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Why are Most Academics Miserable?

By Nicholas Stix

95. Academics are unhappy
September 21, 2015
100 Reasons NOT to Go to Graduate School
You know that today's graduate students are unhappy when the Wall Street Journal can refer (and not entirely facetiously) to the world's best-positioned graduate students as Harvard's Les Miserables. If the discontent experienced in graduate school were only a temporary condition to be endured on a path to a better life, then it might not be so bad. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of unhappiness among those who make it all the way through graduate school, and not just among the thousands of PhDs living on welfare (see Reason 83), or the thousands burdened by crushing debt, or the thousands working as barely paid adjuncts (see Reason 14). (The plight of adjuncts has turned so tragically absurd that it's now fodder for the Sunday comics.) There are also, of course, those who have suffered through the devastating humiliation of being denied tenure.

And then there are those for whom everything worked out. Yes, a great many academics who not only found tenure-track jobs (see Reason 8) but managed to survive the long road to tenure (see Reason 71) are surprisingly miserable. For some, their unhappiness began as soon as they were tenured; the Chronicle of Higher Education has covered the phenomenon of post-tenure depression on more than one occasion. For others, an unshakable sadness took hold much earlier in their careers. The culture of fear (see Reason 76) that pervades academe ensures that the deep unhappiness felt by so many academics is rarely discussed openly. [The “culture of fear,” to which the anonymous author refers is not what readers will expect it to be.] More often than not, it takes an observer working outside of academe to bring the subject to light.

The miseries of academic life are on full display, however, in fictional depictions of the university. Over the decades, those depictions have grown darker. Edward Albee's 1962 play "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" put academic torments on the stage. Countless novels put those torments on the page. As most academic fiction is written by academics, it is worth considering the source. In fiction, academics have found a way to describe their professional environment without jeopardizing their jobs. In
Faculty Towers, Elaine Showalter notes that since the 1970s professors portrayed in academic novels have "become more and more grotesque figures, full of self-doubt and self-hatred." Why is this so?...

[Read the rest here.]
That most academics are miserable is an exceedingly odd fact, if a fact it is. That normal, patriotic, white men slaving away as adjuncts (and on the rarest of occasions, professors), and being harassed by racist, sexist students, colleagues, staffers and administrators should be miserable makes perfect sense. However, that demographic has largely been purged, and now probably accounts for less than 10% of those on academic payrolls.

The remaining 90% of academic check-cashers should be as happy as human beings can be. After all, they get to spend their professional lives expressing, promoting, and acting with hatred. And yet, they claim to be miserable.

Many are simply lying.

Others may have deluded themselves, like a salesman who sells himself a bill of goods, that the lies they constantly spout of their “oppression” are true.

Some readers will counter, “If you feel miserable, you are miserable, and no one has the right to question or challenge your feelings.”

Au contraire. A privileged person has no right to lie about his existence, and expect others to believe him.

If one’s feelings of “misery,” “pain,” etc., have no basis in reality, the person claiming them is either insane, and needs to be put in a strait-jacket, or some sort of a fraud—a hypochondriac, a malingerer, a liar.

The antiversity is full of privileged black supremacists, feminists, reconquistas, militant homosexualists and racial socialists, none of whom has the right to claim to be “miserable,” “oppressed,” what-have-you, as far as his academic existence is concerned. These are the same people who produce fraudulent “research,” and who support, and even engineer “hate crime” hoaxes assembly-line-style: Noose hoaxers; Black Lives Matter; Campus Rape Hoaxers such as Crystal Gail Mangum, Jackie Coakley, Emma Sulkowicz, et al. They are deeply wicked, and even evil people.

If one feels compassion for those who deserve none, one will then withhold compassion from those who deserve it. Nobody has an unlimited reservoir of compassion, and those who claim the loudest to be full of it, are… full of it.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Washington D.C. Lawmakers Find a New Way to Subsidize Muggers

By Nicholas Stix

This—bribing criminals not to commit crimes—is not only utterly depraved in theory, it will be completely unproductive in practice. The muggers will take the money, and continue mugging people.

It is, however, constituent with socialist/communist talking points, to which increasing numbers of Republicans have submitted. If criminals’ only problem is poverty, then it can be solved by simply giving them more money.

Never mind that it’s never worked that way, or that we’re already giving these people massive sums in welfare: TANF (“welfare”) money, social security disability, “free” food stamps, “free” health care, “free” schools, free cell phones, three free school meals per day (yes, even dinner!), “free” social workers, “free” summer jobs for youth… The list is endless, as are the demands.

As always, the causality is reversed. Lower-class, black and Hispanic criminals aren’t criminals because they’re poor, they’re “poor” because they’re criminals. Except that they’re not poor. When you total up all the welfare they receive, plus the proceeds of their crimes, they have considerably higher incomes than law-abiding members of the working class. That the criminals are perpetually broke is because they blow everything they get their hands on, on drugs/booze/whatever.

It was the “civil rights”/welfare (bribe) revolution that led to the crime revolution.

For the can’t-make-this-up file, Washington D.C. lawmakers unanimously approved a bill that would start a pilot program to pay residents not to commit crimes.

At Ex-Army Libertarian Nationalist.

In a Huge Victory for Obama’s War on Cops, Chinese NYC Policeman Peter Liang Convicted of Manslaughter for Accidental Killing of Black in Housing Project Stairwell; Judge Forbade Anyone from Mentioning Shooting, During Trial, of NYC Cops Patrick Espeut and Diara Cruz in Housing Project Stairwell by Hispanic Suicide Shooter

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

I just Google for the name of the Hispanic suicide shooter who wounded NYPD Officers Patrick Espeut and Diara Cruz, but it has magically disappeared from the Web.

NYC officer convicted of manslaughter in stairwell shooting
By Gordon Bassham
February 11, 2016 at 6:48 p.m. CST

NEW YORK (AP) — A rookie police officer who shot an unarmed man [!] dead in a darkened public housing stairwell was convicted Thursday of manslaughter in a case closely watched by advocates for police accountability.

The courtroom audience gasped and Officer Peter Liang, who had broken into tears as he testified about the 2014 shooting of Akai Gurley, buried his head in his hands as the verdict came after 17 hours of jury deliberations.

The manslaughter charge carries up to 15 years in prison. Liang's sentencing is set for April 14.

The shooting happened in a year of debate nationwide about police killings of black men, and activists have looked to Liang's trial as a counterweight to cases in which grand juries have declined to indict officers, including the cases of Michael Brown in Missouri and Eric Garner in New York. Like Gurley, Brown and Garner were black and unarmed.

[That’s a lie. Mike Brown certainly was armed—his 6’4,” 292 lb. body was a weapon, and he tried to grab Officer Darren Wilson’s service weapon, even leaving his DNA on the weapon, in an attempt to murder him. The 6’3” Eric Garner was even fatter than Brown—he was listed as 350 lbs., but looked more like 400 lbs. to me. Besides which, since Garner was resisting arrest, died of a heart condition, and police used no weapons on him whatsoever, AP operative Gordon Bassham is being extremely deceptive, in implying that NYPD cops shot a passive, harmless, black man dead.]

Meanwhile, supporters of Liang, who is Chinese-American, have said he has been made a scapegoat for past injustices.

[And they’re right, except for the “injustices” part.]

Liang was patrolling in the public housing in Brooklyn with his gun drawn when he fired; he said a sound startled him. The bullet ricocheted off a wall and hit the 28-year-old Gurley on a lower floor.

Prosecutors said Liang handled his gun recklessly, must have realized from the noise that someone was nearby and did almost nothing to help Gurley.

"Instead of shining a light, he pointed his gun and shot Akai Gurley," Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Joe Alexis said in his closing argument.

But the defense said the shooting was an accident, not a crime.

[Here, Bassham is lying by omission, insinuating that Liang was being reckless in patrolling with his gun drawn. Black supremacists such as Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, when he was an NYPD lieutenant, have played the same game with white cops, who patrolled housing project stairwells and roofs with their guns drawn. New York City cops are specifically permitted by the NYPD Patrol Guide to have their guns drawn in such places.]

The 28-year-old Liang said he had been holding his weapon safely, with his finger on the side and not the trigger, when the sudden sound jarred him and his body tensed.

"I just turned, and the gun went off," he testified.

He said he initially looked with his flashlight, saw no one and didn't immediately report the shot, instead quarreling with his partner about who would call their sergeant. Liang thought he might get fired.

But then, he said, he went to look for the bullet, heard cries and found the wounded Gurley, with his weeping girlfriend trying to tend to him.

Liang then radioed for an ambulance, but he acknowledged not helping Gurley's girlfriend try to revive him. Liang explained he thought it was wiser to wait for professional medical aid.

"I was panicking. I was shocked and in disbelief that someone was hit," said Liang, who said he was so overcome that he needed oxygen as he was taken to a hospital for ringing in his ears.

While Liang's trial unfolded, two other New York police officers, Patrick Espeut and Diara Cruz, were shot and wounded during a similar stairwell patrol in a different public housing complex. The gunman later killed himself.

The judge barred any mention of those shootings in Liang's trial.

Is that the National Broadcasting Company, or the Negro Broadcasting Company?


NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt

By An Anonymous Reader

[Re: “New Frontiers in Newspeak: NYPD Says Mass Murder Suspect Michael Sykes is Wanted ‘Regarding’ ‘stabbing death of a woman & 2 children,’ Rather than ‘Wanted for [or in] the Stabbing Murders of a Woman and 2 Children.’”]

Right... “person of interest”


NBC News weatherman Al Roker

In other b.s. on the Negro Nightly News...We start off with Lester Holt introducing another anti-Trump story... followed by fellow black Al Roker talking about winter storm crisis #40, and then fellow black Rehema Ellis on mosquitoes and the disease of the month. I haven’t seen a white person yet. Don’t they believe in token white hiring at The Negro Broadcasting Company?

NBC News chief education correspondent Rehema Ellis

Ron Mott, another black, is on deck with something. I tuned out.

Any possible reason for all these blacks on one news show?


NBC News reporter Ron Mott

N.S.: When Lester Holt was named the disgraced Brian Williams’ “interim replacement” at NBC News, it was obvious that Holt was a permanent replacement, and I was happy for him. Holt was the hardest working man in broadcast news, on air at all hours of the day and night, on all sorts of different NBC News properties as a weekend anchor and fill-in man. However, the usual has since happened. Put a black in charge, and the organization gets blackified.

Was the “Obama” Effect at work, or was the John Doe calling himself “Barack Hussein Obama” unnecessary? Although the disappearing of white men has been underway for over 50 years, the “Obama” Effect radically accelerates everything, through emboldening black supremacists and their white allies.

New Frontiers in Newspeak: NYPD Says Mass Murder Suspect Michael Sykes is Wanted “Regarding” “stabbing death of a woman & 2 children,” Rather than “Wanted for [or in] the Stabbing Murders of a Woman and 2 Children”

We’re in a “Golden Age of Surveillance,” in Which Big Brother Will Spy on Law-Abiding Americans Using Their Own Devices and Household Appliances



“James Clapper, director of national intelligence, heads up 16 federal spy agencies”

By A Longtime Reader

“The nation’s top intelligence officer admitted Tuesday that the government may use information transmitted to the Internet from your washing machine, your thermostat, your television, your refrigerator or your favorite video game against you.”

I used to work for Coalfire Systems. Coalfire is a cyber security outfit. It's owned in part by Chertoff Associates.

“Joe” was a colleague of mine at Coalfire. He was also an IT auditor. He audited computer networks to ensure that the networks were compliant with various industry security protocols.

Joe had been issued a refurbished Dell Latitude notebook. He used it to perform IT audit work in the field. The computer had a built-in camera at the top of the LCD screen. Joe had affixed a piece of black electrician's tape over the camera. He wanted to ensure that the camera could not be used to view or record him if someone had somehow turned the camera on by remote, unauthorized means. That is, if the computer had been hacked.

Imagine that: An IT auditor who did not trust the security software and hardware embedded in his own computer. And he worked for a firm owned by Michael Chertoff.


Gene Hackman and John Cazale in The Conversation

WND Exclusive
Intel chief: “We might use smart-home devices to spy on you”
Clapper drops bombshell in annual “threat assessment”
By Leo Hohmann
February 10, 2016

The nation’s top intelligence officer admitted Tuesday that the government may use information transmitted to the Internet from your washing machine, your thermostat, your television, your refrigerator or your favorite video game against you.

Almost every home appliance and electronic gadget sold today is outfitted with a computer chip, constantly feeding information about their owners back to utilities, manufacturers and other data networks.

James Clapper, director of national intelligence, in his annual assessment of threats given before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Tuesday, said the government considers this information fair game against people it suspects of terrorism or other crimes.

The so-called “Internet of things” is providing a bevy of personal information about Americans, many of whom are completely unaware of the dragnet they are tied into.

Smart meters, for instance, measure, in real time, a homeowner’s electricity usage, what appliance or device the usage is coming from, and feed that information to the local utility provider. Many televisions are capable of picking up sound and motion through microphones and motion sensors. Laptop computers have built-in cameras– perfect for spying.

As the Guardian reported, Clapper made clear that the many devices increasingly connected to the Internet are providing ample opportunity for intelligence agencies to spy on targets, and possibly the masses.

“In the future, intelligence services might use the [Internet of things] for identification, surveillance, monitoring, location tracking, and targeting for recruitment, or to gain access to networks or user credentials,” Clapper told the Senate panel.

Americans need to be aware of the Web of surveillance being spun all around them, says privacy advocate Patrick Wood, editor of Technocracy News and Trends and author of “Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation.”

“Smart Home” devices that exist in major appliances, thermostats, LED light bulbs and security cameras are all targets for spying, Wood says.

“Smart Grid provides WiFi-enabled connectivity to every smart appliance within your home. Every WiFi router and cable modem is also a gateway into private areas.”

In his book “Technocracy Rising,” Wood posits that the David Rockefeller-founded Trilateral Commission is the leading force for building a new way of governing by scientific data collection on every living being and the regulating of all human activity by unelected “technocrats.” This growing “technocracy,” Wood believes, if not checked will ultimately lead to dictatorship.

He noted that Clapper, as director of national intelligence, is head of all 16 intelligence agencies in the U.S., including the NSA.

Wood writes:
“The position was created by President George W. Bush in 2005, and the first appointee to fill the position was Trilateral Commission member John Negroponte. Negroponte architected and re-organized the intelligence community to provide future monitoring for the coming Technocracy.”
The Guardian reported that advances in microchip technology will only increase the security concerns of average consumers in the coming years.
“The so-called Internet of things promises consumers increased convenience – the remotely operated thermostat from Google-owned Nest is a leading example. But as home computing migrates away from the laptop, the tablet and the smartphone, experts warn that the security features on the coming wave of automobiles, dishwashers and alarm systems lag far behind.”
General Motor’s OnStar program, for example, tracks the car’s movement and reports it back to the automaker, which stores it indefinitely. The government could order the company to fork over this information years down the road.

Clapper did not name any specific agency involved in surveillance of home appliances, cars or other devices. But privacy advocates “take as a given” that governments and various private entities will intercept the signals the newly networked devices emit, much as they do with those from cell phones, according to the Guardian report.

Online threats again topped Clapper’s list of “worldwide threats” to the U.S., followed by the evolving threat of low-intensity terrorism. Clapper said violent Sunni Muslims, which he called “violent extremism,” have “more groups, members, and safe havens than at any other point in history.”

FBI “going dark?”

Clapper’s comments contradict a major study released last week by Harvard’s Berkman Center. It concluded that the FBI’s recent claim that it is “going dark” – losing the ability to spy on suspects because of encryption – is largely overblown, mainly because federal agencies have so many more avenues for spying. This echoes comments by many surveillance experts, who have made clear that, rather than “going dark,” we are actually in the “golden age of surveillance,” the guardian reported.

Guardian columnist Trevor Timm points out that privacy advocates have known about the potential for the government to exploit the Internet-connected gadgets for years.

Police are “increasingly serving court orders on companies for data they keep that citizens might not even know they are transmitting,” Timm writes. “Police have already been asking Google-owned company Dropcam for footage from cameras inside people’s homes meant to keep an eye on their kids. Fitbit data has already been used in court against defendants multiple times.

“But the potential for these privacy violations has only recently started reaching millions of homes: Samsung sparked controversy last year after announcing a television that would listen to everything said in the room it’s in and in the fine print literally warned people not to talk about sensitive information in front of it.”

Timm provided a list of devices that serve as all-seeing or all-listening, including several television models, Xbox Kinect and Amazon Echo.

Even a new Barbie doll has the ability to spy on you.

“It listens to Barbie owners to respond but also sends what it hears back to the mothership at Mattel,” Timm explains.

New court ruling ominous

The Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed in a Feb. 8 ruling that police can spy on Americans’ front doors for 10 weeks without a warrant using a camera mounted to a public utility pole.

That’s what happened to Rocky Houston, who lived with his brother on a farm in rural Tennessee. When federal ATF agents suspected that Houston, who had served time for a prior felony, had possession of a firearm, they directed a utility company to install a camera on its utility pole. No warrant was issued.

“This ruling confirms the fears that we voiced in the wake of United States v. Jones—namely, that the arsenal of surveillance technologies now available to law enforcement do not require government officials to engage in a physical trespass of one’s property in order to engage in a search,” said constitutional attorney John W. Whitehead, president of the Rutherford Institute and author of “Battlefield America: The War on the American People.”

“Obviously, the new era of technology, one that was completely unimaginable to the men who drafted the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, requires an updated legal code to enshrine the right to privacy,” Whitehead said. “New technologies which enable the radical expansion of police surveillance operations require correspondingly robust legal frameworks in order to maintain the scope of freedom from authoritarian oversight envisioned by the Framers.”

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

In Mexican City, Almost the Entire City Council was Arrested for Corruption—Only the Mexican City… was in Texas!



By Nicholas Stix


Are You Part of the 83% of Americans Who Say That Government Should Not Give Benefits to Illegal Aliens? (Poster)

Trump Wins New Hampshire GOP Primary with 35.1%, Sanders Wins Dem Primary with 60%; Kasich is a Shocking Second in GOP, with 15.9%, While Rubio Finishes Fifth, with Only 10.6%; Christie, with a Mere 7.5%, is Probably Out; Carly Who? Dr. Who?

By Nicholas Stix

According to the AP, Trump won 10 delegates, and Kasich took 3. Ted Cruz came in third (2 delegates), with 11.6%. Trump owes much of his margin of victory to his nemesis Jeb Bush, who got 11.1% of the vote (and also 2 delegates); and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who came in sixth, with 7.5%; both of whom took away votes from Cruz and Rubio (who, with 10.6%, won no delegates).

Christie badly wounded Rubio during the last debate by pointing out that the latter was robotically repeating himself. Rubio took the blame last night for hurting himself in the debate. CNN’s Jake Tapper drew the wrong moral to the story, saying that when you hurt an opponent “you may also hurt yourself,” but Christie didn’t hurt himself at all. Without his debate attack on Rubio, he might not have broken 5%.

Christie has been dead in the water since before the get-go, and announced that he is cancelling all of his scheduled engagements in South Carolina, while he goes home to New Jersey to take a break, and catch his breath. In other words, to plan his bowing-out party. But he really was done before he ever announced. The Democratic dirty tricks operation of “Bridgegate” had been designed to put the kibosh on Christie’s presidential plans, and it worked splendidly.

Trump was gracious in victory, thanking all of his rivals, and CNN’s talking heads praised his “presidential” manner, but getting praised by CNN is a red flag. As analyst Margaret Hoover noted the other day, whenever Trump gets “presidential,” his popularity falls. He also muffled his tone, politically. He mentioned “the wall,” but only spoke of “ISIS,” rather than Islam. Someone has been whispering “self-censor” in his ear, and he has been listening. Self-censorship will not help Trump.

The MSM had claimed that Rubio was a great debater; so much for that line. They were desperately hoping that the young senator from Florida would take Trump down, so the media were the biggest losers last night. As with Jeb Bush, if Rubio remains in the race, he will only help Trump by taking votes from Ted Cruz.

Carly Fiorina (4.2%) and Dr. Ben Carson (2.3%), on both of whom at various times the MSM pinned their hopes of toppling Trump, are finished. Look for both to bow out of the race before South Carolina. If Carson doesn’t, it’s because he’s trying to squeeze a few million dollars more in fundraising money out of Evangelicals.

In this “losing is winning” primary season, the GOP runner-up, Ohio Gov. John Kasich gave a long, weird speech, as if he had won. He talked and talked and talked, and said nothing. He said we need an America where people care about each other, and where everyone has a job. Call him, the Rev. Kasich.

Keep in mind that John Kasich plans on enacting an amnesty for all illegal aliens on American soil. The MSM, the Open Borders Lobby, and some other observers claim that this number is now only 11 million. In late 2014, veteran financial analyst Robert Justich estimated to me that it was then 21-25 million (which would have increased by over two million since then). I then estimated that the number was around 50 million. But whichever number you believe, it is impossible to improve the job prospects for Americans, if you are amnestying millions of foreign job-thieves, and rolling out the welcome mat for millions more. Thus, Gov. Kasich is running on misleading, feel-good homilies. Still, that religious shtick may serve him well in South Carolina. It’s hard to tell in this wildest of elections since 1992.

Meanwhile, as CNN’s talking heads observed, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders gave such a tired speech that his followers were finishing his sentences. Sanders (13 delegates) beat Hillary Clinton (9 delegates), 60% to 38.4%, with help from independents and New Englanders supporting one of their own. However, if Sanders refuses to start attacking Clinton over Benghazi and her illegal use of a private email server to receive classified, “above top secret” emails, he doesn’t have a Chinaman’s chance of winning.

Play Taps for Mike Gilotti, Yet Another White American Military Hero Who Survived War Abroad, Only to be Slaughtered at Home by Black War Criminals


Mike Gilotti, with sons Russel, left, and Kevin



Alleged war criminals Ahmad Johnson and Charleston Wells have been charged with murdering Mike Gilotti

Does TSA Stand for “Transportation Security Agency,” or for Total Security Abyss? Agency Routinely Fails to Screen Job Applicants for Illegal Aliens, Visa Overstayers, and Criminals, While Protecting Terrorists



By Nicholas Stix


Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Notorious Racist, Black Baseball Free Agent Delmon Young Allegedly Celebrated Black History Month by Committing Yet Another Hate Crime!



Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

Thanks to reader-researcher “W,” who observed,
And during Black History Month, no less….Oh, What would Rev Dr King have to say?

Delmon Young is the kid brother of ballplayer, Dmitri Young, who also had a nose for trouble, but not of Delmon’s character or magnitude.

Delmon Young Arrested: Latest Details, Comments and Reaction
By Matt Fitzgerald
Feb 8, 2016
Bleacher Report

Veteran MLB outfielder Delmon Young was arrested Sunday night in Miami and charged with one count of battery after allegedly choking and threatening to kill a valet employee at the Viceroy hotel.

Peter Burke of reported the news Monday, noting Young also allegedly used derogatory slurs in addition to physical violence.

"Stupid Cuban. Open the (expletive) door. I'm here. Now what?" Young said during the altercation, according to the police report. He later reportedly said to the valet attendant, "I'm gonna (expletive) kill you, you Latin piece of (expletive)."

The police report also indicated Young was slurring his speech and was unsteady on his feet when police arrived at his condominium after the incident. Per the police report, Young told one of the officers, "I'll slap you in the face with money, you (expletive) Cuban."

Per Burke, Young was booked at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. Andy Slater of reported Young bonded out Monday afternoon.

Young played for the Baltimore Orioles in 2014 and 2015 and is now a free agent. The 30-year-old was arraigned on a hate crime harassment charge in 2012 after reportedly using anti-Semitic slurs during a fight in New York City.

In the minor leagues in 2006, Young was ejected from a game for protesting a third-strike call by staying in the batter's box. He flung his bat at the umpire as he headed to the dugout.

The most notable accomplishment of Young's playing career came in 2012, when he played for the Detroit Tigers. Young was named the American League Championship Series MVP after a four-game sweep of the New York Yankees during which he hit .353 with two home runs and six RBI. He's otherwise struggled to fulfill his promise as the No. 1 overall pick in the 2003 MLB draft.

Young appeared in only 52 games for Baltimore in 2015, batting .270 with two home runs and 16 RBI.

MTV Black History Month Video: Blacks Invented Everything, and Created All the Wealth in America

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

I thank the reader who gave me this link, writing:

MTV video promoting Black History Month: 'A World Without Black History' | MTV News

You have got to watch this. Shows how far the Left's propaganda machine has gone in promoting black "invention" lies, exaggerations, and myths as "facts" to our youth. Beyond BS.
See how long you can tolerate the video below. I made it about one minute in, before “learning” that a black man invented open-heart surgery. Based on my long experience with “black history” hoaxes, I was sure that it was a lie, and sure enough it was.

This video could just as well have been produced by the Nation of Islam.

Black supremacists and their white sycophants credit Dr. Daniel Hale Williams with inventing open heart surgery in 1893, but according to what I dug up, the candidates were:

Francisco Romero of Spain (1801)

Baron Dominique-Jean Larrey of France (1810)

Henry C. Dalton of St. Louis (September 6, 1891)

Ludwig Rehn of Germany (September 10, 1896)

Dr. Alfred Blalock, Vivien Thomas, and Dr. Helen Taussig, in Baltimore (1944)

Dr. John H. Gibbon Jr. in Philadelphia (May 6th, 1953)

One source I read (actually more than one) maintains that in the sense under which people understand “open heart surgery,” the procedure was not invented until the 1950s, and no blacks were involved in inventing the procedure. also denies that Dr. Daniel Hale Williams invented open heart surgery.

After that, while I was able to eventually finish watching the video, I did not waste any more time checking out its wild claims, some of which, e.g., that the wealth that slaves produced picking cotton in the South, financed Northern industry, were ridiculous on their face.


Published on Feb 3, 2016

Franchesca Ramsey:
Brought to you with love by:
Produced by:

It’s Black History Month! And while most people take this opportunity to learn about and reflect upon the accomplishments and struggles of African-Americans, plenty more choose to criticize the annual celebration. What many fail to realize is that black history is largely overlooked within the broad scope of American history, and the purpose of Black History Month is to spread awareness of this vibrant cultural past as well as black americans' important contribution to the development of the USA as we know it. After all, without black history, America would be a very different place!


To learn more about some famous African-American Inventors:

Mark Dean: Co-Invented the Personal Computer

Gerald A Lawson: Helped Develop The Video Game Console

George Crum: Invented Potato Chips

James Edward Maceo West Developed the Foil Microphone Used in 90% of Cell Phones

Jan Ernst Matzeliger Revolutionized Shoe Manufacturing in the 1800's

Lewis Lattimer Developed Long Lasting Carbon Filament for Lightbulbs

Dr. Daniel Hale Williams performed the first successful Open Heart Surgery

Otis Boykin's Resistors & Control Unit Helped Make the Modern Pacemaker

For more info on the importance of African Slavery to the American Economy & America's Rise to Power


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Multicultural Wrap-Up

By Nicholas Stix

At Countenance, natch!

Monday, February 08, 2016

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Steps in It - Again

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

[See also: “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the SPLC, but were Afraid to Ask.”]

The Southern Poverty Law Center Steps in It - Again
By KC McAlpin
November 5, 2015
US Inc.

One of the Southern Poverty Law Center's (SPLC) notorious stable of smear mongers just launched another howler. Hefty lefty Heidi Beirich penned a blog entitled "What's the Matter with Kansas' Kris Kobach" Nov. 2 on the SPLC's "Hatewatch."

The hit piece attacks Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach for speaking at the Writer's Workshop conference in Washington DC recently, and says the conference was put on by the "white nationalist Social Contract Press." Ms. Beirich included a snapshot of Kobach speaking at the gathering.

There was just one problem. It turns out the snapshot had been taken by one of the conference's black attendees, a woman from Georgia who has been a regular at the conference for years. Beirich got the photo from another left wing smear machine called "Imagine 2050," which it lifted without permission after the woman posted it on her Twitter feed.

In fact, besides black Americans, there were Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans in the audience. Two of the conference speakers were Hispanic. I should know. I emceed the conference and I am seated on the podium next to Kobach in the photo.

Wouldn't any normal person conclude that it was very unlikely that American minority group members in significant numbers would register and attend a convention of rabid "white nationalists?"

Of course they would, because the charge of "white nationalism" is a complete lie. What brings this annual gathering of Americans of all colors and backgrounds together is their patriotic love for this country and their insistence that our borders should be secure, that criminal aliens should be deported, and that American workers should not be fired and replaced by foreign workers like hundreds of programmers were this year at Disney.

But Ms. Beirich and her fellow SPLC/Imagine 2050 mud slingers don't want to debate those positions because they are opposed to all of them, and they realize their hard-left views in favor of open borders have almost no popular support. So, following Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" playbook of intolerance, they resort to personal attacks and character assassination against anyone who opposes them.

This is simply the latest episode in the SPLC's long history of launching false smear attacks against political opponents. A few years back the SPLC printed a story in their Intelligence Report magazine accusing a retired county sheriff the SPLC mud-slingers were "tracking" of advocating the killing of federal agents. When he called them out for the lie and threatened to sue, they quickly retracted the story and apologized.

In another example the SPLC wrote that the Tea Party was "shot through with rich veins of radical ideas, conspiracy theories, and racism." Only this week, a black Tea party activist named Jenean Hampton made the SPLC look ridiculous when she was elected Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky.

Earlier in the year, the SPLC attacked GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson as "an extremist," for his conservative political views, and then when challenged, quickly retracted the charge.

The welcome and growing emergence of patriotic, pro-American blacks, Latinos, and Asian Americans in American politics gives the SPLC and its thought police fits because it gives the lie to their racist, white nationalist, narrative. The reality is that the only organizations obsessed with racial identity are those on the far left like the SPLC and its Imagine 2050 cousin. In fact Imagine 2050's motto is "race, identity, democracy."

But the SPLC's incessant mud-slinging also helps to divert attention from its founder, Morris Dees' own racist history, and the fact that he has amassed a multi-million dollar fortune while working for an "anti-poverty" organization, whose $300 million cash hoard rivals that of Clinton Foundation.

Dees and his law partner once defended a Ku Klux Klansman charged with beating some blacks at a Montgomery, Alabama bus station. Dees worked in the campaigns of openly segregationist candidates for public office and more recently embraced the Confederate flag flying over the Alabama State Capitol as "part of my heritage."

The Montgomery Advertiser newspaper once interviewed thirteen former black SPLC employees, twelve of whom claimed there was an atmosphere of racism in the organization.

These are the kinds of origins and facts that the SPLC would pounce on to demonize and attack other organizations as "racist" or "white nationalist." But because the corrupt and reclusive Dees hides behind his "anti-racist, anti-hate" group facade, the media gives him a pass.

So my question to Ms. Beirich is, how can you work for such an odious organization?

More about the hateful SPLC attack

Read the blog post by Inger Eberhart describing this hateful attack by the SPLC.

The Southern Poverty Law Center: Part Karl, Part Groucho, by Mark Krikorian, November 9, 2015.

More information about the SPLC

The Southern Poverty Law Center - A Special Report, The Social Contract, Spring 2010.

The SPLC Exposed

Answering Our Critics

New York Times Reader: American Blacks Lack Personal Dignity

By Jaysonrex31

[Re: “The New York Times and John McWhorter: Blacks Have a Right to Slaughter Whites.”]

South of Equator
February 4, 2016
New York Times" \l "permid=17448607

It is a pity that no one ever taught Blacks that personal dignity is the most important aspect of education.

The outcome is a real disaster that can be easily seen in each and every manifestation that the so-called Black community puts forth at the 'drop of the hat', such as "Black lives matter".

The old and tired "victimhood approach' ought to be looked upon as profoundly demeaning but, unfortunately, is not. In fact, many comments posted to this column proves this truism: 'Blacks claim to be persecuted by Whites because ... the color of their skin is, well, not White.

Some segments of the press, like N. Y. Times, are fomenting and encouraging such malignant posture that will only make Whites despise Blacks for their lack of personal dignity.

This situation persists even after Barack Obama was elected (and re-elected) President. This means that one can expect to see substantial changes in the Blacks' mentality only after a few more centuries have passed. So be it.

Personally, I am a "color-blind" person and proud of it. And whenever I meet a White or Black racist (and most are), I just keep away since there is little I have in common with such individuals.

The American Blacks ought to focus first and foremost on education so that they can indeed make substantial contribution to [Comment was cut off at this point.]

Jesse Owens, and Other Champion Smokers!





Amnestisiac John Kasich is an Ignoramus About the Past 30 Years of Immigration Anarchy



By Nicholas Stix


Trying to Make Sense of Politicians’ Immigration Talking Points, but Have Little Time? Read The Immigration Briefing Book, Which Just Came Out!



By Nicholas Stix

Published by The Social Contract.

The New York Times and John McWhorter: Blacks Have a Right to Slaughter Whites


Above and below: Murder victim Nicole Brown Simpson, after her ex-husband was done with her. “When you go black, you don’t go back.”


Murder victim Ron Goldman, after his introduction to the Butcher of Brentwood

[Reader note: None of the photographs on this page were provided by the racial socialists at the New York Times, who do not want readers thinking about the true nature of the abomination they support.]

Dante Carlos

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

This little exercise in intellectual evil reminds of me of Pinch Sulzberger's attempt to turn traitors/spies Ethel and Julius Rosenberg into "victims" of anti-Communist "hysteria," 50 years after they were executed.

John McWhorter: “But after the killings of Walter Scott, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray and other unarmed blacks by the police over the past two years, the conversation has changed. Many non-black Americans who were disgusted by the Simpson verdict have become more aware of the ubiquity of police brutality in black lives.”

What bull. “The ubiquity of police brutality in black lives” is a racist code phrase for the ubiquity of black crime. Most blacks consider it “racist” and “police brutality” for white cops to do their jobs, where blacks are concerned. Police didn’t murder a single one of the males above, and neither Walter Scott nor Tamir Rice was unarmed. Scott repeatedly assaulted Officer Michael Slager, and fought with him over, and shot him with his own Taser. Tamir Rice pulled what appeared to be a gun on police. Walter died from his heart condition, after resisting arrest. Freddie Gray harmed himself, in seeking to shake down police for a fortune.

The Opinion Pages | Op-Ed Contributor
What O.J. Simpson Taught Me About Being Black
By John McWhorter
FEB. 3, 2016
New York Times

It is easy to forget how beloved a celebrity O. J. Simpson was in his time — Heisman Trophy winner, N.F.L. superstar, Hollywood actor and pitchman supreme. Until he was arrested in the brutal slayings of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald L. Goldman, after a televised police chase that transfixed the nation, he seemed to have transcended his roots in San Francisco housing projects.

Yet if Mr. Simpson’s guilt seemed clear to much of America, African-Americans were disinclined to see it that way. Over months of lurid televised court testimony — now being dramatized in a series that started this week on FX — Mr. Simpson became a symbol, to many blacks, of endemic racism in the justice system. And when a jury with nine black members declared him not guilty on Oct. 3, 1995, black people across the country cheered.

I wasn’t one of them.

I must admit I was as disappointed as many whites that black college students gleefully applauded the verdict as if Mr. Simpson were one of the Scottsboro Boys. While the police and prosecutors had been far from brilliant, and reasonable doubt was, well, reasonable, Mr. Simpson’s innocence seemed decidedly unlikely.

At the time, what I saw was people ignoring the facts in favor of a kind of tribalism. A black journalism professor asked me, as a linguist, to lecture on language and the trial. I’d be glad to, I told him, but I thought Mr. Simpson was guilty. I never heard from him again.

Meanwhile, black friends and family continued coming up with ways that damning evidence could have been planted and obsessing over the use of a racial epithet by a police detective in the case. I felt alienated, angry, disappointed.

But I was missing something. The case was about much more than bloody gloves and bloody footprints. It was about the centrality of police brutality to black Americans’ very sense of self.

I came to realize this when, disgusted with the verdict and the response to it, I began to investigate — at first informally — why so many of my fellow blacks’ takes on racism seemed to me to be more fitting to 1935 than 1995.

After a while I realized that the rub was that my life had spared me from experiencing or even seeing police abuse. I had seen the video images of the vicious beating of Rodney King by Los Angeles officers four years earlier but had lived too fortunate a life to spontaneously see it as something that could happen to me.

To this day I am bemused by the occasional white person who assumes that I have a “story” to tell about triumphing over racism, that I was raised by working-class parents just getting by. I grew up solidly middle class in quiet, leafy suburbs — one integrated, one all black — where the police were the last thing on anyone’s mind. Racism had brushed my life now and then, but not at the hands of the police. This was what kept me from processing the O. J. Simpson business “blackly,” as it were.

What I found when I spoke with people after the Simpson verdict, though, and have found since with numbing regularity, is that what prevents real racial conciliation and understanding in America is the poisonous relations between blacks and the police.

I asked a black office worker what made him so sure Mr. Simpson had been framed, and he recounted just that kind of malfeasance by Oakland cops when he was growing up. And I learned not to assume that only men had such feelings. I asked a middle-class young black woman why she, too, felt that racism was the core of our experience. She instantly told me a story about her brother being senselessly harassed by cops for driving in “the wrong place.”

The conversations were what ultimately prompted my interest in writing about race. And while the positions I took in books and articles went against the leftist orthodoxy, when it came to cops, my feelings had become the same as those more politically correct than I, and that won’t change.

Racism is experienced in many ways, but as Ellis Cose has put it, “Rage does not flow from dry numerical analyses of discrimination or from professional prospects projected on a statistician’s screen.” Talk to most black people about racism and you need only count the seconds before the cops come up.

Amid the round-the-clock cable coverage of the Simpson case, America learned the difference between what the cops mean to black people versus what they mean to most others.

Too few got the message at the time.

But after the killings of Walter Scott, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray and other unarmed blacks by the police over the past two years, the conversation has changed. Many non-black Americans who were disgusted by the Simpson verdict have become more aware of the ubiquity of police brutality in black lives.

I suspect that the black response to the verdict, if it happened today, would surprise far fewer whites than it did 20 years ago.

The Simpson show has been over for a long time, so long that now we can watch it performed by actors as an actual show. Its ending wasn’t pretty, but it was telling, and today I understand why.

John McWhorter, a linguistics professor at Columbia, is the author of “The Language Hoax” and the forthcoming “Words on the Move” and “Talking Back, Talking Black.”

Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“‘It’s Over’ Between Anthony Weiner and O.J.”;

“O.J. Simpson Prosecutor Chris Darden: Lead Defense Atty Johnnie Cochrane Tampered with Glove, Prior to Dramatic Courtroom Demonstration”;

“Brentwood Butcher O.J. Simpson: I Have Cancer, So Obama Should Grant Me Yet Another Get-Out-of Jail-Free Card”;

“Did Robert Kardashian Hide O.J. Simpson’s Murder Weapon?”;

“O.J. Simpson Week”; and

“Tonight, ABC’s 20/20 is Taking a Look Back at the O.J. Simpson Civil Trial; See the Only Time Simpson Had to Answer Questions by a Skilled Attorney About the Murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman; See Interviews with the Victims’ Relatives and Their Attorney; and Read About Blacks’ Destruction of the American Jury System.”


Nicole Brown Simpson, after a non-murder session with her husband

"O.J. Simpson greets reporters ahead of a court date. (Fred Prouser, REUTERS/April 6, 2005)"

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Will Venezuela be the Next Media-Manufactured "Humanitarian Catastrophe"?

By Reader-Researcher RC

"Last Thursday when we recounted the story of how Venezuela is now literally flying in paper money (using three dozen cargo Boeing 747s), we wrote that 'Venezuela's hyperinflation, already tentatively estimated at 720%, will likely add on a few (hundred)...'"

So, are the starving Venezuelans going to seek refugee status in the U.S.?

At Zero Hedge.

Donald Trump: “I view the word conservative as a derivative…of the word conserve. We want to conserve our country. We want to save our country.”

By Nicholas Stix


There’s No Room Left for Americans in Florida’s Camp of the Saints

By Nicholas Stix


A Declaration of War on Behalf of the English Language

By Nicholas Stix

“#Goingforward.” “Going forward”? “Going f-o-r-w-a-r-d”!? For 2-3 years, I have complained in private, but I’ve had it. I may be known as a shrinking violet, but not on this! Show me one example of a sentence containing “going forward” that says more than one without it.

No, that’s not all, folks. I have just begun to fight!

Saturday, February 06, 2016

ICE SVU Serves the NFL More than It Does the Law or Americans

By Nicholas Stix


Who CARES if Muslims are Offended by Trump’s Muslim Ban? It’s Our Country!

By Nicholas Stix


Viennese Police Cover-Up Fails: Two Months After Austrian Boy, 10, was Savagely Raped at Public Pool by an Iraqi “Refugee,” Police Finally Acknowledge Crime


The scene of the crime Foto: Florian Hitz

Re-posted and translated from the German by Nicholas Stix
(Original version follows translation.)

Boy Raped in Viennese Pool – Iraqi Confesses
“Sexual Emergency”
February 5, 1:07 p.m.
Die Krone (The Crown)

What the “Crown” already reported in December has now been officially acknowledged by the police: a 10-year-old boy was raped on December 2 of last year in an indoor public pool in Vienna-Meidling. He suffered such massive injuries from the attack that he required treatment in the AKH Pediatric Clinic. The suspected perpetrator, a refugee from Iraq, was arrested at the scene of the crime, and has confessed.

According to a police report, in his police interrogation, the man, who had made it to Austria via the Balkan Route on September 13, gave a confession, as to the facts. In his confession, he spoke of a “sexual emergency.” He “followed desires. I haven’t had any sex in four months.” The criminal investigators insist that those were the suspect’s exact words.

“Made a Huge Mistake”

At first, he consorted in Iraq with a woman, however not with his wife, who after the birth of their daughter was “always sick.” The gist of the interrogation protocol was that in Austria, he “couldn’t stand not having sex, because I have an extraordinary, overwhelming, sexual energy.” [We’ve heard the same line from Moslem “rapefugees” in Germany.] When police asked the refugee if it wasn’t also forbidden to have sex with 10-year-old boys in Iraq, he responded, “Such an act is forbidden in every country in the world.” He knows that he has “made a huge mistake,” and “left the boy with a huge scar.”

At First, the Police Did Not Want to Make the Case Public

On Friday, agency spokeswoman Nina Bussek acknowledged that the State’s Attorney charged the 20-year-old with rape and extreme sexual abuse of a minor. The suspect is in investigative custody. As Thomas Keiblinger, spokesman for the State Police Directorate explained, the police did not officially go public with the crime, “in order to protect the victim.”

In cases of sex crimes, it will be balanced whether the circumstances of the concrete case justify publicizing it. Keiblinger insisted that “it in no way played a role” that one would seek to cover up an act, in order to keep public opinion from being agitated, because the suspected refugee had only been in the country for a few weeks. Only recently had the report come out of an asylum applicant who had raped an 18-year-old female in the [Viennese] Prater amusement park.

10-Year-Old Raped in a Bathroom Stall

The ten-year-old had gone to the Theresa Pool not far from Meidling’s Main Street, where he became acquainted with a 15-year-old while swimming around the pool. The 15-year-old was in the company of the 20-year-old Iraqi who, according to the statement of the victim, ultimately grabbed the 10-year-old’s hand, dragged him into a bathroom stall, latched the door, pulled down the boy’s swimming trunks, and went at him.

The boy screamed in pain, but no one heard him. After the 20-year-old had satisfied himself, he left the bathroom and entertained himself, jumping off the 10-foot diving board. The ten-year-old, who had suffered extreme injuries in the anal area, ultimately confided in the lifeguard, who immediately contacted the police. For the 20-year-old, who had worked in Iraq as a taxi driver, and who lived in Austria off of state welfare, the handcuffs clicked shut, while he was still in his bathing suit.

Commenting has been deactivated.

Bub in Wiener Bad vergewaltigt - Iraker geständig
"Sexueller Notstand"
05.02.2016, 13:07

Was die "Krone" bereits im Dezember berichtete, wurde nun von der Polizei offiziell bekannt gegeben: Ein zehnjähriger Bub ist am 2. Dezember des Vorjahres in einem Hallenbad in Wien- Meidling vergewaltigt worden. Er trug derart massive Verletzungen davon, dass er in der Kinderklinik des AKH behandelt werden musste. Der mutmaßliche Täter, ein Flüchtling aus dem Irak, konnte noch am Tatort festgenommen werden und ist geständig.

In seiner polizeilichen Vernehmung legte der Mann, der am 13. September über die Balkan- Route nach Österreich gelangt war, laut Poizeibericht ein Tatsachengeständnis ab. Er sprach dabei von "sexuellem Notstand". Er sei seinen "Gelüsten nachgegangen. Ich habe seit vier Monaten keinen Sex mehr gehabt", hielten die Kriminalisten die Angaben des Verdächtigen wörtlich fest.

"Habe einen Riesenfehler gemacht"

Zuletzt habe er im Irak mit einer Frau verkehrt, allerdings nicht mit seiner Ehefrau, die seit der Geburt der gemeinsamen Tochter "immer krank" sei. In Österreich habe er "es nicht ausgehalten, keinen Sex zu haben, weil ich eine ausgeprägte überschüssige sexuelle Energie habe", ist dem Einvernahmeprotokoll weiter zu entnehmen. Auf die Frage der Beamten, ob es nicht auch im Irak verboten sei, mit zehnjährigen Buben Sex zu haben, antwortete der Flüchtling: "So etwas ist in jedem Land der Welt verboten." Er wisse, dass er "einen Riesenfehler gemacht" und "bei dem Buben eine große Narbe hinterlassen" habe.

Polizei wollte Fall vorerst nicht veröffentlichen
Die Staatsanwaltschaft ermittelt gegen den 20- Jährigen wegen Vergewaltigung und schweren sexuellen Missbrauchs von Unmündigen, bestätigte Behördensprecherin Nina Bussek am Freitag. Er befindet sich in U- Haft. Die Polizei war mit dem Fall vorerst "aus Opferschutzgründen" nicht offiziell an die Öffentlichkeit gegangen, wie Thomas Keiblinger, der Sprecher der Landespolizeidirektion, erklärte.

Bei Sexualdelikten werde abgewogen, ob die Umstände des konkreten Falles ein Publikmachen rechtfertigen. Dass man die Tat verschweigen wollte, um die Stimmung in der Bevölkerung nicht anzuheizen, weil der verdächtige Flüchtling erst seit wenigen Wochen im Land war, habe "auf keinen Fall eine Rolle gespielt", versicherte Keiblinger. Man habe ja erst unlängst über einen Asylwerber berichtet, der im Prater eine 18- Jährige vergewaltigt hatte.

Zehnjährigen in WC- Kabine vergewaltigt
Der Zehnjährige hatte das Theresienbad unweit der Meidlinger Hauptstraße besucht, wo er beim Herumtollen im Schwimmbecken einen 15- jährigen Buben kennenlernte. In dessen Begleitung befand sich der 20- jährige Iraker, der - so die Angaben des Betroffenen - den Zehnjährigen schließlich an der Hand packte, in eine WC- Kabine drängte, die Tür verriegelte, dem Buben die Badehose herunterzog und sich an ihm verging.

Der Bub schrie vor Schmerzen auf, wurde aber von niemandem gehört. Nachdem er sich befriedigt hatte, verließ der 20- Jährige das WC und vergnügte sich mit Sprüngen vom Dreimeterbrett. Der Zehnjährige, der schwere Verletzungen im Analbereich erlitten hatte, vertraute sich schließlich weinend dem Bademeister an, der unverzüglich die Polizei verständigte. Für den 20- Jährigen, der im Irak als Taxifahrer gearbeitet hatte und in Österreich von der staatlichen Grundversorgung lebte, klickten noch in Badebekleidung die Handschellen.

Die Storykommentare wurden deaktiviert.

The New German Civil War: Anti-German Magazine, Der Spiegel, Calls Patriotic German Alternative Party Leader, Frauke Petry, “the Hate Preacher,” Puts Her on Its Cover

“Man muß weder #Petry-Fan noch #AfD-Anhänger sein, um im aktuellen Spiegel-Cover eine Grenzüberschreitung zu sehen...”

Trans.: Neither must one be a Petry fan, nor a supporter of the German Alternative Party, in order to see that the current Spiegel [Mirror] cover has gone way over the line.

Yet Another Black Supremacist/White Racial Socialist Defense for Heinous Black Hate Crimes: “They was Scaring Me”

[Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“Ogden, Utah Hi-Fi Murders Revisited: One of the Most Obscene Black Racist Atrocities of the Past 100 Years”;

“No ‘Stereotypes’ Should Be Allowed: TV Movie Aftermath on the Racist, Ogden Hi-Fi Murders”;

“Atrocities Committed by Racist Blacks (a Very Limited List)”; and

“Countering Mother Jones’ Lies About Mass Shooters.”]

By David in TN

I remember the murder of the Harvey family 10 years ago. Note Cole's information about the TV movie, which we discussed a few years ago, concerning the Ogden, Utah “Hi-Fi Murders.”

“They was Scaring Me”
By David Cole
February 04, 2016
Taki’s Mag

If there is any justice in the world, Ricky Javon Gray has only six weeks left to live. On New Year’s Day 2006, Gray and an accomplice tortured and murdered an entire family in Richmond, Va. Bryan Harvey, 49 years old, a fairly accomplished musician (formerly with the band House of Freaks), was killed along with his 39-year-old wife Kathryn, their 9-year-old daughter Stella, and their 4-year-old daughter Ruby. The family was bound with electrical cord in their basement family room. Their throats were slashed and their heads pulverized with a hammer. The room was then set on fire, the killers leaving young Stella, still alive despite stab wounds and blunt-force trauma to the head, to die painfully in the flames.

Ricky Gray was sentenced to die for the murders (his accomplice, Ray Dandridge, received life without the possibility of parole). Gray is scheduled to be put down on March 16. Naturally, the usual heart-hemorrhaging liberals are attempting to stop the execution. For all I know, by the time you read this column, the date may have been postponed.

But for now, Gray dies on March 16….

[Read the whole thing at Taki’s.]

Why Don’t They Shoot Them in the Leg? (Poster)