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The Ferguson Grand Jury: “Killer Cop Goes Free,” or War-Crime Victim Vindicated?


From Monday night's "demonstrations" in Ferguson

By Nicholas Stix



By Nicholas Stix

Forgive me, Lord, for I have sinned. I just put a hashtag in front of a word!

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White Hot New York Daily News: Officer Darren Wilson=“Officer George Zimmerman”; We Hate Normal White Man Cops, and Demand that the Feds Railroad Officer Wilson!


War crime victim, Officer Darren Wilson

The late war criminal Mike Brown

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DNC talking points machine Mike Lupica, asserting that Officer Wilson should have just given the racist would-be cop-killer a boo-boo.

“Cold as Ice,” Attacking DA Bob McCulloch.

Communist columnist Juan Gonzalez: We need a federal prosecution to properly lynch Officer Darren Wilson, the way the locals failed to do.

35 Year-Old Tutor Abigail Simon, on Trial for Allegedly Raping Her Then 15-Year-Old, 220-lb. Student: I Didn’t Rape Him, He Raped Me!


Abigail Simon, testifying in court on Monday

By Nicholas Stix

At the New York Daily News.

Ferguson: Black Mob Violence Now a Sickness (Colin Flaherty)

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Black Mob Violence Now a Sickness
By Colin Flaherty
November 26, 2014
American Thinker

Thank you, Ferguson: Thanks to you we learned that black mob violence is now a sickness -- not just a problem.

And no one is sicker than the reporters who ignore, condone, excuse, and even encourage it, as we learned from the latest riot.

For reporters, Mike Brown has always been a moving target: At first the Gentle Giant was cut down for no reason whatsoever. Reporters ate it up and black mob violence followed.

When that fairy tale evaporated, they replaced it -- with ease.

The day after the riot ,on "Morning Joe", I learned from a black reporter that because the district attorney of St. Louis took 25 minutes to explain the grand jury decision that was proof positive the cop should have gone to trial. And reason enough to riot.

Joe and Mika shook their heads more in sadness than anger.

Then on CNN, I learned the rioters did not like the tone of the District Attorney’s remarks. And that is why they did it.

Riot night, I learned black mob violence is “understandable,” or so quoth the President of the United States. (Yes, of America.) But I guess we already knew that from his speech at the United Nations.

Also on riot night on Fox, Megyn Kellly -- the devotee of the damages of white privilege -- agreed with a black guest who said the rioters threw molotov cocktails because St. Michael was left in the street for four and half hours.

Back at "Morning Joe", a former Republican White House staffer said it was all about police-community relations. Roughly translated that means too many black people were breaking the law. And too many white cops were catching them.

All this she learned from the greatest speech of the Obama presidency, she said.

Unsaid was how they recently cancelled outstanding warrants to buy the peace. And how did that work out?

I learned that cops in riot gear cause riots.

That was after we learned the riots were “largely peaceful.”

Back at CNN, I learned that black mob violence is no big deal because white people do it too. Just as often. Just as bad. So singling out Ferguson is racist.

Also unsaid: the hundreds of cases of recent black mob violence around the country.

Ferguson was not the only. Just the latest.

No one mentioned Louisville, and how last Spring 200 black people rampaged through that downtown, beating grandparents in front of their grandkids, destroying property, stealing, looting, and creating mayhem.

And when it was over, PBS was kind enough to report that all of that black mob violence was the result of “white racism.”

Black people have no problem saying this all over the country. But reporters black and white are loathe to question it.

And oh yeah, that’s been happening a long time in Louisville, and lots of other places: Cincinnati, Virginia Beach, Fort Lauderdale, DeKalb, South Bend, Champaign, Peoria: Has no one heard about them?

How about the black bus driver who called 20 black people to beat and kick a white family on her bus. All while the black passengers cheered?

College campuses are favorite targets of black crime.

In Rochester, black people have taunted, harassed, robbed, and attacked more than 1000 recent Asian immigrants. A social worker blamed it on Asian “naivete.”

Hear about that?


This is a long list in a short article with no room for the hundreds and hundreds of cases of recent black mob violence and for the denial at a level that can only be called delusional.

All documented in that scintillating best seller White Girl Bleed a Lot. Many are on video, which you can see here on YouTube.

Violent crime in America is a black thing. Like the T-Shirt says, I don’t understand it. But this I do know: as bad as black crime rates appear to be (compared with non-black rates) in reality they are even worse.

And here are four reasons why: stitches for snitches, witness tampering, Bronx juries, cutting arrests in half, for starters.

Bonus reason: MSNBC’s Golden Girl Melissa Harris Perry says that black women do not report domestic violence and rape because they know the violence their men will suffer at the hands of racist white police.

When Oakland installed an acoustic system to track gun shots, police found that 90 percent were never reported.

Let’s close with the hardest -- but most obvious -- truth of all: Black hostility and racial resentment towards white and Asian people are now mainstream.

And they are easy to find it in all the black web sites, all the news shows, fueling all the black mob violence and black on white crime happening right in front of reporters around the country.

More dangerous than ever. More widespread than ever. Sicker than ever. 


Bronx Juries Hate White Cops, and Love Colored Criminals

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Len Levitt wrote the column One Police Plaza, first for New York Newsday and, after it folded in June 1995, for its much older, Long Island sister paper, Newsday, until his retirement. (One Police Plaza is the address of NYPD headquarters.) Although Levitt is as old as dirt, he’s still reporting on policing at his blog, NYPD Confidential.

Old-school, white cops, even liberals, hate Levitt, whom they consider a cop-hater. This shouldn’t be such a problem today, as so many white cops presently on the job, have gone over to the dark side, or were always there.

Be that as it may, I owe a tremendous debt to Levitt. Back in late January 1996, he wrote a column that has influenced me more than any other article on policing. He wrote of four incidents that had all been disappeared by Police Commissioner William Bratton’s NYPD.

One incident involved the forcible rape (first degree) of a mother and daughter. The second involved a homicide (murder). The third also involved a homicide, but it’s a safe bet that it was never classified a murder.

Levitt learned of the incidents via the rape survivors and the families of the homicide victims. The NYPD brass told the ridiculously transparent lie, whereby some unnamed and unknown reporter had stolen the NYPD press releases from the Department propaganda chief, the Deputy Commissioner for Public Information (DCPI) on the cases in question from the HQ press room.

They never did find that larcenous reporter.

I recently contacted Levitt to ask him if he knew the names of the two homicide decedents, but he couldn’t remember them.

At that point, I was halfway through a one-year investigation of New York City policing for Chronicles magazine, which would be published as “Crime Stories” in the August, 1996 issue (not online). It was to be my first major exposé of the NYPD’s practice of “disappearing” urban crime, which I have since re-christened, “Fakestat.”

Bronx Juries: More Woe for the NYPD
6/06/2011 1:20 p.m. EDT
By Len Levitt
Levitt’s Blog: NYPD Confidential
Updated: 8/06/2011 5:12 a.m. EDT
Huffington Post

Long the bane of the NYPD, a Bronx jury spoke last week, raising the bourgeoning Ticketgate police scandal to a new level.

The jury acquitted Bronx attorney Stephen LoPresti of drunken-driving charges -- a guy with three prior drunk-driving convictions -- because jurors did not believe the two arresting officers, who admitted fixing tickets in unrelated cases.

Officer Harrington Marshall testified that he had asked a police union official to make two tickets of family members vanish.

Officer Julissa Goris testified that she had asked her police union delegate to kill a ticket issued to her boyfriend's cousin. Also, when her mother received a ticket, Goris accompanied her to court, spoke to a sergeant, and her mother did not have to pay the fine.

"The message is clear," said Adam D. Perlmutter, one LoPresti's defense lawyers. "Corruption won't be tolerated in the Bronx or anywhere."

A defense attorney's natural bombast notwithstanding, in this instance Perlmutter seems to have gotten it right -- at least when it comes to fixing tickets.

News reports say that up to 300 cops may be involved, including Patrolmen's Benevolent Association delegates and a trustee acting as middlemen. In addition, the president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association says fixing tickets is a wide-ranging and long-standing police courtesy and unstated job benefit.

Nobody -- not Mayor Bloomberg who has called the scandal a "black eye" for the police department; not Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, who has said virtually nothing; maybe not even Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson, whose grand jury reportedly has been hearing testimony about ticket-fixing for more than a year -- knows where this is going and what will come out.

Some have even suggested, perhaps over-dramatically, that Ticketgate approaches pre-Knapp Commission-era corruption and may warrant an independent commission.

Ticketgate's main stage is the Bronx, where more than in any other borough, juries don't trust cops.

And cops don't trust Bronx juries.

For years, PBA attorneys have opted to have their cases heard by Bronx judges instead of Bronx juries.

Most of these judges have been older white men, more sympathetic to cops than most Bronx citizens.

Just such a judge acquitted police officer Stephen Sullivan for fatally shooting Eleanor Bumpers during an eviction in 1984.

Such a judge acquitted off-duty officer Michael Meyer for fatally shooting an unarmed squeegee man who was soaping up his windshield in 1998.

Such a judge acquitted Francis X. Livoti, accused of using a department-banned choke hold that led to the death of asthmatic Anthony Baez in 1994.

Then there was the infamous shooting of unarmed Amadou Diallo, killed in a hail of 41 bullets, fired by four officers in 1999.

The PBA was so fearful that these four officers would be tried by a Bronx jury (or nearly as bad, by a younger black, female judge, who was supposedly selected at random) that the union pulled off a remarkable piece of legal legerdemain.

First, they arranged to move the trial to Albany. Then, the court's chief administrator, Jonathan Lippman -- now the state's chief judge -- handpicked a cop-friendly jurist to preside over the case. The officers were all acquitted.

In her salad days, the New York Times columnist Gail Collins coined the phrase, "The Bronx curse," meaning that when something bad happens, it's always worse in the Bronx.

Maybe that explains the phenomenon of Larry Davis. In 1986, the drug-dealing, 20-year-old Davis shot six cops, who police said had come to his sister's apartment to question him about the killing of four drug dealers.

Davis escaped and led police on a 17-day manhunt. When he gave himself up after cops had cornered him in a Bronx housing project, crowds applauded him.

When he pleaded self-defense, a Bronx jury acquitted him.

[Davis’ story was much interesting than that. He asserted, without any evidence that the cops he’d tried to murder were all crooks, and had all been his crime partners.]

District Attorney Johnson, too, is something of a uniquely Bronx product.

Elected in 1988, he is currently the state's only African-American district attorney. Like many of his constituents, he has had issues with the police.

Because he opposes the death penalty, some in law enforcement circles have viewed him as anti-cop.

After the fatal shooting of Bronx Street Crime cop Kevin Gillespie in 1996, Gov. George Pataki took the extraordinary step of removing the case from Johnson's jurisdiction and appointing a special prosecutor. (Although former Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau also opposes the death penalty, Pataki never took a case from him.)

[The difference in Pataki’s conduct vis-à-vis the two DAs is that Jonson had announced that he would never seek the death penalty, something that was not his prerogative, whereas Morgenthau said no such thing. In each death penalty-eligible case, Morgenthau would claim that he was giving the question as to whether to seek the ultimate sanction great consideration, before ultimately deciding against it in that particular case. Of course, he was lying. Morgenthau’s beliefs, such as they were, were identical to those of Johnson, but the former was devious about it, whereas the latter was open. And that’s why Pataki was able to remove Johnson from the case.]

The issue became moot when Gillespie's [Hispanic] alleged killer hanged himself in prison.

Two years later, Police Commissioner Howard Safir told the New York Times that he had "no respect" for Johnson. "No. Not at all," he said to the writer, Jeffrey Goldberg. Safir later said that he was misquoted.

More recently, to the horror of many in the department, Johnson prosecuted veteran detective Christopher Perino for perjury after a secretly recorded audio-tape caught him in a lie.

A Bronx jury convicted him in 2009 and he was sentenced to four months in prison.

All but forgotten is that after Bronx juries acquitted Larry Davis both of shooting the six cops and of killing the four drug dealers, Johnson continued to pursue him.

In 1991, his office convicted Davis, who had changed his name to Adam Abdul Hakeem, of murdering another drug dealer, Ramon Vizcaino.

The guilty verdict, said Johnson, "means that a very dangerous individual is going to be made to pay for his wanton acts... Because of the nature of his crime and the background of Adam Abdul Hakeem, the people intend to seek the maximum sentence."

Davis got the max -- 25 years to life. He died in prison in 2008.

[Actually, Davis was murdered in prison.]

At least for a moment, the Bronx curse was lifted.

WEINER: NO PUN INTENDED. Besides pointing out that there is obviously something wrong with Congressman Anthony Weiner's marriage, to say nothing of his brain, this column supports the conventional political wisdom that Weiner's chances of becoming mayor of New York City are fast fading.

And with Weiner's mentor, Senator Chuck Schumer, failing to foist Ray Kelly off on Washington as FBI Director, the limelight-loving police commissioner seems a stronger bet to run for mayor.

SECRETS. Georgina Bloomberg's roman a clef may reveal an intimate portrait of her rich and famous daddy under the guise of fiction. But what about his real life secrets? Who accompanies Mayor Mike on his weekend jaunts to Bermuda and what exactly goes on down there?

“Burn This Bitch Down!” Violent Racist Louis Head, the Stepfather of the Late, Racist, Failed, Would-be Cop-Killer Mike Brown, Inciting Riots and Arson, Immediately Following Grand Jury’s Refusal to Issue a True Bill Against Innocent White Policeman Darren Wilson

By Nicholas Stix

It seems that the Today Show censored the videotape of Head. So, let’s be clear. He shouted,

“Burn this bitch down!”

He shouted, “Burn this bitch down!”

He shouted, “Burn this bitch down!”

And so the black lynch mob did.

The Blame Game (Poster)

Lisa Bloom is the Recipient of the First Douglas J. Feith Award for being the Dumbest Frigging Person on the Planet



By Nicholas Stix

Douglas Feith, who worked for the Reagan administration in the NSC and Defense, and the Bush II administration under Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, was “Described by General Tommy Franks as either ‘the dumbest fucking guy on the planet’ (according to Franks' autobiography) or ‘the fucking stupidest guy on the face of the Earth’…” [NNDB]

Lisa Bloom, who calls herself a “civil rights lawyer,” responded to the news that racist, failed, would-be cop-killer Mike Brown was “charging” Officer Darren Wilson,

This issue about charging, which I find to be a racially tinged offensive word in and of itself, but I would have asked him, what exactly does that mean? [Breitbart, November 25, 2014]

The little parlor trick works like this: Anytime a white uses a negative or critical term to describe an act by a black, the brain-dead racial socialist, in this case Bloom, decrees the term racist, so as to make it impossible for anyone to say anything critical about any black (save for those blacks declared political enemies, like Bill Cosby, Thomas Sowell, et al.).


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Stix-Satterfield Nuptials Off—Lovebird Journalists Break Over Ferguson, Leonard Pitts Jr., and Martin Luther King Jr.

By Nicholas Stix

Racist NBA Star LeBron James, Female Impersonator Serena Williams, and Other Famous Racists are Outraged that Ferguson Grand Jury Failed to Uphold Mike Brown’s License to Kill, and Officer Darren Wilson’s Duty to Die

By Nicholas Stix


LeBron James sent out the above celebration of racist black violence via Instagram, which ABC News, in turn celebrated.


The above exercise in racist inarticulateness by female impersonator Serena Williams was celebrated by ESPN, a division of ABC.

Mike Brown: “You are too much of a pussy to shoot me.”

Mark Fuhrman: “Michael Brown is the Suspect” [Black Supremacists] “Completely Delusional”; “You’re Not Going to Get Any Kind of Rational Dialogue” with Brown Supporters.

By Nicholas Stix

Fox’ Megyn Kelly to Black Supremacist: “The Police Officer Had No Obligation to Lose His Own Life” (Live)

By Nicholas Stix

Black Lawyer(?) Shouting on Fox About Brown’s Body Sitting in Street for 4 Hours, but Black Mob was at Fault! (Live)

By Nicholas Stix

Black “Reporter” (Richard) on Fox; “It should have gone to a trial”; “Both sides should have been heard.” (Live)

By Nicholas Stix

“Puzzled” “Baffling” Why Didn’t Cops Block Off Street in Ferg; Worse Than in August; Cops Had 3 Months to Prep (Fox/Harrigan)

By Nicholas Stix

“No One’s in Charge on This Street”; “I Don’t Understand” (Fox Reporter Steve Harrigan) Why Cops are Not Imposing Order, Just Standing Where They are (Live)

By Nicholas Stix

“We are Doing This for Mike Brown!” Mob in NYC’s Times Square Beats Man to Bloody Pulp (Live)

By Nicholas Stix

Monday, November 24, 2014

Over 100 Rounds Fired by at Multiple Terrorists (Live)

By Nicholas Stix

Steady Gunfire on Ferguson Ave; Another 40 Rounds Fired by at Least 2 Terrorists on Ferguson Ave in Last 15 Mins; Over 100 Rounds Fired by at Least 2 Terrorists (Live)

By Nicholas Stix

Terrorists Fled Florissant Ave—for Now (Live)

By Nicholas Stix

Peaceful Demonstration in St. Louis City Residential Neighbrhood (So Far)

By Nicholas Stix

“A Night of Anarchy in America’s Heartland That Has Spread to Cities Across Our Nation” Shep Smith Fox

By Nicholas Stix

This is Why the “Don’t Shoot Coalition” Demanded Cops Handcuff Themselves; They were Looking to Slaughter White Policemen

By Nicholas Stix

The Battle for Florissant Avenue. After being fired on in at least 3 Separate Attacks. Cops are Now Firing Back (Live)

By Nicholas Stix

“This is not going well.” Wartime situation in Ferguson. Multiples shots fired by terrorists; passive cops not returning fire. (Live)

By Nicholas Stix

Black supremacists and white communists carry out planned riots, arson, looting, in Ferguson, nationwide. Ferg riot cops out to protect firemen. Three businesses burned down, looted. (Live)

By Nicholas Stix

Shots Fired! Rioters in Ferguson Attacking Cops with Rocks and Bottles (Live)

By Nicholas Stix

Keep Hoax Alive! Media operatives baiting McCulloch, keeping narrative going, “killed with impunity,” “Is this justice,” “There are no laws to protect us,” etc. (Live)

By Nicholas Stix

McCulloch: Keep discussion going. Blah, blah, blah. (Live)

By Nicholas Stix

No perjury indictments. Witnesses believed what they said. Some witnesses saw parts and made up the other things. (Live)

By Nicholas Stix

McCulloch: No one is permitted to know what GJ vote was. (Live)

By Nicholas Stix

DA McCulloch: Public outcry or political expediency cannot determine a case. Anything less is not justice. (Live)

By Nicholas Stix

DA McCulloch: Forensic Evidence Does Not Change, to Please Public Sentiment (Live)

By Nicholas Stix

Some witnesses changed their stories, but others kept on perjuring themselves, asserting that Brown was never in Wilson’s squad car, when there was all sorts of forensics evidence, including blood, in the SUV! (Live)

By Nicholas Stix

DA McCulloch: Brown Refused to stop blocking middle of street. PO Wilson then heard APB on Brown, and tried to stop him. (Live)

By Nicholas Stix

Ferguson: No True Bill! Grand Jury Refused to Grant Racist Thug Mike Brown a Posthumous License to Kill White Police Officer Darren Wilson, and Refused to Grant Credence to Perjurers Who Had Never Witnessed Brown’s Attack and Wilson’s Shooting (Live)

By Nicholas Stix

DA McCulloch is presently speaking.

Ferguson Grand Jury Decision to be Released in One Minute (8 P.M. CT)!

By Nicholas Stix

At Yahoo News.

Ferguson Grand Jury Decision to be Announced Tonight!

By Nicholas Stix

At USA Today.

Another Racist Black Attempted Murder of a White Policeman: Gang-Banger Jahvell Daquan Forest Allegedly Shot White Aurora, CO Policeman Ryan Burns; Rather than Condemn Racist Attack, “Reporters” Speak of Suspect as “Father,” Rather Than Thug, and Fulsomely Praise His Family, Which May or May Not Have Helped Nab Him; National MSM Refuse to Report on Story, as Part of its “We Don’t Know Nuffin ‘bout No War on White Po-lice” Campaign


Officer Ryan Burns may need up to a year to recover from wound that almost killed him

Jahvell Daquan Forrest

By Nicholas Stix

Fundraiser for wounded Aurora Police Officer Ryan Burns hits $18,500 in 3 days
Burns shot during traffic stop; suspect arrested
By Alan Gathright
8:14 P.M., Nov 21, 2014
12:08 P.M., Nov 22, 2014
The Denver Channel/ABC

AURORA, Colo. - A fundraising drive for Aurora Police Officer Ryan Burns, who was shot during a traffic stop last week, has raised $18,500 in three days.

Started by fellow Aurora officers, the campaign soon spread, drawing support from the public. The goal is to raise $30,000 for the officer, his wife and five children. So far, 338 people have contributed in amounts generally ranging from $20 to $100.

The website has a photo of Officer Burns in a hospital bed, giving a smile and a thumbs-up.

"Thank you for your service to our community!" one donor wrote on the website.

"Prayers for a speedy recovery!" another contributor posted.

Officer Burns and his partner were walking up to a car during a traffic stop on the night of Nov. 14. They didn't know the car had just been stolen.

The driver opened fire through a car window and a bullet hit Officer Burns in the upper leg, grazing an artery and shattering bone. His partner returned fire and the driver sped off, crashing the stolen vehicle several blocks away.

MORE | Officer wounded in shooting expected to survive

MORE | Aurora officer shot; massive search for suspect

MORE | Suspect in officer's shooting ID'd; Bond at $1M

"His partner immediately applied a life-saving tourniquet and another officer transported Ryan to the hospital in a patrol vehicle. A suspect was taken into custody on November 19th, 2014 by the Aurora Police Department," fellow Aurora Police Officer Tim Jeffrey wrote on the page.

"Officer Ryan Burns is a well-respected 11-year veteran of the Aurora Police Department, a great all around guy and a great Police Officer. Ryan is married, and is the sole supporter to a wonderful wife and the father of 5 fantastic children," Jeffrey wrote.

His recovery is expected to take eight to 10 months.

"Please assist by donating what you can to Ryan's family to get them through the holidays and for Ryan's recovery to avoid any financial hardships," Jeffrey added.

Aurora Police: Suspect in officer shooting, 20, had criminal history
By Jesse Paul
11/19/2014 11:10:18 A.M. MST | Updated: 5 days ago
The Denver Post

AURORA — Police on Wednesday identified the 20-year-old suspect arrested in Friday night's shooting of an officer during a traffic stop and said more arrests in the case could be made.

Jahvell Daquan Forrest, 20, was arrested Tuesday based on information police gathered after they went door to door Sunday in the Aurora neighborhood where the shooting happened. Witnesses initially were reluctant to come forward in the case before the community broke its silence Sunday evening.

Police said Forrest has a long criminal history of misdemeanor offenses.
"Our suspect has no regard for anyone but himself," interim Police Chief Terry Jones said at a news conference. "The investigation is ongoing, and we may have more than one individual."

Police said they believe Forrest is the gunman. He is accused of first-degree attempted murder of a police officer and first-degree assault of a police officer. Information about the suspect came in ahead of a $35,000 reward fund being formed, Jones said.

"Most of it was done with down-and-dirty police work," he said.
The department identified the wounded officer as Ryan Burns, an 11-year veteran of the force.

Burns was shot in the leg about 9 p.m. Friday after he and another officer pulled over a car on the 1700 block of Fulton Street. Burns was hit in his femoral artery, a potentially life-threatening wound.

Jones said Burns' partner quickly administered a tourniquet, given to Aurora officers after the 2012 theater massacre. The tourniquet probably saved Burns' life.

Police say Burns, who remains hospitalized, is in stable condition and is improving.

Ferguson Grand Jury Has Reached Decision!

By Nicholas Stix

More to come, as it breaks.

Doctor’s Visit (Humor)


So I asked my doctor, “Doctor, what are we going to do about this dangerous virus from Africa?”

He said, “I don't know, he has two more years in office.”

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I thank the old friend who sent me this.

“White Dude Bleed a Lot”: The Second American Revolution (Fred Reed)

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I thank the old friend, a combat veteran, who sent me this.

Fred Reed is an ancient Marine combat veteran. He once denied to my face having served in the class of ’75—1775, that is—but I’m not so sure. He claimed to be class of ’62, as in 1962.

The Second American Revolution: An Utterly Objective Analysis
By Fred Reed
November 23, 2014
Fred on Everything

The Revolution of 2019 began, curiously enough, in fall of 2019 when Mary Lou Johnson, the nine-year-old daughter of a ranching family outside of Casper, Wyoming, came home from her sex-ed class at Martin Luther King Elementary with a banana, a packet of condoms, and a book called Sally Has Two Mommies. Her mother Janey Lou, a political reactionary, took one look and began screaming. “Goddamit! Goddamit! I’m not going to take it anymore!”

She grabbed the shotgun, a nice Remington 870 loaded with double-ought buck, and headed for the school.

Historians would debate just what led the surrounding population spontaneously to join her. Much of it seemed to have something to do with the schools. One father reported that he snapped when his daughter came home during Harriet Tubman Week, and he asked her about Robert E. Lee.


Another father, objecting to students who wore low-hanging pants, said, “It’s supposed to be a school, not a frigging proctology workshop.” A common concern was that in a fifth-grade class on Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgendered Rights, the teacher had criticized Primate Privilege, saying that animals had rights too. She then gave the class a pamphlet called Mommy Says Moo. Wyoming was cattle country. Local wives were wroth. They thought it an invitation to infidelity.

There then followed the now-infamous Near Death March, in which the entire faculty of the school was run across the Montana line by infuriated citizens wielding cattle prods. These, dubbed the Poor Man’s Taser, were then turned against anyone associated with the federal government. “The bastards won’t leave us alone. I’m gonna tase’m where the sun don’t shine. They’ll sail back to Washington in one hop like a damn electrified bull frog.”

The uprising, which had started locally with Janey Lou’s shotgun, began to spread both geographically and in its content. Apparently people were fed up with a lot of things. Nobody in government had noticed.

It is now agreed that the catastrophic events which followed occurred in part because Washington, which was celebrating American-African History Week, simply did not recognize the depth of resentment in the country. The city traditionally was inward-looking. Few knew exactly where Wyoming was. Their sources of information were chiefly talking heads talking to each other about each other.

By unfortunate happenstance, the Supreme Court had just issued its landmark decision that public display of the Bible contravened the constitutional prohibition of the establishment of religion. Mere possession, the justices said, would not be sufficient to trip the prohibition and lead to prosecution, but “a reasonable reticence in display” should be practiced. It was agreed that the Holy Book could be carried in a sealed bag with a child-proof lock. That this happened during Moslem Heritage Week further fueled ire among the intolerant.

The Court’s ruling had ripple effects unforeseen in the capital, as most things were. When the rebellion metastasized to Rosa Parks County (formerly Jackson County), Virginia, forty miles outside of Richmond, they were shocked. The provoking incident occurred in Sojourner Truth High School in a rural and not very Reconstructed county.

Specificallly, Johnny Loggins, in the tenth grade, had been issued a condom and, in the back of his African Civilization class, was discovered to be praying for a chance to use it. This also constituted an establishment of religion. He was arrested by several of the thirty-five police patrolling the corridors and remanded for psychiatric evaluation.

Runors flew, fanning the flames. The Democrats, having elected the first black president and then Hillary, the first woman, were said to be looking for a transvestite for 2024. In respect to 2032, the ominous word "trans-phylum" floated about. The people of Casper feared they might have a President who said "Arf," or perhaps had tentacles.

The insurrection went viral thanks to the internet. Incident followed incident. In Brooklyn on Sixth Avenue, seven teens between the ages of 21 and 28 beat to death a 95-year old white veteran in a wheel chair, shouting “Kill Whitey!” and “That’s for Travon!” and “White dude bleed a lot.” The chief of police undertook a thorough investigation. He reported that there was no evidence of racial motivation. Jesse Jackson said it was unfortunate, but white men in wheel chairs needed to learn not to attack black teenagers.

After an enraged mob of R-Cubed—the movement was now calling itself Rural, Retrograde, and Right, the Three Rs—had surrounded Columbia Teachers College and burned it, Washington recognized that things were getting out of hand. Reporters asked why the arsonists had, well, arsoned Columbia. An irate woman screamed:

“My kid is fifteen, can’t read, and doesn’t know who Thomas Jefferson was but he’s had three different classes on safe anal sex. I didn’t raise him to be an analphabetic butt-plug. Excuse me. I need to find a professor.” She left, brandishing her ball-bat.

Her assertion was not entirely implausible. A recent poll by the New York Times had showed that 87% of college freshmen, or freshpersons, couldn’t find the Pacific Ocean on a map of California, and fully 54% didn’t know what “Ocean” meant. (“Didn’t she sing with Grody Kate and the G-Spots?” asked one female junior.) Others couldn’t identify Jesus Christ, Mother Theresa, or George Washington, but were “sure or almost sure” that they were racists.

Washington was soon surrounded by R-Cubed insurgents, many of whom proved to be well-armed and with military experience. They soon revealed their true colors as homophobes. Rampaging, they burned gay bars such as Moby Dick and The White Swallow, shouting, “We don’t care where you stick it, but we don’t want to hear about it.” Much squealing and a mass exodus followed.

Surprisingly, it was Maxwell Birnbaum, inevitably know as "Ol’ Burn and Bomb,” who led the house- to-house fighting. He was not a soldier, or ex-soldier, but a classics professor from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. As the Three R’s fought their way through Arlington in the Virginia suburbs of Washington and reached Key Bridge, key to the city itself, Birnbaum told a reporter, “Twenty-five hundred years of European civilization, and we’re going to give it up to people whose Mothers Say Moo? Like hell we are. Did trilobites scuttle the Cambrian seas to bring us Clitler? Hillary, I mean. If they had known, they would have stopped reproducing. I won’t stand for it.”

The rest is well known. Congress in its entirely was slaughtered, and hung upside-down from lamp posts though, unlike Mussolini, they were not emasculated. It was pretty much agreed that they had taken care of this themselves long ago.

Peace returned. Janey Lou put away the shotgun, and made lunch.

The GOP: Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory… Again! The Solution is to Fight the National Party and Obama on the State Level (Daniel Horowitz)


Capocons John McCain and Jeff Flake

The GOP's Insanely Backwards Reaction to Obama
By Daniel Horowitz
November 24th, 2014
Conservative Review

After last week’s unprecedented events surrounding Obama’s usurpation of federal power, it’s hard to determine which is more shocking: the impudence of the executive amnesty or the GOP’s feeble response.

To the extent that there is any passion or sense of urgency in the Republican response, it is directed at conservatives.  They want to ensure that their base doesn’t “overreact” to Obama nullifying our immigration laws and permanently changing our borders, sovereignty, culture, and welfare state with the stroke of a pen. 

What about their response to Obama?              

They felt so passionate about it that they responded by leaving town until December 1, providing Obama with the last word on the crisis before Thanksgiving.

They felt so passionate about it that they responded by leaving town until December 1, providing Obama with the last word on the crisis before Thanksgiving. 

Instead of uniting behind using the power of the purse to put an end to this madness and “get right” with 80% of the American people, Republicans are now focusing on paying Obama’s ransom.  From Lindsey Graham and Jeff Flake to Mike Simpson and Thad Cochran, establishment Republicans are plotting a strategy to pass piecemeal amnesty in order to beg Obama to back off of executive amnesty.

Meanwhile, they are encouraging conservatives to respond maturely and not “take the bait” by doing something that would actually confront this rogue president.  Instead, they are admonishing us about the need to focus on corporate tax “reform.” 

It’s akin to telling someone who’s home is about to be set ablaze to continue working on other tasks and not get sidetracked dealing with the arsonist.  Then again, we are beyond the point where metaphors can even capture the depths of absurdity and the scope of political malpractice on the part of Republicans.  We are beyond 1984 where the opposition party turned out to be illusory.               

In a sane world, House Republicans would return from their endless vacations and reconvene a special session on the constitutional crisis.

In a sane world, House Republicans would return from their endless vacations and reconvene a special session on the constitutional crisis.  They would censure this president and declare the entire executive order null and void.  But most importantly, they would prohibit all funding for the numerous applications and processes that would be required to implement this coup, and attach it to the relevant funding mechanism for the government.  If Obama is willing to shut down the government in order to fund something that is not only destructive and unpopular, but unlawful, that is his problem. 

Sadly, we don’t live in a sane world and if Republicans came back to town they would probably pass some shiny objects short of defund, and proceed with piecemeal amnesty bills.

So what is the remedy?  What is the recourse? 

Many conservatives said that we just needed to work harder to win elections. Well, we did.  And immediately after a spectacular electoral victory, leadership in both parties have not only countermanded the mandate from the election, they have buried our constitutional form of government.  Never has a losing party acted so defiant and lawless this quickly after an election.  Yet, never has the winning party been this conciliatory and complicit in the malfeasance. 

Unless someone has a better idea, it is quite evident that the states are the only remedy for a lawless oligarchy in Washington.

In the long-run, we need to use the numerous GOP-controlled state legislative chambers to push through enduring safeguards against the type of incorrigible and irrevocable tyranny we are witnessing in Washington.

In the long-run, we need to use the numerous GOP-controlled state legislative chambers to push through enduring safeguards against the type of incorrigible and irrevocable tyranny we are witnessing in Washington.  It would require using the Constitution itself to amendment the Constitution via Article 5 conventions along the lines of what Mark Levin has proposed.  And no, this is not a “constitutional convention,” whereby the constitution is up for grabs.  It is a convention only for the purpose of introducing constitutional amendments, which would then have to be ratified by ¾ of the states.  This is no different from the power Congress already has.  States have the power too and need to use it.

Besides, what we’ve had over the past six years in Washington, and to some extent, over the past century, is a de facto constitutional convention – except that is has been illegal. 

In the short-run, we must work with conservatives in each state legislative body to push back against the lawlessness, especially as it relates to recognizing Obama’s amnesty on a state level.

These are the only ideas we are left to pursue.  Or we can just try to win another election. 

Daniel Horowitz is Senior Editor of Conservative Review. Follow him on twitter @RMConservative.

Bill Cosby: A Pattern Emerges (Investigative Coverage)

By Nicholas Stix

A friend writes,

I purchased the printed edition of yesterday’s WP just for this in-depth investigative coverage (four reporters and more interviews with victims). The spread contains a timeline, photos of Cosby from his Playboy days, photos of his victims, and etc. It starts on page one and continues to 4 inside pages.
[eighth paragraph] “The allegations are strung together by perceptible patterns that appear and reappear with remarkable consistency: mostly young, white women without family nearby; drugs offered as palliatives; resistance and pursuit; accusers worrying that no one would believe them; lifelong trauma. There is also a pattern of intense response by Cosby’s team of attorneys and publicists, who have used the media and the courts to attack the credibility of his accusers.”

In the Washington Post.

Are There 11 Million Illegal Aliens in America, 20 Million, or 50 Million? My New VDARE Report is Up!

By Nicholas Stix


Did Rudy Giuliani Just Commit a “Gaffe”? Says, Contra Black Supremacist Michael Eric Dyson, That Black Violence is Reason for White Cops in Ferguson

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

Thanks to A Texas Reader, who asked,

Did he just commit a "gaffe"?


I responded,

Old Rudy would have simply defended Off Wilson for righteous shooting of racist thug trying to murder him. 

Immigration Made Simple



By Nicholas Stix

At Ex-Army Libertarian Nationalist.

U.S. Navy Removes Incompetent, Malicious, Affirmative Action Captain Wayne Brown from His Command


USN Capt. Wayne Brown

[Of related interest: “Diversity is Strength! It’s Also… a Corrupt U.S. Navy.”]


I've had two black males as managers. The first time was over a decade ago. The second time was about four years ago.

Both were incompetent. The first was incompetent, but at least worked. The second one was not only incompetent and lazy, but a racist and a sexist. Four women who worked for the second guy transferred out of the department, or quit outright. One white female transferred out; three black females quit the company. The white female told me after the fact that he had said both racist and sexist things to her in a closed door meeting. Rather than file a complaint with HR, she asked instead for an interdepartmental transfer. She got it.

This buffoon in the Navy just reinforces every negative, but true, stereotype of blacks and their work habits.

It would not be a stereotype unless it were true.

Capt. Wayne Brown was relieved as commander of the San Diego-based amphibious assault ship Boxer after an investigation concluded that he had "lost the respect, trust and confidence of his subordinates" because of his temper and his behavior toward…

Marion Barry, Murderer?


Barry in September, 1970

By Prince George’s County Expat

Did you hear that General Mills named a cereal after Marion?

It was called Cracklin' Barry.

My late [D.C. detective] Uncle Jack got into a street brawl years ago with Barry and his henchmen. Seems Barry was an "activist" at the time, and had an encounter with my uncle and some other cops. Barry pulled a Rodney King, and an altercation ensued. Barry had Operation Pride at the time.

And then there was the murder that my uncle investigated.

Victim was found dead in a rural area of Northern Virginia. Decedent's body was wrapped in window drapes.

My uncle said that he remembered seeing those very drapes hanging over the window.

In Marion Barry's office.

My uncle had been to Barry's office once or twice to speak with Barry about his "activism," and to interview him about various altercations with the D.C. police.

That's why he recognized the drapes.

Found shell casings rolled up into the drapes as well. Allegedly, the casings matched a gun found in Barry's office.

No charges were ever filed.

Barry was a thuggish buffoon and a parasite.

But he always stood up to The Man, so his constituents would vote for him over and over and over again.

Even more interesting, Barry bought a home on Raleigh Street in Southeast Washington.

My father was born and raised in a duplex at 328 Raleigh Street Southeast.

Kinda weird, right?

Obama Enforcers at Washington Post Beat Up on Saturday Night Live for Satirizing Obama Beating Up on Political System!



By Nicholas Stix


Obama: Could He End Up in Prison, or on the Scaffold? It’s More Likely Than You Think

By Nicholas Stix

At Federale.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Watch the Premiere Episode of the Classic TV Detective Series, Peter Gunn, Written and Directed by Blake Edwards, Starring Craig Stevens, Hope Emerson, Herschel Bernardi, Lola Albright, Jack Weston and Gavin McLeod, and Featuring Henry Mancini’s World-Famous Music! (Presented Without Commercial Interruption)

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

Peter Gunn Episode One

Published on Apr 12, 2012 by Clif Burnett.

Reverse Reporting Alert at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel! Fake Journalist Lies About Hate Crime Murder of 5-Year-Old White Girl, Laylah Peterson, in Order to Advance Her Gun-Grabbing Agenda


“Sierra Guyton, 10, (left) and Laylah Peterson, 5, are among at least 11 Milwaukee children killed by errant gunfire since 1995.” [Liar!]

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

In the reportorial below, reporter-impersonator Gina Barton tells a bald-faced lie: “Laylah C. Petersenbecame one of about 300 Americans per year killed by stray bullets.”

Laylah C. Petersen was not killed by a stray bullet. She was shot in the head by a bullet intended for her.

Two black murderers walked up to Laylah’s house, and unleashed a hail of gunfire into it, at least 12 rounds, killing Laylah as she sat inside on her grandfather’s lap.

Milwaukee police admitted that the people living in the house were “targeted,” but refused to explain what that meant: They were white, and had the temerity to live in a 77 percent black neighborhood. They were targeted for racial cleansing. If anything, the media helped incite the child’s murder, with its rabid anti-propaganda, especially since racist, Ferguson, MO thug Michael Brown’s failed August 9 attempted murder of white police officer Darren Wilson.

Gina Barton is so lacking in any journalistic integrity that she took the hate crime murder of Laylah C. Petersen, and sought to exploit it for her hobby horse of violating whites’ and Asians’ Second Amendment rights. I didn’t say, “blacks and Hispanics’ Second Amendment rights,” because as Barton, I, and everyone else knows, blacks and Hispanics will arm themselves, gun-grabbing laws or no laws. Barton seeks to disarm whites, so that her black and brown supremacist allies will have an easier time wiping them put. Note that her “experts’” talking points couldn’t possibly have saved Laylah. They simply ran out the same damned talking points they always do. Indeed, it looks as though Barton had already written her editorial, and just slapped on the irrelevant story of Laylah C. Petersen, because the child had just been murdered, and people are irrationally moved by ledes about dead kids, even if they’re to the wrong story. And of course, some people won’t know that Barton was lying about the circumstances of Laylah’s death.

Experts offer concrete steps for lowering gun violence
By Gina Barton
Journal Sentinel

On Thursday night, 5-year-old Laylah C. Petersen became one of about 300 Americans per year killed by stray bullets.

Laylah, who was sitting on her grandfather's lap when a bullet pierced the wall of her home and struck her in the head, joins Sierra Guyton, 10, fatally shot on a playground in May, and at least nine other Milwaukee children killed by errant gunfire since 1995.

On Friday, city residents were once again left with this question: "What can we do?"

While the answer is multifaceted, one thing is clear, according to Joshua Horwitz, executive director of the Washington, D.C.-based Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence.

"We've got to do better."

Horwitz and other national [gun-grabber activist/propagandists] experts, in town for a previously scheduled symposium on preventing gun violence, have some concrete ideas on where to start.

Universal background checks for gun purchases are a fundamental first step, they said. But background checks as they currently exist often target the wrong people. Violent misdemeanor convictions, for example, are a good predictor of future gun violence but don't stand in the way of legal gun purchases in Wisconsin.

People who lawfully bought guns after being convicted of two violent misdemeanors were 10 to 15 times more likely to later be arrested for murder, rape or aggravated assault than gun buyers without that kind of criminal record, according to a study conducted by Garen J. Wintemute, a physician and the Baker-Teret chair in violence prevention at the University of California-Davis School of Medicine.

"There are guns, and there are dangerous people, and when you put them together, you increase the risk," said Jeffrey Swanson, a professor in psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Duke University School of Medicine.

The experts would like to see people convicted of a single violent misdemeanor barred from buying a gun for 10 years.

People with two or more drunken driving convictions or misdemeanor drug convictions within five years should be barred from purchasing or possessing guns for five years, since alcohol and drug abuse are known risk factors for violence, according to the experts, all part of a coalition known as the Consortium for Risk-Based Firearm Policy.

In Wisconsin, as long as the misdemeanors aren't related to domestic violence, numerous convictions can't stop someone from legally purchasing a gun and obtaining a concealed carry permit. Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn has long campaigned for that to change.

Flynn also wants to see the crime of illegally carrying a concealed weapon upgraded from a misdemeanor to a felony with a minimum three-year jail term.

That wouldn't be necessary if people with violent misdemeanor records are barred from possessing a gun in the first place, as is the case in California, Wintemute said. If those people are later caught with a firearm, they face felony charges.

People in crisis — mental health or otherwise — also need to be temporarily denied access to guns they already own, the researchers said.

To that end, the consortium recommends legislation to establish gun violence restraining orders. This would allow family members who believe their loved ones are at risk of harming themselves or others to petition a court and ask that their guns be seized until the crisis passes.

Research has shown that tightening rules for legal gun purchases also has reduced the prevalence of illegal guns, Wintemute said.

Tough sentences for career criminals in possession of guns and for people who legally buy guns and give or sell them to criminals can help prevent gun violence, according to James Santelle, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Wisconsin. But law enforcement is just one part of the solution.

"We need to fire on all of these cylinders — and hope there is a piece of it that does prevent the 5-year-old from getting killed — instead of the default of doing nothing," he said.

About Gina Barton

Gina Barton covers criminal justice. In 2013, she won a George Polk award for her investigation into the death of Derek Williams in Milwaukee police custody.


Kentucky Man Loved His Mama So Much That When She Died, He Kept Her Corpse! (News of the Weird)

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

Police: Man lived with mom's corpse for month
Published: 11/21 6:18 p.m.
Updated: 11/21 6:18 p.m.

HARLAN, Ky. (AP) — Police in southeastern Kentucky say a man lived with his dead mother's corpse for about a month without reporting the death to anyone.

Harlan Police Officer George Young told The Daily News ( ) 63-year-old Elaine Hall had been sick for some time and likely died of natural causes in October.

A maintenance worker found Hall while doing the monthly spraying and called police.

Young says when he arrived at the apartment Hall was found dead and her son was there with her. Young says a local minister was requested to come to the scene to help the son, whose identity was not released.

Young says a death investigation will remain open until the medical examiner's findings are complete.

Hall's remains were sent to Frankfort on Thursday for an autopsy.

White Mayor of Calhoun, TN Facing Burglary Charges


Calhoun, TN Mayor John Walker

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

When WDEF refused to run a pic with its story, I figured the mayor has got to be colored. I hunted up a photo, and it turns out he’s colorless! Who’d a thunk it?

Mayor of Calhoun, TN Facing Burglary Charges
Published: 11:03 a.m.
Updated: 11:15 a.m.

Calhoun, TN (WDEF) - The mayor of Calhoun, TN finds himself in trouble with the law.

According to the McMinn County Sheriff's Office, Mayor John Walker was booked on Saturday night on charges of aggravated burglary and theft over $1,000.

Chattanooga: Proud Black Man Allegedly Sexually Assaulted Raceless Teacher in Her Classroom; Teacher Refused to Press Charges!


In his newest mug shot, suspect Addison Foster just oozes black pride and high self-esteem

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

How do you know the teacher was white? First of all, black males virtually never sexually assault black teachers. Second, the teacher clearly suffers from Stockholm Syndrome. White teachers have a history of not seeking vengeance against their black molesters. This mentality starts with their “liberalism,” and is tremendously strengthened in racial socialist teacher’s ed school and diversity training on the job, where whites are inculcated with the notion that they enjoy “white privilege,” and that racist black sociopaths are their victims. To oppose the training at either level is to commit professional suicide. The training has nothing to do with “brainwashing,” but with breaking white teachers’ wills, so they will have no self-respect whatsoever.

Local high school teacher sexually assaulted in her classroom
Reported by Erik Avanier

11/21 5:27 p.m.
Updated: 11/21 6:56 p.m.

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) - A 19-year old is accused of sexually assaulting a female teacher inside her classroom.

The incident reportedly occurred last month inside Brainerd High School but WDEF just learned about it after Addison Foster, 19, of Chattanooga was arrested this week.

Foster was charged with one count of sexual battery.

According to the arrest report, the alleged crime occurred after school was let out.

Foster reportedly walked into the school and asked the teacher if he could see her classroom.

According to the arrest report, she took him to her classroom where Foster inappropriately touche the woman and reportedly started laughing.

"I'm sorry. I just had to do that," is the quote he reportedly told the teacher.

The woman told police she pushed him away and told him to leave. She reportedly told him to leave out the front door of the school but she said he refused and left out a side door.

The teacher reportedly alerted authorities about what happened and said she didn't want to prosecute. But a warrant for sexual battery was taken out on Foster.

It's unclear if he has an attorney.

It's unclear if Foster is former Brainerd High School student or how he knew the alleged victim.

WDEF tried contacting Hamilton County School officials but no one was available for comment.

See the Anti-Amnesty Political Cartoon That is Driving the Racist Left Insane!



Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

A tip ‘o the hate to CofCC.

The girly-men at the Indianapolis Star reportedly apologized for this bit of home truth.

Kim Kardashian’s Racial Background: Silicone and PhotoShop



By Nicholas Stix




“Bitch Set Me Up”: Crackhead Washington, D.C. Council Member and “Mayor for Life” Marion Barry, the Face of Black Rule in America, Dies at 78


Mayor Barry smoking crack in a D.C. hotel room on January 18, 1990

By Prince George’s County Expat

And to think, my late Uncle Jack saved Marion's life during the Hanafi Muslim siege.



Marion Barry, when he was young, hirsute, and handsome

Obama’s Response to Americans Who Don’t Want Their Nation Raped (Poster)

Are You a Gramscientologist?

By Nicholas Stix

At Samizdata.

Emperor Obama Issues Royal Amnesty for Illegal Aliens and Shreds Constitution (Poster)



Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

Created by Fred Elbel of the Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn Fires White Officer for Refusal-to-Die Incident at the Hands of Racist, Black Berserker; Dead Racist’s Family Demands “Answers” (Read: Millions from White People, and the White Hero’s Blood); Flynn’s Mandate: De-Policing Rules! White Cops Must Flee All Potential Confrontations with Blacks


Dismissed, former Milwaukee PD Officer Christopher Manney. His offense: Refusing to permit Dontre Hamilton to slaughter him with his own weapon while white (hey, that sounds familiar!) (These captions are fast becoming boilerplate.)

Failed, racist, would-be cop-killer Dontre Hamilton (that also sounds familiar!)

Desperately pandering, Milwaukee PD chief Ed Flynn

[Previously, at WEJB/NSU, on MPD Chief Ed Flynn, and related:

“Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn: ‘The Computer Ate My Crime Stats’: ‘Disappearing’ Crime in Milwaukee… and Everywhere Else”;

“The Chief Strikes Back: Supporter of Milwaukee PD Chief Ed Flynn Says Flynn is being Smeared”;

“The War on Police”;

“De-Policing in America’s Cities: Erasing the ‘Thin Blue Line’”; and

“‘Disappearing’ Urban Crime.”

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

Milwaukee Police Chief Fires Officer Who Shot, Killed Dontre Hamilton
Christopher Manney terminated Wednesday
By Terry Sater
Updated 2:07 p.m. CDT October 16, 2014

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn has fired the officer who shot and killed Dontre Hamilton, 31, in Red Arrow Park in April.

RAW: Chief Flynn terminates officer who shot Dontre Hamilton

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn announces he has fired Christopher Manney, the officer who shot Dontre Hamilton in Red Arrow Park in April.

Family of Dontre Hamilton reacts to firing of officer


The family of Dontre Hamilton reacts to the firing of Christopher Manney, the officer who shot and killed Hamilton in Red Arrow Park in April 2014.

Milwaukee police shoot, kill man at Red Arrow Park


A man is shot and killed by a Milwaukee police officer at about 3:30 p.m. Wednesday at Red Arrow Park.

Family of man shot at Red Arrow Park says he was trying...


The brothers of a man shot and killed by police in downtown Milwaukee are distraught and demanding answers.

Flynn said he terminated Christopher Manney, 38, on Wednesday following an internal investigation.

RAW VIDEO: Listen to Flynn's explanation

WISN 12 News learned Thursday that Manney requested duty disability two days prior to his firing. Click Here to read more about what that could mean.

Flynn said officers were sent to Red Arrow Park twice on the afternoon of April 30 to check on Hamilton's welfare but had no physical contact with him.

Then, at 3:28 p.m., Manney, the beat officer for the area, responded to an earlier voice mail not knowing officers had already responded to Red Arrow Park.

When Manney arrived, he found Hamilton lying on the sidewalk near the Starbucks, Flynn said.


VIDEO: Flynn fires officer involved in Red Arrow Park shooting

Flynn said Manney approached Hamilton, identified himself and asked Hamilton to stand up. When Hamilton stood up, Manney approached Hamilton from behind, reached under Hamilton’s arms, placed his hands on his chest to conduct a pat-down search and asked if Hamilton had any weapons.

As Manney began the search, Hamilton began fighting with Manney.

Flynn said Manney tried to use his baton to subdue Hamilton, but Hamilton was able to take the baton from Manney. Hamilton swung the baton at Manney multiple times and struck Manney on the side of the neck with the baton.

Fearing that Hamilton would seriously injure or kill him, Manney used his service weapon and shot Hamilton.

Flynn said Manney accurately determined Hamilton was an "emotionally disturbed person [‘He’s a murderous psycho!’], but treated him as a dangerous criminal [which he was!] instead of following his training and treating Mr. Hamilton as an EDP."

"It was an incorrect, wrong decision that placed him ultimately in legitimate deadly jeopardy," Flynn said.

Manney had been on paid leave since the shooting.

VIDEO: Hamilton's mother addresses firing of officer

While Hamilton's family called the firing a victory, they said their fight for justice is not over.

"There's no grief like a mother's grief. [Gimme a break!] Now that the name of the officer is out there, it's something you asked for for months. Does that give you any sense of relief?" WISN 12 News reporter Terry Sater asked.

"No, I'm not going to grieve until he's in jail," Dontre Hamilton's mother, Maria Hamilton, said. "I'm still angry because I feel like they're not being honest. Yes, it's a plus that he was fired, but he took a man's life, and like any other citizen would go to jail."

That's where Flynn said he disagrees.

"My inner cop is not dead. Every member of this police department has had to make critical decisions under pressure with insufficient information that could have gone wrong. Here's the point I want to make -- there's got to be a way of holding ourselves accountable absent of putting cops in jail for making mistakes," Flynn said.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said he agrees with Flynn's decision and that this based the police department's protocol.

The American Civil Liberties Union released a statement Wednesday afternoon saying, the chief's explanation of the firing was an important first step, but changes need to be made.

"To the extent that police department policies and practices contributed to an officer-involved fatal shooting, the MPD should change its policies and practices and not use the punishment of one or more officers to allow the MPD to escape its responsibilities," ACLU of Wisconsin Executive Director Chris Ahmuty said.

Mike Crivello, president of the Milwaukee Police Association, said, "The use of deadly force by an officer is a difficult decision that must be made accurately and instantaneously. The MPA is confident in the officer's training and trust the action taken was of necessity."

"The decision to terminate this officer is cowardice and certainly unfounded and unsupported by fact," Crivello said.

Dontre Hamilton's family has been waiting more than five months to find out whether the officer will face disciplinary action or criminal charges.

The Milwaukee County district attorney has not yet made a decision whether to criminally charge the officer.

The FBI has been brought in to help with the investigation.

The family said the marches will continue because they're still fighting for changes to Milwaukee police policies and procedures.

There's another march planned for Thursday from Red Arrow Park.

Manney worked in the Milwaukee police operations division and had been on the force for 13 years.

He routinely patrolled downtown and made headlines in 2012 when he got into a public scuffle with a clown. (Watch story)

The clown was squirting water on cars and would not stop when officers [ordered] asked him to.

How Obama is Gutting the American Military (Daniel Horowitz)



Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

Obama’s Dyslexic Immigration Policies
By Daniel Horowitz
September 29th, 2014
Conservative Review

While everyone in the political world is focused on the elections and our involvement in the Syrian civil war, Obama has implemented yet another administrative amnesty for illegal aliens. This time he is using our military – the pride of the nation – as a visa mill to legalize his future voters. Congress has a responsibility to clamp down on this illegal and dangerous unilateral action.

Republicans in Congress will have two opportunities to address Obama’s administrative amnesty via military service. When Congress returns for the ‘lame duck’ session in November, they could potentially pass the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which oversees all of our military-related policies. They will also vote on the annual budget bill, which is set to expire on December 11. Republicans should not allow those bills to pass through the House unless there is a provision explicitly prohibiting the Pentagon from recruiting illegal aliens to serve in the military.

It is also likely that Republicans will have an opportunity to fight back against the lawlessness during the confirmation hearings of the next nominee for Attorney General. Nobody has been more complicit in rubber-stamping Obama’s lawlessness than Eric Holder. Now that he is stepping down, Senate Republicans must go on record refusing to confirm any nominee who does not publicly swear off administrative amnesty. Many Republicans believe that the president should be granted wide latitude in choosing cabinet officials, as long as the nominees are qualified. But anyone who refuses to uphold the law is inherently unqualified to serve as Attorney General.

Last Thursday, the Department of Defense announced a new policy allowing military recruiters to target illegal immigrants under the auspices of the Military Accessions Vital to National Interest, or MAVNI. According to the Military Times, MAVNI, which is designed to recruit foreign nationals with special language skills, would be expanded to include those here illegally but granted amnesty under Obama’s DACA program. Obama is literally creating his own laws by using his initial lawless action as the baseline.

Aside from the obvious problems stemming from lawlessness and encouraging illegal immigration, this particular act is even more pernicious given the inherent threat to our national security. The screening process for the DACA program is essentially a farce because 99.5% of applications have been approved.

Last year, Judicial Watch obtained a wealth of information through a FOIA request detailing how DHS ostensibly gutted all background checks for DACA applicants, including the requirement of a valid photo ID. Just this past year, scores of illegals have been apprehended from countries that represent a security risk. Now, any illegal alien with a shady background can be admitted into our military.

What is most appalling about inviting illegal aliens into our military is that it comes at a time when so many American servicemen are being forced into retirement. Thousands of soldiers from each branch of service, many of whom served valiantly in Afghanistan and Iraq, are losing their jobs due to Obama’s unprecedented downsizing of our military. Yet, these veterans will now have to make room for undocumented Democrats.

Sadly, this is not the only recent example of Obama’s moral and intellectual dyslexia as it relates to immigration, national security, and the misuse of our military. Several weeks ago, Obama announced that he was sending 3,000 soldiers to “fight” the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

In addition to exposing our soldiers to a deadly disease while treating them like health professionals and social workers, this policy is completely backwards as it relates to our national security. The focus of any effort to protect America from deadly diseases, much like defending against Islamic terrorism, should be securing our homeland and points of entry, not needlessly risking the lives of our soldiers overseas. Yet, amazingly, Obama has signed another amnesty order, staying all deportation orders for Liberians living here without visas.

In addition to those here illegally, the Center for Immigration Studies estimates that roughly 200,000 people from countries stricken with Ebola are here legally on visas. Once again, our national security is being sacrificed on the pagan altar of political correctness and our military is being used as a guinea pig in this effort to fundamentally transform America.

Fortunately, our Founders already established checks and balances to protect against an imperial president. There are many candidates running this cycle as constitutional conservatives, but how many of them are committing to using the power of the purse to rein in these lawless actions?

Instead of standing for nothing and hoping for a miracle in November, Republicans must provide a bold contrast by putting our military, borders, and national security first.

Photo credit: Connor Radnovich | AP Images

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