaphone all lean the same way and view the world through the same eyes. One thing not getting much play is how this UVa fraternity rape hoax fits together. The players involved show the corrupt connection between the media, activists and the universities. While Sabrina Rubin Erdely and Rolling Stone are rightfully being roasted in the media, no one is talking to the main fixer of everything, Emily Renda. Emily Renda and Sabrina Erdely used one another to further The Rape Hysteria Narrative.

First it would be useful to look at Sabrina Erdely. Erdely has a website that writes about how wild and independent she is. Occidental Observer and even Jewish convert Luke Ford have gone the extra mile to call her what she is: a Jewish reporter attacking the evil Gentiles at every turn. Here are Erdely's three big crime stories; charges of molestation and rape of a boy by the Catholic Church, charges of rape mishandling by the US military, and now charges of mishandling of an evil rape by a fraternity at the University of Virginia. Review those opponents: white male Catholic priests, US military that is a bastion for white (Southern) men, and a white male fraternity in the South. Miss Erdely should tone it down a bit or else Tom Wolfe might accuse her of imitating one of his creations. The Catholic Church article never held up in court as the accuser changed his story multiple times. Military men are now pointing out giant holes in Erdely's story that involved US military procedures that do not make sense. UVa is now folding like origami. Amazing how she missed any of the gang rapes on campus committed by men of a different hue. Amazing how she did not write about the Jewish rabbi sex scandals, and how they treated accusers. Amazing how she picked this fraternity because looking at other elite schools did not feel quite right.

What felt right? Well what felt right was that UVa was "genteel". Erdely mentions aristocracy in her essay. Another thing to keep in mind is the UVa is elite but is 72% white, and because it is a state university, 68% of students are from Virginia. I doubt the Jews of the Acela Corridor are trekking down to UVa like they flock to the Ivies, so whites at UVa are not Acela Corridor good whites. UVa has fraternities on campus, which many of their fellow elite schools have done away with. UVa also is down South, so the rather ridiculous details of the rape event with political projection (evil white Romney supporters raping young woman "crushing it" at college) can feed into a Rolling Stone reader's default bias. It does not take much looking to find media articles cursing the South or articles calling the GOP the party of white, Southern men. "See, this is where they go to be made into racist, sexist bigots. Woooo, scary." The other connector to UVa though is Emily Renda, and this is where it gets interesting.

Emily Renda was brought into contact with Sabrina Erdely, and this made Erdely focus in on UVa. I contacted Renda through Twitter with honest questions about how she came into contact with Erdely. No replies. Here is Renda's profile. She was sexually assaulted or raped as a freshman. She self medicated but found fulfillment working as an activist and focusing on women's issues. Renda worked as a witness assistant with Charlottesville. That is another way of saying Renda worked as a "rape victim advocate". Rape advocates are volunteers who respond to calls from the police when a potential rape has occurred. In some cities, these advocates work hotlines as well. There are counseling elements to the job, and there are simple these are your rights, do you want to press charges and have a rape kit done elements to the job. I know a former rape advocate so I called her. She worked in Columbus, Ohio. Working a hotline and visiting victims at a hospital involves explaining rights and talking to victims. My contact said hospital visits were to young, urban victims (African-American). The hotline was used by college students split between 35% "I'm uncomfortable about last night, 50% "Something violent happened", and 15% "We were drunk shenanigans from goofballs".

Even in her limited experience, Renda would have had plenty of contact with actual rape victims as well as women who experienced something that made them uncomfortable. Either way, she would hear a lot of stories with a lot of details. Since Renda's own attack, which she proudly has bounced back from and will mention immediately to anyone willing to hear or print it, Renda has been immersed in activist work. The witness assistance program is not crime specific, but if you went to the link it is all domestic violence and rape focused. Renda did this before she went to the special council at UVa for sexual misconduct. This was before she wrote her thesis on the challenges of adjudication of sexual assault on campus or a school paper article on the trouble of legalities with prosecuting campus sexual assaults. Renda is quick to push the 1 in 5 sexual assault statistic. Renda organized a Take Back the Night vigil and event in 2014.

The year 2014 has been a big one for Emily Renda, because she has had a full calendar for a senior in college. She has had great press. Renda had an essay published with the Huffington Post in April about her assault and how she took charge of her life to make a difference. Weird thing is in another essay she wrote for the UVa paper, she cites an unverifiable verbal attack by bros for her being a feminazi and a cunt just for giving a speech on campus. Did it happen? Unverifiable, but I doubt it. Renda also went to the White House to be a part of a conference on sexual assault on campus, and she even testified in front of the US Senate about the problem. Take a look at her testimony. She mentions changes that need to happen including better peer support, better resources and help from universities, and possible codification of law at state and federal levels. Renda was an intern for the UVa president, and afterwards is now a project coordinator for the VP of student affairs. Erdely was looking in June for the right college, and she just so happened to find UVa because of Renda. Renda had graduated but was still working there. Of all the universities for Erdely to select, she found this university that just so happened to have the one young woman who testified before the Senate and went to the White House about this subject.

How do their interests collide and reinforce one another? Erdely gets an activist hooked into the women's activism network at UVa. Some of the party girls in the essay were also women's rights activists on campus. Erdely also has Renda the former witness advocate to shoot "Jackie" her way. Renda could help Erdely out with a sensationalized story right out of a '90s Lifetime movie starring Tracy Gold,"Shards of my Broken Heart". There are so many weird details in Erdely's essay. Erdely shows students as callous, disregarding Jackie's damages and event because of party concerns. Erdely's article also falsely portrayed the university as shuffling Jackie off and sweeping it under the rug, which the university quickly showed was garbage.

Look at Renda's testimony again. Here are her big bullet points. There is even CSPAN video of her.

1. Mandated prevention programming must include education about supporting peer survivors to foster a culture of reporting.

2. Universities should ensure access to advocacy and/or counseling to increase reporting.

3. Colleges must maintain a range of sanctions so as not to deter survivors from reporting and respect the variety of resolutions survivors seek.

4. Resolution agreements should foster cooperation between administration and students to combat mistrust of the university that could deter reporting.

Renda's testimony also addresses how there should be more federal oversight of this issue. This is forcing a federal solution to local crime problems. Note that there is money involved, which is the lubricant to everything in the progressive tool kit. The important thing to keep in mind is that Renda was the student testifying in front of the US Senate before her visit to the White House. Keep in mind she stressed a "culture of reporting".

In a weird way, the UVa president's quick, rash actions against fraternities might reveal her involvement. Despite the Rolling Stone retraction, UVa President Sullivan still has the frat on the modern version of "double secret probation". She wants a "culture of reporting", so does Renda.The UVa president resigned a couple of years ago when a challenge from the board was going to push for a more efficient school, eliminating some programs. She won that battle. What programs were on the chopping block? The women or gay studies classes perhaps? What is a counterweight of power at a university? The Greek system with its alumni connections, housing and money. Think of the weird details in the Rolling Stone article. Those details played into Renda's concerns and items that she wants campuses to change. This article helps both of them by giving Erdely huge publicity in today's rape hysteria climate and giving Renda a reason to push reform at UVa. Emily Renda is currently the project coordinator for the VP of Student Affairs at UVa. What do you think she could do with those policy ideas and a big sensational attack reported in Rolling Stone on her campus? If Renda spearheads reform at UVa on sexual misconduct policies and procedures in the same year she was invited to the Senate and White House, how high is her ceiling in the women's rights political machine? Much higher than Sandra Fluke's.

It has fallen apart. The story was too rich. Renda has even stated that she does not know what to believe now. Erdely and the accuser Jackie seem to be lying to one another or accusing the other of lying. Jackie's story also seems concocted not just for Erdely but for her friends to get some other guy to like her. She comes across as a bit rape obsessed. Something even came out that Jackie wanted to back out of the story but Erdely still went for it. That is like journalism rape. No means No Sabrina. Sabrina Erdely will probably get work in the future, which is a symptom of our broken media system with its protected priests. Emily Renda should come clean about her involvement and connection to Erdely. If she cares so much about women's issues, she should see how this will damage her crusade, but more importantly, may cause some women on the margins harm. Renda's work as a witness assistant should have clued her into Charlottesville real rape statistics. In the last four years, they have had 108 rapes in Charlottesville. Charlottesville contains UVa, which has about 11,500 female students on campus. If 1 in 5 women were raped while in college, shouldn't the number of rapes be over 2000 for those four years? There are 108, not 2000. That incident rate is more in line with the real 6 in 1000 rate, not 1 in 5. If Renda is using that 1 in 5 line including the defintion of assault being someone kissing you when drunk that you push away, hell most men I know has been sexually assaulted.

This is not a laughing matter. This crap journalism will repeat itself because journalists are never held accountable. Emily Renda and Sabrina Erdely will never have to explain themselves. Rape is real. Fraternity brothers shoving bottles into vaginas is fiction. There are plenty of rapes involving students that the Rolling Stone could write about, but they do not fit the narrative. The UVa campus is still dealing with the rape and death of a student off campus. That guy happened to not be in any fraternities, and also happened to be black. It is interesting that Erdely did not hear Jackie's story, see the off campus rape at UVa and decide to switch gears and focus. It did not fit Renda's goals (on campus rape rules). It did not feed Erdely's drive to fight the evil, goyim in the woods. This is how a story is built. The drives and wishes of selfish individuals who go looking for a situation to fit their needs. When the situation does not present itself, they invent one.

Mississippi’s New Emmett Till Case the National MSM are Ignoring



Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

A tip 'o the hate to The Last Refuge/Conservative Treehouse.

Why media aren't covering white teen girl's murder
Exclusive: Jack Cashill identifies Mississippi burning victim as 'next Emmett Till'
By Jack Cashill
December 17, 2014

In August 1955, Emmett Till, a 14-year-old Chicago boy, was brutally beaten and shot for allegedly flirting with a white woman in a Mississippi delta town.

Ever since, and especially in the Obama years, the charlatans who preside over the vestiges of the civil rights movement and their media allies have been looking for a new Emmett Till. Predictably, they have been looking in all the wrong places.

One place they have chosen not to look is Courtland, Mississippi, a small town in Panola County an hour south of Memphis. There, on Dec. 6, firefighters responding to a car fire found 19-year-old Jessica Chambers near death.

Burned over 98 percent of her body, Chambers had been left for dead by her killer or killers, but she had lived long enough to share some information with the first responders.

The case has “Till” written all over it. The town is a backwater. Its officials are sketchy. Its denizens are straight out of Faulkner, but in that Chambers was white and blond, the major media have no interest in reporting the story. They fear where it might lead.

The media much prefer the tale of a black innocent victimized by a racist white, even if they have to fictionalize the narrative. With a president to re-elect and a base to excite, they revived this largely dormant story line in February 2012 with the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida.

The “Till” card got a ton of play in the Martin shooting, all of it preposterous. Said Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump, insulting those who know their history, “Trayvon Martin will forever remain in the annals of history next to Medgar Evers and Emmett Till, as symbols for the fight for equal justice for all.”

Till, of course, was brutally lynched. The courageous civil rights leader Evers took a bullet in the back from a racist assassin in 1963 Mississippi.

Martin, who was high at time and suspended from school for multiple infractions, took a bullet to the chest while gratuitously bashing in the head of a Hispanic man – a “white Hispanic,” qualified the New York Times – in a multi-ethnic Florida community.

The old bulls of the civil rights movement responded to the Martin death much as one would expect them to. Initially, they just asked for an arrest and then just a trial. Neither proved sufficient.

“I do not accept the [Zimmerman verdict],” Jesse Jackson told the world. He compared this trial to that of Emmett Till’s killers.

“Not one black lawyer on either side, not one black on the jury, not one male on the jury, and so something about it was stacked from the very beginning,” said Jackson, fully ignoring the fact that one of the six women on the jury was black.

“Trayvon Martin is Our Emmett Till; Our Jury Selection Process Is No Better Now That It Was In 1955,” read the misbegotten headline of a Daily Kos article that denounced the “all-white jury.”

Jack Cashill’s investigative-reporting skills shine in his many books — see them now in WND’s Superstore

The New York Daily News asked, “When will it all end?” at the end of a list that began with Emmett Till and ended with Trayvon Martin.

“It” did not end with Martin. In August 2014, “gentle giant” Michael Brown picked up where Trayvon left off, this time assaulting a store clerk and then a police officer before the officer stopped him in his tracks.

“From Emmett Till to Michael Brown, a story as old as America itself,” read the headline of an article by former Democratic Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland three weeks after Brown was shot and two weeks after anyone paying attention knew he deserved it.

More incendiary than a former governor was the current attorney general. “The struggle goes on,” Eric Holder said of the Brown shooting. “There is an enduring legacy that Emmett Till has left with us that we still have to confront as a nation.”

The search for Chambers’ killers meanwhile goes largely unreported beyond Mississippi and the essential crime-fighting blog, the Conservative Treehouse.

The “Treepers,” who collaborated with me on my book “If I Had A Son,” busted the Martin and Brown cases wide open for anyone who cared to know, and they are doing the same with the Chambers case.

Although the Treepers are careful not to get ahead of the evidence, the evidence heads in a direction the media are prepared to suppress.

As a case in point, the media kept their distance from Wichita last month when black suspect Cornell McNeal was arrested for the random rape, beating and burning to death of a 36-year-old mother of four in a local park. And the victim was black.

“Black lives matter” in the media, only if the perpetrator is white and the victim is outside the womb. White lives matter to the degree that the perpetrator enjoys more “white privilege” than the victim – and only then if he is not a prominent Democrat.

Bottom line: unless white Hispanic Ted Cruz confesses to the killing of Chambers, expect this Mississippi burning story to die. Holder’s DOJ has no more interest in seeing it solved than do the media.

See if You Get This Obama Joke Quicker than I Did

By Nicholas Stix


Federal Judge Rules Obama’s Amnesty Unconstitutional; Obama Ignores Him; and Yet…

By Nicholas Stix


“Surviving Rape in the Military”: The NYT is Back on (Lying) Message

By Nicholas Stix


Eli Wiesel was (Allegedly) a Member of the Irgun; Hooray!



By Nicholas Stix

At the Unz Review, a John Taylor (there’s more than one writer by that name) seems to think he’s nailed Eli Wiesel, and by extension, all Zionists (read: Jews).

His Holocaust-denier fans cheer him on.

John Taylor:

“Yet Wiesel, the putative guardian of the weak and the innocent, is in conflict with Wiesel, the Zionist and shameless apologist for Israel’s on going ethnic cleansing campaign and serial butchery in Lebanon and Gaza. ‘I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides.’ In the Middle East Wiesel has made his choice and it is to champion the powerful against their victims and to defend the occupier against the dispossessed.
“In his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech Wiesel claimed to be sensitive to the plight of the Palestinians ‘but whose methods I deplore when they lead to violence. Violence is not the answer. Terrorism is the most dangerous of answers.’ Wiesel denounced Palestinian terrorism but conveniently ignored his own membership in a Jewish terrorist group, the Irgun, which he joined in Paris in 1947 as a translator, journalist and propagandist.”

I responded:

I never liked Wiesel, thinking him nothing but a pompous ass. You make him sound a lot better.

Jew-haters always bring up the King David Hotel, and make it sound like it was an attack on a civilian site. The King David was then a British Army military location.

I can’t respond to all your charges against the Irgun, but if they drove the Arabs (the term “Palestinians” had yet to be invented) out of Israel, I say, more power to them!

If only the American government dealt with the Mexicans and Central Americans the same way.

UVA Rape Hoaxers Jacqueline “Jackie” Coakley and Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s Lies Sound an Awful Lot Like the Story Told in Senate Testimony by UVA Rape “Sexual Assault Activist” Emily Renda

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

Recent UVA grad Emily Renda claims to have been raped as a UVA freshman in spring, 2011. She has recited her story, which she calls “typical,” hundreds of times as an activist.

I know Renda is a liar, because she asserts that rape is “typical on the UVA campus. If she would lie about that, she would lie about having been raped.

Hoaxers these days typically work use a parallel m.o.: They claim that a culture of hate/rape/whatever exists, and that the hoax du jour they are promoting is merely yet another case of the “culture.” If they were telling the truth, their hoaxes wouldn’t be constantly collapsing.

Point 2: “Activists” in these matters are almost always pathological liars.

Point 3: Lying activists have tremendous support from the overlapping groups of the MSM, feminists, and the antiversity. Questioning even the most transparent lies can be professional suicide. One must be “sensitive” to their suffering.

If Emily Renda would lie about rape being “typical” at UVA, there’s a very good chance that she lied about being raped.

Jackie's Story Echoed Emily Renda's Senate Testimony

By Son of Brock Landers
December 13, 2014
28 Sherman

Even after my Erdely-Renda post from Thursday, the Rolling Stone article continues to unravel elsewhere. The Washington Post managed to do the yeoman's work on the problems to the story. Chuck Ross at the Daily Caller has interviewed Jackie's friend Randall, adding to the catfish elements to the story. Emily Renda's still skating free from scrutiny except here. A really weird coincidence is found between Renda's words and Jackie's story in the Rolling Stone. This plays into who came up with Sabrina Erdely's story details. The media should be asking Emily Renda deeper questions than the softballs NPR threw her way.

Jackie's story to her friends differs from Erdely's reporting. Jackie has accused Erdely of lying, people have accused Jackie of lying, and it is a tornado of lies. This is where Renda fits in. Emily Renda's testimony to the Senate was in June. Here is a passage about a vicious rape on campus.
One of the student survivors I worked with, Jenna*, was gang-raped by five fraternity men early in her freshman year. Despite the severity of the assault and injuries she sustained, Jenna still experienced a feeling of personal responsibility. Looking for affirmation, she sought out peers and told her story. Sadly, each and every one of the friends she reached out to responded with varying denials of her experience; these responses worsened her feelings of self-blame – that she must be confused because that fraternity “is full of great guys”; that she must have made them think she was “down for that”; questioning how no one else at the party could have heard what was going on if she was telling the truth; or discouraging her from seeking help because “you don’t want to be one of those girls who has a reputation” for reporting “that kind of thing.” These statements haunted Jenna. She told me that they made her feel crazy, and made her question whether her own understanding of the rape was legitimate.
Sounds familiar? Jenna was a "changed name" to protect the victim. Is Jenna really Jackie? The section on the social life obsessed friends sticks out and sounds eerily reminiscent of something else I recently read. Here's the callous friends section of the Rolling Stone UVA article.
Their other two friends, however, weren't convinced. "Is that such a good idea?" she recalls Cindy asking. "Her reputation
will be shot for the next four years." Andy seconded the opinion, adding that since he and Randall both planned to rush fraternities, they ought to think this through. The three friends launched into a heated discussion about the social price of reporting Jackie's rape, while Jackie stood beside them, mute in her bloody dress, wishing only to go back to her dorm room and fall
into a deep, forgetful sleep. Detached, Jackie listened as Cindy prevailed over the group: "She's gonna be the girl who cried 'rape,' and we'll never be allowed into any frat party again."
There are a lot of similarities. The rape itself involved seven fraternity brothers. It was early in the girl's freshman year. The friends doubted her and were worried about the social implications. The reputation word used. Erdely said she started looking for a college in June. Renda's testimony was in late June. These are all just coincidences, but coincidences worth exploring before the project coordinator to the Vice President of Student Affairs at UVa starts changing policies.

If Jackie doesn't support Erdely's details, did Erdely make them up completely? Did Renda help Erdely fill in details from other attacks she knew of? Is Jenna from the Senate testimony Jackie? If so, why was it 5 men raping her for the Senate but 7 for the Rolling Stone article? If not, does UVa have a campus full of gang rapists and doubting Thomas friends that are obsessed with reputations? That sounds unlikely, but no one is asking Emily Renda. The media should be asking Ms. Renda these questions and her involvement with Erdely's story beyond matchmaker. If she is completely innocent, then Erdely needs to come clean.

This story was a horrible farce. Horrible in the smears and the lies, and the avoidance of actual rapes on campuses across America. It was also a lie in hiding the progressive side involved. Sabrina Erdely wrote this line, "But like most colleges across America, genteel University of Virginia has no radical feminist culture seeking to upend the patriarchy". "Genteel", so you can picture young patriarchs in white suits or seersucker suits sipping cool drinks in the shade of their antebellum mansions. This is all part of Erdely's narrative pitch. It is a narrative with major holes though. "No radical feminist culture" sounds fake to me. What else do we call an activist who pushed lying Jackie and multiple other student activists into the arms of Erdely for a national story? Lying to the national press may not be radical in Erdely's book, but it is to the rest of us.

Posted by Son of Brock Landers

1:20 PM


Anonymous said...

March 2014 photo from Emily Renda's Instagram account shows easel, flag, pictures of Obama and Biden, with this caption: "Back in the White House helping design a website!"

The Dude said...

Didn't Jackie's friends recently say the story she told them was that five guys forced Jackie to give BJ's? If so their recent story matches Renda's June Senate story. So where did Rubin get her broken glass, gang raping floor-groveling 7 or 8 guys stuff from? Wasn't Rubin talking to Jackie for a year or so? Therefore prior to Renda's Senate story? What did Rubin know know and when did she know it?

Anonymous said...

Journalist Charles C. Johnson needs to FOIA the White House visitor log to find out dates Emily Renda visited, and if Sabrina Rubin Erdely ever visited.

Mike said...

Mostly OT: Media/journalism has a major problem. So much of what gets reported is at best chosen to support an Agenda (e.g. all white men are rapists, diversity is a blessing), and at worst, a total fabrication. Here's an article that I saw in a couple different places this morning: By the end of the day, the story already unraveled. If you read the yahoo piece, they provide the original authors name from NY Mag, Jessica Pressler. My hunch was probably another 20-something, lib arts grad, spoiled white girl when I saw the name. Her website About Me is illuminating: First, note the photo. Gotta keep it real, yo! From her About me: "She writes mostly about personalities: Wall Street CEOs, movie stars" "A former staff writer at Philadelphia magazine, she was virtually run out of town (ed. emphasis mine) after writing an article for the New York Times in which someone declared the city to be a “sixth borough,” of New York." So we've got a girl from an affluent Northeast city suburb, who's obsessed with Alpha males, sees herself as a victim and has an obnoxious sense of humor. Welcome to 80% of the female dating pop in NE cities btw. Her twitter account is full of all the charm you'd expect from a vapid, entitled chick. My question is: why do news outlets run these pieces without basic fact checking and why do cunts like these get a platform?

Anonymous said...

Can you find what the salary of Rendle or her boss are. Not seeing her come up on the salary search.

I’m Rich! I’m Rich! (Photoessay)




By Nicholas Stix

I just checked this morning, and I determined that there are at least 116 unopened rolls of toilet paper in the Stix household. One hundred and sixteen unopened rolls! (There are several others already open.) I don’t know about you, but that counts as wealth, within these four walls. (And I may have missed a few.)


How many of you can lay claim to having such wealth literally within your grasp?


When you're as rich as we are, you can afford to waste a little, on some good, clean fun

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Breaking News: Second Arrest Made in Hate Crime Murder of White Elementary School Teacher in Lancaster, PA


Lancaster homicide scene - Nicole Mathewson

Suspects Thomas Moore, 25, and Marcus Rutter, 16, are both in custody

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

Thanks to my partner-in-crime, David in TN, for the heads-up.

2nd suspect arrested in murder of elementary school teacher in Lancaster
By 69 News , follow: @69news,
Dec 17 2014 10:47:40 A.M. EST
Updated: 36 MIN. AGO

2nd suspect arrested in murder of elementary teacher LANCASTER, Pa. –

A second suspect has been arrested and charged with homicide in the killing of an elementary school teacher in Lancaster.

City police announced Wednesday the apprehension of Thomas Moore, who has been jailed without bail on charges that also include burglary, robbery and receiving stolen property.

Moore, 25, and Marcus Rutter, 16, went to a home in the 700 block of North Franklin Street with the plan to steal items, but the botched burglary ended with the death of the woman who lives there, Nicole Mathewson, police said.

Quick Clicks
Lancaster teacher killed in botched burglary
Boy, 16, charged in death of elementary school teacher

A friend found her body Monday morning after she failed to show up for work as a sixth grade teacher at Brownstown Elementary School near Ephrata.

Mathewson, 32, died of multiple traumatic injuries, according to the coroner.

Rutter was apprehended Monday night and also denied bail.

Police said the suspects' arrests "were the direct result of helpful information provided by tipsters and citizens who contacted the police with information directly or through Lancaster City/County Crime Stoppers.

Investigators continue to seek information about the homicide. They ask anyone who knows something to call police at 717-735-3300 or the Lancaster City-County Crime Stoppers at 800-322-1913.

Meantime, counselors continue to help students and staff in the Conestoga Valley School District cope with Mathewson's death.

"During her seven years with us, she was an excellent teacher, an exemplary employee and a respected colleague, especially in the area of mathematics," Superintendent Gerald Huesken said in a statement on the district's website. "Her loss is a terrible tragedy for our school district and our community. She will be greatly missed."

Home Front Detroit: From the Arsenal of Democracy During World War II… to Ruin Porn


Detroit's automobile plants, retooled for the war effort, built everything from tanks to bombs to guns. In just the first 18 months after Pearl Harbor, 350,000 people came to Detroit to work in defense plants. Automakers and their suppliers produced $30 billion worth of military equipment from 1942 to 1945. This image was taken a Chrysler Motor Car Company tank plant in April 1941. The Detroit News archives

By RC and Nicholas Stix

Interior fittings, plumbing and wiring were added to Liberator B24 bombers at a twin assembly line at the Ford Motor Company's Willow Run plant on Feb. 24, 1943. Detroit's role in the war, when the auto factories turned out tanks and warplanes, earned it a place in history as the Arsenal of Democracy. The Detroit News archives

The washroom at Willow Run's West Lodge offered facilities for washing and ironing clothes. The women came from varied backgrounds: They were teachers, waitresses, housewives. They worked on the line doing riveting, light assembly or as inspectors or trainers. The Detroit News archives

Women, such as machinist Janet Kinsman of Detroit, shown here March 11, 1943, became an important part of the Willow Run work force. The war office sped up the hiring of women by ordering Ford to hire 12,000 at Willow Run. By October 1943, there were 140,000 women in the defense industry. Willow Run hired 117 in one week. They received the same wage rates as men, from 95 cents to $1.60 an hour. The Detroit News archives

That was then.

The Michigan Central Depot railroad station

This is now: Ruin Porn.

Packard Automotive Plant, built in 1911, in full use until 1958, and partially used during the 2000s, as seen on September 4, 2013

Brush Park: Dilapidated, 19th century mansions amid empty expanses

Frozen dead guy: “Life goes on around body found frozen in vacant Detroit warehouse.”

Berkeley: White Lefty Goes to Eric Garner Protest, Wearing “COPS STOP KILLING BLACK MEN,” Only to Get Bashed Almost to Death with a Hammer! (Photo)

“When a protester tried to stop growing vandalism, he was hit with a hammer, Officer Jennifer Coats said….

“There was no immediate word of any serious injuries.”

NBC News “reporter”>Alexander Smith.
By the way, the headline for Smith’s December 7 story is, “Eric Garner, Michael Brown Deaths Spark Protests in Berkeley, California.”

First of all, these weren’t “protests,” they were riots. Eric Garner died, resisting arrest on July 17. Michael Brown died trying to murder white policeman Darren Wilson on August 9. How can riots be “sparked” by something that happened four or five months ago?

The MSM has for many years used the verb “spark,” as a pretext to rationalize unjustifiable, racist black or brown violence that followed quickly on some other incident. But now apparently, anything in the past can “spark” racist black or brown violence. What’s next, “Death of Nat Turner Sparks Nationwide Protests”?

What “I’ll Ride with You” Really Looks Like (Photo)



Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

A tip ‘o the hate to Sheikyermami.

St. Louis: Gotta Represent

By Nicholas Stix

At Countenance.

National MSM Ignore Racist, Execution Murder by Blacks of White Policeman Kevin Quick


War crime victim, Officer Kevin Quick. Lest we forget.

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

Where is the outrage over the kidnap, murder of Officer Quick?
Updated: 11/28/2014 08:20:29 AM EST
The Lowell Sun

Earlier this year in Virginia, Waynesboro police officer Kevin Quick was kidnapped and murdered by four black gang members with affiliation to a national gang from Los Angeles. Quick was driven from ATM to ATM where he was made to withdraw money, then driven into the woods where he was executed as a way for the murderers to move up in the gang.

Nowhere in the national media was this murder of a police officer put to paper. But when a white police officer shot a black man named Michael Brown in Missouri, it made the national news for months. What hypocrites the media has become. Where is the outrage for Quick? Where are the beserk protesters burning and looting in the name of officer Quick?

Where is Eric Holder in his indignant huff? I'll tell you where he is -- he's sitting on his hands, choosing not to speak up about the tragic death of the officer and the cold-calculating killers. Could the fact that they are black play any part in Holder's decision?

We all know Holder is not a racist. Just listen to him speak. Even Barack Obama couldn't stand up and say it could have been him this time. He would never be a cop; however, he would be an enabler for the criminal element.

Where is the white outrage? Where is the hatemonger Al Sharpton?

What if white supremacists, Nazis or the Ku Klux Klan showed up in Virginia and began to riot like the socialist and communist thugs in Ferguson and St. Louis? Would they say the police overacted when they dragged those white thugs away? I don't think so.
But I guess it is OK to kill a police officer, especially a white one.
If the mainstream media had any courage, they'd put Quick's story out for consumption right next to the skewed story of the black teen from Ferguson.
But in the eyes of the liberal media elite, when you control the press, you control the message. Quick didn't deserve what happened to him any more than Brown did, but I don't hear any wailing for the cop. What a sick country we've become.
Gerry Ward

Mhmjjj2012 • 13 days ago

Until I read this letter to the editor, I didn't know about Officer Kevin Quick's abduction and murder. That murder is shocking and I do try to keep informed so why do I know Kim Kardashian appeared nude in a magazine but nothing about what happened to Kevin Quick? I've never read one article on Kim Kardashian or Miley Cyrus but I know all about their latest nonsense because I glance at internet headlines and channel surf. Why hasn't this horrific murder received national press? Is it because there are no photos or video of his body laying in the middle of the street because his murderers left his body in the woods? Or is it because Quick was a 25 year volunteer police officer instead of paid law enforcement? What about the ATM angle? Not too long ago, a young woman in Massachusetts was abducted from her home and brought to numerous ATMs before she was murdered, so why haven't safeguards been required on ATMs to help customers in distress?

Justin to Mhmjjj2012 • 13 days ago

I think it has a lot to do with those directing the media who lose sight of what's important for us to be made aware of. The entertainment industry is alive as it is because the people working on its behalf are more motivated. Maybe our news reporters and editors are sickened by the 'news blues' so much so that their disgust keeps them from realizing what we need to know about, or what they think should be interesting to us, too? Let us decide.

Mhmjjj2012 to Justin • 13 days ago

No question that's part of the problem but it used to be if someone wanted details of a celebrity's life then they'd have to buy a magazine or tune in to the late night talk shows. Now, there are entertainment/news and reality shows and of course the internet. Honestly, I feel like I've lost IQ points thanks to all this foolishness. Officer Kevin Quick's kidnapping and murder deserved more attention than it received. Shame on the media for failing to provide that attention.

AP/NBC: Other Than the Rioting and Beating of NYPD Lieutenants, NYC Anti-Police Protests were Peaceful; CUNY Adjunct Eric Linsker from Baruch College Arrested for Possession of Hammers, Garbage Bucket for Raining Debris on Cops


Note that of seven NYC cops hanging around the front of the 5th Precinct in the picture above, as Linsker is led out, only one is white. That’s the new NYPD. Then again, if you’re white, it doesn’t matter, since the NYPD will refuse to protect you from racist attacks by blacks, and will even arrest you for being a victim.

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The problem with the report below is that it was written with a straight face. In the accompanying video, Eric Linsker’s lawyer lies, in denying that the charges against his client have anything to do with the rioting. How about three counts of possession of illegal weapons, for the hammers and garbage can?

“Other demonstrators in the otherwise peaceful protests carried signs reading ‘Jail Killer Cops’ and ‘Black Lives Matter.’ They chanted ‘I can't breathe,’ the last words of Garner, who died after he was placed in a police chokehold while being arrested on Staten Island.”

Yeah, there was rioting and the beating of police lieutenants, but otherwise the protests were peaceful.

“What Do We Want? Dead Cops! When Do We Want It? Now!”

Racial socialists have now come up with the talking point, whereby the rioters didn’t call for killing cops; rather that was all invented by Fox.


Eric Linsker and his lawyer yukking it up in a New York City courtroom

I responded to a couple of comments, as follows.

Mike Doyle Purdue University
Cops should go on a nationwide strike for about a month and let you all fend for yourselves. I am glad my child isn't attending Baruch College if this dude is representative of that institution.
December 15 at 5:33pm

N.S.: I upvoted you, but the fact of the matter is that if the NYPD went on strike, it wouldn't affect my life in the least. With one exception, any time I've had to endure a racist assault and battery at the hands of a black, the cops have supported the attacker. The NYPD has been hopelessly corrupted in support of racist non-whites.

However, this mope is typical of Baruch College faculty. I was once an English Dept adjunct, just like him. He'll likely get a promotion as a reward.

Joan Horton • Works at Alliance for Quality Education of New York
I was there. This is a pack of lies. There was one garbage can thrown, not any other debri.The kill cops recording was shown to be put together by FOX news, not to have actually happened during the march.The cops actually thanked a bunch of us for helping the cop who got boinked in the face.

N.S.: "The kill cops recording was shown to be put together by FOX news, not to have actually happened during the march."

You are such an obvious liar that your credibility is zero. Fox News, huh? You have to realize that among non-communists, just saying, "Fox News," won't get you gails of laughter and high-fives. Better yet, don't realize it.

CUNY Professor Arrested on Riot Charge After NYC Protest Violence
Monday, Dec 15, 2014 • Updated at 7:20 P.M. EST
Associated Press/NBC New York
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A part-time CUNY professor faces a slate of charges accusing him of sparking a violent run-in with police during Saturday's protest demonstration on the Brooklyn Bridge. (Published Monday, Dec 15, 2014)

UPDATE: 6 Sought in Brooklyn Bridge Attack on Police Officers: NYPD

A part-time City University of New York [sic] professor faces a slate of charges after police accused him of sparking a violent run-in with officers during Saturday's protest demonstration on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Eric Linsker, 29, was allegedly spotted by police carrying a large garbage can on walkway of the bridge above the traffic lanes during the protests against the police killings of unarmed black men. Protesters had been tossing debris at police on the bridge's lower level at the time, police said.

Police Lt. Philip Chan ordered Linkser [sic] to put down the trash can and attempted to arrest him, according to court records. A small group of protesters then grabbed and pushed Chan, and Linsker escaped, the records state.

A person wearing a mask struck Chan in the face and broke his nose, according to the records.

When Linsker fled, police say he dropped his backpack. Inside, police allegedly found two recently-purchased hammers, Linsker's CUNY identification card, his passport, a MetroCard, debit card and a pill bottle containing marijuana, the court records state.

Police arrested Linsker at 3:45 a.m. Sunday.

Linsker, of Crown Heights, is an adjunct professor teaching an English composition course at Baruch College in Manhattan, according to a statement released by the college.

"While we believe firmly in the exercise of free speech, we deplore violence of any kind and will support the official investigation of this matter," the college said.

Linsker was charged with second-degree assault, resisting arrest, first-degree rioting, unlawful possession of marijuana and three counts of criminal possession of a weapon.

He was released without bail after an arraignment Sunday and is scheduled to return to court on March 23.

Linsker's attorney said Sunday at the arraignment that many of the crimes with which Linsker was charged were committed by other protesters with whom he wasn't necessarily affiliated.

Linsker’s arrest came as more than 25,000 marchers streamed through the streets of Manhattan to protest police killings of black men, including Staten Island’s Eric Garner. Protesters streamed onto the Brooklyn Bridge Saturday night, closing traffic in both directions for nearly an hour.

In another clash, a protester was arrested after allegedly vandalizing a NYPD traffic agent’s car. The protester was charged with disorderly conduct, but no other information was available.

Also Saturday, protesters were heard on amateur video apparently chanting, “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want it? Now.”

Mayor de Blasio condemned the "ugly and unacceptable" violence.

"We will not allow a small contingent of agitators to bring disorder and violence to these protests," he said. "Those who reject peaceful protest and provoke violence can expect immediate arrest and prosecution.

Other demonstrators in the otherwise peaceful protests carried signs reading "Jail Killer Cops" and "Black Lives Matter." They chanted "I can't breathe," the last words of Garner, who died after he was placed in a police chokehold while being arrested on Staten Island.