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Another Racist Baltimore Hate Crime on a Bus, but This Time with Conspiracies Within Conspiracies: Black Female Driver Allegedly Called Gang of 15-20 Members to Come Brutally Beat White Family of 3, and MTA Apparently Conspired to Cover Up Crime


War crime victims Logan Fisher, Kristina Gibson and Christopher Fisher

War crime defendant Karen Murphy outside of court on October 9

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Note that the story refers to defendant Karen Murphy as “a former Maryland Transit Administration bus driver,” but never mentions if she was fired or resigned. Well, she wasn’t a former bus driver on June 6, when this racist black lynch mob attack went down.

Former MTA bus driver charged in mass attack on family
Police: Family of 3 beaten up by several teens after argument with bus driver
By Lowell Melser
UPDATED 6:52 P.M. EDT Oct 09, 2014

BALTIMORE —A former Maryland Transit Administration bus driver is facing several charges after a family claimed she got several teens to beat them up after one of the victims got into an argument with her.

Former MTA bus driver Karen Murphy left district court in northwest Baltimore on Thursday after her first court appearance to answer to multiple charges of assault and conspiracy. Court documents said she told a group of juveniles to beat up a family of three that was riding on her bus.

"She actually let these children get off of this bus and beat me and my family for at least three minutes, then let them get back on, get weapons, get back off and back on again, and then took off with every one of them that did it," victim Kristina Gibson told 11 News reporter Lowell Melser.

Gibson said the incident happened on June 6, when she and her boyfriend, Christopher Fisher, were picking up their son, 9-year-old Logan, from school and were riding the No. 22 bus to Hampden from Greenmount Avenue.

According to charging documents, police were able to review video from the bus, which included audio of the exchange. The video showed the bus beginning to get crowded and that Murphy told everyone to move to the back of the bus.

According to the video, Fisher told Murphy that the bus was too crowded to do so, and the two exchanged words, with Murphy saying, "If you would have gotten your (expletive) off you wouldn't be having these problems. You better watch the way you're talking to me. … Come up here and I'll show you what I'll do. You better get your ass way back there in the back."

Eventually, Murphy pulled the bus over.

"She pulled the bus over, got out of her seat belt, stood up screaming in both of our faces, 'Don't tell me how to do my job. If you have a problem, come across this line and I'll knock you the F out,'" Gibson said.

Court documents said at that point, some teen boys on the bus began yelling with Murphy for the family to get off the bus. The documents said Murphy kept one of the teens by her, and one of the teens could be heard on the video yelling "Call them up." Gibson told police that she saw Murphy make a phone call.

Two bus stops later, Gibson said a large number of Mergenthaler Vo-Tech and Academy for College and Career Exploration students boarded the bus.

"The school kids immediately came up to her and began speaking like they knew each other. We weren't too far away from her, so we could hear, and she said to them, 'I don't care where they get off. You handle that (expletive) and I'll take care of you. I'll wait for you,'" Gibson recalled.

Gibson said her family called a friend to meet them at their stop, 41st Street and Falls Road, because they believed there might be a fight brewing, but the call didn't help. Police estimated that about 15-20 teens converged on the couple. Gibson said the teens beat them and pepper-sprayed them.

"As soon as the doors opened, they hit my boyfriend on the back of the head with something," Gibson said.

"I was really scared," 9-year-old Logan told 11 News. He said he tried to defend his mother but couldn't. "I tried to get the girl that was beating her up off of her, and she turned around and pepper-sprayed me."

Charging documents show Murphy watched the assault and yelled several times, "Yeah, that's what you get." After the teens were finished with the beating, they got back on the bus, and Murphy drove away, offering the victims no assistance, police said.

Gibson told police that she had been choked by the teens and that they had banged her head on the ground and ripped out her earrings. Fisher told police that he had eye problems for a few days after the attack due to the pepper spray, and that Gibson lost a few teeth and had to go to a local hospital for seizures.

Gibson and Fisher said after they reported the incident to the MTA, they got the run-around, and it wasn't until two months later that detectives came to visit them.

Officials said the victims found a book bag that one of the assailants, a 16-year-old who had been talking with Murphy since the start of the incident, dropped. It had three forms of identification in it, which police said Fisher was able to give them when detectives interviewed them.

Gibson said the video captured on the bus' surveillance camera is what ultimately led to Murphy's arrest.

"I was really happy that she was arrested. I just want my son to know that she's not going to get away with this," Gibson said.

The MTA told 11 News on Thursday that Murphy is no longer an employee with the agency. Murphy's trial is set for Nov. 21.

Irving Berlin’s “You Forgot to Remember,” as Sung by Franklyn Baur, Andy Williams, and… Sinatra


Circa 1920

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At first, I thought I’d just re-post the performance by Franklyn Baur, of whom I’d never heard until minutes ago. Then I saw that various wonderful people had cared enough to post one performance after another of this hauntingly beautiful song, and was daunted. How many versions must I post? I listened to the Andy Williams version—yet another great Williams performance with an arrangement that failed to match his excellence. And then I listened to the Sinatra version, and knew that my work was done.

You Forgot to Remember
Words and Music by Irving Berlin

[1st verse:]

One little kiss, a moment of bliss, then hours of deep regret
One little smile, and after a while, a longing to forget
One little heartache left as a token
One little plaything carelessly broken


Remember the night, the night you said,
“I love you,”

Remember you vowed by all the stars
Above you,

Remember we found a lonely spot,
And after I learned to care a lot,
You promised that you'd forget me not,
But you forgot to remember.

[2nd verse:]

Into my dreams you wandered it seems, and then there came a day,
You loved me too, my dreams had come true, and all the world was May
But soon the Maytime turned to December
You had forgotten, do you remember?

[Thanks to Lyrics Mania.]

Franklyn Baur: Recorded on August 12, 1925

Uploaded on May 5, 2008 by pax41.

Andy Williams: 1966

Published on June 28, 2012 by nipstertunes.

And saving the best for last:

Sinatra: January 16, 1962

Uploaded on July 8, 2011 by James McEwan, who contends, inarguably, “Just the best version of Irving Berlin's great song.”

Leftwing, Ransom Note Scholarship at Harvard University Press: How Can Intellectual Fraud Robert Sussman be One of the “Good Guys,” and Intellectual Giant Jared Taylor be One of the “Bad Guys”?



By Nicholas Stix


“Women’s” Tennis and the “Williams Brothers” Scandal



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Hate Crime in Brooklyn: Three Black Punks Beat White Girl

Police are searching for three suspects wanted in a robbery and assault in Brooklyn, and they're hoping surveillance video will lead to arrests.



The incident happened around 2:30 a.m. on October 2 on Franklin Avenue in the Crown Heights section.

Authorities say the suspects approached a 21-year-old female woman, punched her in the face multiple times and stole her Samsung Galaxy cell phone and her handbag with her driver's license, ATM card, MetroCard and $5 in cash.

The victim was taken to Methodist Hospital in stable condition with a broken nose and lacerations to her face.

She works at H & M in Manhattan and was walking home at the time.

Anyone with information is asked to call the NYPD's Crime Stoppers Hotline at 800-577-TIPS.

Chicagoland Serial Killer Suspect is Darren Deon Vann (Photo)


Ever-Triangulating David Frum is Sounding Like a White House Staffer on Ebola

Jared Taylor is Outraged at Robert Sussman for Libeling Him; I’m Outraged at Sussman, too!



By Nicholas Stix

I checked the index of Sussman’s book, and found no mentions at all of me. The SOB absolutely refused to libel me! I may just send him a cease-and-desist/do-begin letter.

Harvard University Press Defames American Renaissance

By Jared Taylor
October 13, 2014
American Renaissance

New book is riddled with falsehoods. has just published an article called “America’s virulent racists: The sick ideas and perverted “science” of the American Renaissance Foundation.” It is an excerpt from a book called The Myth of Race, written by Professor Robert Sussman of Washington University and published this year by Harvard University Press. It is also the most sloppy, tendentious, deceitful piece of writing I have seen in a long time. The language alone should raise doubts about the author’s objectivity. He describes me, my work, and associates as “shockingly ugly,” “hateful, dangerous, ancient, and outdated,” “virulently racist,” not to mention “neo-Nazi” and “white supremacist.”

This kind of hysterical name-calling is one thing; outright fabrication is another. People who want to call AR “shockingly ugly” or “virulently racist” find that what it actually says doesn’t come anywhere near justifying their breathless talk, so they start twisting and fabricating. Prof. Sussman is following directly in the footsteps of Dinesh D’Souza.

Some of Professor Sussman’s nonsense is easily exposed. However, the Salon excerpt gives no sources, so even though the entire body of work of American Renaissance is archived online, it is hard to track down exactly what I might have written that could be the basis for this claim, for example: “He [Taylor] complains that civil rights laws prohibiting racial discrimination have turned ‘common sense’ into a ‘crime.’ ” One- or two-word “quotations” are always suspect.

We will alert and Harvard University Press to Prof. Sussman’s reckless disregard for the truth and ask for a retraction and an apology–short of which we will consider legal action.

I have gone through Prof. Sussman’s article and have highlighted–in order of appearance–only the most prominent outright errors, falsehoods, and distortions, as follows:

Prof. Sussman: “The American Renaissance Foundation is an extremely conservative right-wing organization that also publishes a monthly magazine of the same name, American Renaissance (AR).”

There is no American Renaissance Foundation. I am president of the New Century Foundation, which used to publish a monthly magazine called American Renaissance. AR content is now entirely on-line; we stopped publishing a paper magazine more than 2-1/2 years ago.

Prof. Sussman: “Jared Taylor (1952-)”

I was born in 1951.

Prof. Sussman: “the National Policy Institute, a self-styled racist think tank”

The National Policy Institute, of which I was one of the founding directors, has never described itself as racist.

Prof. Sussman: “Taylor has close ties with members of various neo-Nazi groups”

If anyone with whom I have “close ties”–or any ties at all–is a member of a neo-Nazi group, it is news to me. I will expect Prof Sussman to supply details.

Prof Sussman: “He is a frequent radio guest of Don Black’s . . . .”

To my knowledge Don Black has never had a radio program. His son, Derek Black, briefly had a radio program on which I appeared once.

Prof. Sussman: Frédéric Legrand, a member of the National Front, is a frequent contributor to American Renaissance.

Of the several thousand articles published in AR, Mr. Legrand wrote three. The last one was published seven years ago.

Prof. Sussman: “One of AR’s and Taylor’s favorite and oft-used quotes, recalling fifteenth-century polygenecist thought, is that of zoologist Raymond Hall from an early issue of Mankind Quarterly: ‘Two subspecies of the same species do not occur in the same geographic area.’ ”

There is nothing 15th century about the statement, which is widely accepted among biologists. If the gray squirrel is introduced into the red squirrel’s territory, it steadily replaces the red squirrel. E. Raymond Hall was chairman of the Department of Zoology at the University of Kansas. He made this observation in his two-volume classic, The Mammals of North America, first published in 1959 and revised in 1981. By my count, this quotation from Hall has appeared in three AR articles.

Prof. Sussman: Taylor believes that slavery may have been wrong but the alternative was “Negro pandemonium.”

I wrote that many slaveholders believed that the alternative to slavery was, in their words, “Negro pandemonium.” I was expressing their view, not mine.

Prof. Sussman: “the foundation’s goal is to demonstrate the purported superiority of the white race”

AR’s consistent position is that races are different. Blacks are superior to whites in many sports, for example, and North Asians are superior to whites in average intelligence.

Prof. Sussman offers this sentence as a quotation from AR: “Blacks and Third World immigrants did not really belong in the United States and certainly could not be ‘real’ Americans.”

This sentence has never appeared in AR.

Sussman makes much of a poll of AR readers, helpfully adding that the poll was taken “before Obama’s presidency.”

Indeed, it was taken 17 years ago and consisted of 391 people. Full results are available here.

Prof. Sussman: “Samuel Francis, a regular contributor to AR”

Samuel Francis has been dead for 10 years.

Prof. Sussman: “Francis believes that the ‘phony’ rights of nonwhites should be revoked. These include voting, holding office, attending schools with whites, serving on juries, marrying across racial lines, serving in the armed forces, buying homes near whites, and eating at lunch counters with, riding on buses with, holding jobs with, or even associating with ‘superior’ whites.”

Prof. Sussman has deliberately twisted Francis’s words into their very opposite. Francis wrote this in 1995: “[E]quality before the law, does not mean political equality, the right to vote, or the right to hold political office, let alone social and economic equality, nor the “right” to attend the same schools, to serve on juries, to marry across racial lines, to serve in the armed forces, to eat at lunch counters, to ride on buses, to buy a house or rent a room or hold a job, to receive welfare, to be admitted to colleges and universities, to take academic degrees or to be promoted. All these are phony “rights” that have been fabricated through the corruption of our constitutional law and our understanding of it, and no citizen of any race is entitled to them.” [italics added]

The word “superior” never occurs in Francis’s article.

Prof. Sussman: “The American Renaissance conferences, which began in 1994, have become a gathering place for white supremacists, white nationalists, white separatists, neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan members, Holocaust deniers, and eugenicists.”

Could Prof. Sussman provide names rather than name-calling?

Prof. Sussman: “Arthur Jensen in an AR ‘conversation’ stated that the country’s attempt to build a multiracial nation ‘is doomed to failure.’ ”

Arthur Jensen did not say that. I did.

Prof. Sussman: “He [Jensen] also claimed that at least one-quarter of all blacks are “mentally retarded” and “not really educatable.”

Jensen said this: “Once you get below IQs of 80 or 75, which is the cut-off for mental retardation in the California School System, children are put into special classes. These persons are not really educable up to a level for which there’s any economic demand. . . . People are shocked and disbelieving when you tell them that about one in four blacks in our population are in that category–below 75.”

Prof. Sussman: “Glayde Whitney, as a contributing editor of AR, wrote a regular column in which he suggested that different races did not belong in the same species.”

Prof. Whitney never wrote that. Citation, please.

Prof. Sussman: “Lynn wrote in AR that environment has no effect on IQ scores and that differences between blacks and whites are entirely genetic.”

Prof. Lynn never wrote that. He has always recognized an environmental effect on IQ.

Prof. Sussman: “Levin also believed that whites would . . . once again discriminate against blacks in housing, employment, and schools. Taylor approved of Levin’s predictions and speculated that his inspired vision would lead to “policies strikingly similar to those of the pre-civil rights American South.”

See here for what Levin and I actually wrote.

Sussman: “At the 2000 AR conference, Taylor was greeted with a burst of applause when he speculated that whites may have lost so much ground in the last century because of Jews.”

I have never said that, whether at the 2000 AR conference or at any other time. In answer to a question as to what had caused the “demoralization” of whites–not loss of  ground–I said that others have speculated to that effect. I also rejected Jewish influence as unsatisfactory, even as a partial explanation. A video of my 2000 conference speech is available here.

Prof. Sussman writes that to argue that AR has the right to hold conferences is to “condone the ability or the right of hate groups to gather and incite racial and class hatred.”

Prof. Sussman has never attended an AR conference. Readers can watch the lectures from the most recent conference online here and decide for themselves whether AR is a “hate group” or incites “racial and class hatred.” Prof. Sussman is unique, to my knowledge, in claiming that AR takes any interest at all in class.

Prof. Sussman: “Modern science now undermines all of their basic premises”

Perhaps Prof. Sussman will provide a bibliography of studies that “undermine” the work of Arthur Jensen, Michael Levin, Linda Gottfredson, Tatu Vanhanen, Michael Woodley, Richard Lynn, John Baker, Nicholas Wade, Henry Harpending, Jan te Nijenhuis, Philippe Rushton, Robert Putnam, Walker Connor, and Frank Salter.

Prof. Sussman dredges up a hasty and now disproven allegation that Jared Laughner, who shot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in 2011, had some tie to American Renaissance.

All law enforcement agencies have conceded that there is no evidence for such a link.

Prof. Sussman: “when a group publishes a journal and holds conferences preaching pro-Nazi, anti-Semitic, xenophobic, and racial hatred and glorifies such hatemongers as Adolf Hitler, Jesse Helms, and David Duke . . .”

In the nearly 25 years that American Renaissance has been publishing and holding conferences, there is not one word that could be described as “pro-Nazi” or “anti-Semitic.” There is not a single word that glorifies Adolf Hitler, Jesse Helms or David Duke. Just a few minutes’ examination of our website and comprehensive archives would make this clear to anyone. Even Mark Potok of the SPLC, which is an organization that never misses an opportunity to say something derogatory about me or AR, has said, “Jared Taylor is not an anti-Semite.”

Prof Sussman quotes, as follows, from the summary of a conference talk that appeared in AR: “[Prof. Weissberg proposed] ‘A Politically Viable Alternative to White Nationalism’ [instead of proposing the complete elimination of nonwhites].

Professor Robert Weissberg did not propose an alternative to “the complete elimination of nonwhites” but to a “movement explicitly based on white racial identity.” What he actually said was apparently not wicked enough, so Prof. Sussman invented something else.

The title of Prof. Sussman’s book is The Myth of Race. He is clearly something of a myth-maker himself. If what he has written about me and American Renaissance is typical of his “scholarship,” nothing he has written in this book can be trusted. Harvard University Press–the university’s motto is “veritas”–should be embarrassed to have published it.

Wesleyan and Bryn Mawr Scrap Standards for Blacks and Hispanics, Lie About It, and Completely Politicize Admissions (and Grading!)

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A tip ‘o the hate to Ann Coulter.

The only way these colored dunces will be able to graduate is via massive grade inflation and “gut” courses (e.g., black studies). Meanwhile, normal white men will endure ever worse grade discrimination. Note too that white students’ parents will be paying double—for their own children, and for the incompetent affirmative action admits, who will get a free ride.

Wesleyan, Bryn Mawr Scrap SAT, ACT Tests
By Janet Lorin
October 4, 2014
(Published in print: Saturday, October 4, 2014)
Bloomberg News/Valley News

A new wave of colleges including Wesleyan University, Bryn Mawr College and Temple University are scrapping standardized tests as an admissions requirement, saying there are better ways to evaluate applicants and expand diversity.

[“Expand diversity” = eliminated standards, where blacks, Hispanics, and other affirmative action groups are concerned.]

In the past two years, at least 20 U.S. schools including Brandeis University have signed on, telling applicants they no longer need to submit SAT or ACT scores. Students applying to college will find about one in five nonprofit schools that have dropped the proviso since Bowdoin College did so in 1969.

College admissions and testing are in flux. With changing demographics, schools will be competing for fewer [white] high school graduates and want to stand out to [inferior] prospective [black and Hispanic] students. The SAT, which has lost market share to ACT, is being redesigned for 2016, making a now-mandatory essay optional. Schools say going “test optional” will also benefit low-income and minority students who can’t afford test prep courses or to retake exams.

[First of all, “low-income and minority” is redundant. What it means is “minority and minority.” The black and Hispanic applicants these schools admit are middle and upper-middle-class. They do not admit poor whites, no matter how brilliant they are. They hate poor, working, and lower-middle class whites and have despicably discriminated against them for about as long as they have racially discriminated on behalf of mediocre and utterly incompetent black students. If you’re bright, there’s no need for test prep courses. You used to be able to get a sample old SAT for free from ETS, and I aced the GRE in 1983 at a prep cost of $10 for a huge, Barron’s GRE prep book, which now costs all of $10.71 at Amazon. ]

“This is a moment in time where we felt there’s growing questions in K-12 and beyond about the value of standardized testing,” said Nancy Hargrave Meislahn, dean of admission and financial aid at Wesleyan in Middletown, Connecticut, which cut the requirement in May.

[There are no such questions. Rather, there are test-bashers who hate the results that objective tests provide. See my book review, the General Patton of the Testing Wars.]

“We also see this as an access initiative. We’ve known for a long time the correlation between test scores and income.”

[What was that supposed to mean? Can someone help me here?]

A study released in February that found no significant difference in the grade-point average or graduation rates between applicants who did and didn’t submit test scores was another reason behind the school’s decision, Meislahn said. The study found non-submitters were more likely to be first-generation college enrollees. all [sic] categories of minority students, women, students with learning disabilities and recipients of Pell Grants, which are reserved for low-income students. [All but one (“first-generation college enrollees”) of the categories in question just happened to be members of the multicultural alliance. What a coincidence! And members of the alliance tended to do just as well as those who were not members of the alliance? Not bloody likely. The “study” sounds fraudulent.]

More schools are comfortable with dropping the requirement after hearing from fellow admissions officials that it improves diversity without undermining academic quality [Impossible! That’s like saying that 85=100.], said Bob Schaeffer, a spokesman for FairTest, a Boston-based nonprofit group critical of standardized testing. [I.e., leading test-bashers—Marxists who lie like Persian rugs about standardized testing.]

“It’s the most rapid growth of the test-optional movement that we can recall,” Schaeffer said.

High school transcripts are better at evaluating applicants than standardized test scores, because they give a four-year overview of a student’s ability to manage a rigorous curriculum, said Peaches Valdes, director of admissions at Bryn Mawr, near Philadelphia. [Nonsense. Standardized test scores are the most objective evaluation instrument, because everyone gets graded the same. A kid attending a third-rate black and/or Hispanic-dominated school could be a mediocrity, but get straight As, because of the school-wide lack of rigor. A straight-A average tells you that an applicant’s teachers thought she was one of the best of the bunch, but tells you nothing about the bunch. Standardized tests also prevent the sex-based grade discrimination that is also prevalent in white-dominated schools.]

The school said in July it was switching to a test-optional policy from “test flexible” — where students could submit a combination of scores, such as SAT subject tests.

Of about 1,800 four-year nonprofit colleges in the U.S., 22 percent, or about 400, didn’t require an entrance exam in 2013, compared with 18 percent a decade earlier, according to the College Board, the New York-based group that administers the SAT. Among that rank are Wake Forest University in Winston- Salem, North Carolina; Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts; and Pitzer College in Claremont, California.

ACT Inc., based in Iowa City, Iowa, had 1.85 million members of the high school class of 2014 take its entrance exam, up 2.6 percent from a year earlier. Wayne Camara, ACT’s senior vice president of research, questioned the motive of schools that drop the exam requirement.

“Research suggests that test-optional policies are not increasing diversity in schools beyond other institutions,” Camara said by telephone. Colleges that require the test “admit students with low test scores if they excel in other ways,” he said.

[“Other ways” is a con. It means they can’t cut it academically.]

Camara cited a study released in June of 180 liberal arts colleges by researchers at the University of Georgia, who found that test-optional policies as a whole “have done little to meet their manifest goals of expanding educational opportunity for low-income and minority students.”

[Translation: Their manifest goals of eliminating academic standards, where affirmative action groups are concerned.]

Some test-optional schools recommend submitting test scores for other uses such as consideration for merit scholarships and course placement, according to the nonprofit College Board, which hasn’t released its class of 2014 statistics yet. The previous year, 1.66 million students took the SAT.

“The predictive validity of college entrance exams like the SAT is an essential part of the admissions process for the vast majority of colleges and universities in this country,” Carly Lindauer, a College Board spokeswoman, said in an e-mail. “We will continue to listen to our members, evolve our programs and work to expand access to opportunity for all students.”

Last month, Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pennsylvania, made the switch, while Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, recommended it in a strategic plan. A final decision is expected in January, said Macalester President Brian Rosenberg.
Philadelphia-based Temple and Beloit College in Wisconsin both will become test optional with the class entering in fall 2015.

For applicants who don’t submit scores, Temple requires they provide short answers to four online questions to show qualities of “grit” such as self-awareness and coping mechanisms, said William Black, senior vice provost of enrollment management. The school announced its decision in July.

[“Grit” is the edschool fad du jour. It is supposed to substitute for intelligence, but a hard-working dunce is still a dunce.]

Beloit wants to see examples of students responding to life circumstances, including their ability to adapt and reach goals, said Robert Mirabile, vice president for enrollment at the college, which disclosed its decision in August.

“You might see it in an essay, you might see it in a recommendation, a pattern of grades in a transcript or through other means,” Mirabile said. “Many times, it’s the students who encounter a challenge of failure early on who wind up the most motivated or successful.”

Ohio Wesleyan in Delaware, Ohio, said its move away from entrance exams will help it appeal to more students, said Alisha Couch, director of admission. [An institution of higher learning isn’t supposed to “appeal to more students.” It’s not selling hamburgers. Or is it?] The school tried out a new policy last year, letting high school juniors with a 3.5 cumulative grade-point-average skip the test requirement. It lowered the minimum GPA this year to 3.0 to be more in-line with competitors, she said.

“I don’t want to say it’s market driven, but it kind of is,” Couch said. “Anything you can do to be more attractive to high-achieving students is a good thing.” [This is Orwellian. How would destroying standards maker a school “more attractive to high-achieving students”?]

Most U.S. colleges -- including the eight members of the Ivy League -- require SAT or ACT test scores. In May, Harvard University’s undergraduate college dropped a requirement that applicants additionally submit two SAT subject tests.

Brandeis in Waltham, Massachusetts, is in the second year of a two-year pilot program, said Andrew Flagel, senior vice president for students and enrollment.

U.S. applicants can submit results of three exams that assess subjects including English or math, such as an AP test, or a graded analytical paper along with a teacher evaluation.

While applications to Brandeis increased by almost 6 percent last year, the policy wasn’t widely marketed, Flagel said. In the current freshman class, about 10 percent of the 860 enrollees didn’t submit an SAT or ACT score, he said.

He said a common misperception about test-optional policies is that schools become easier to get into. [That’s not a “misperception” at all!]

“The reality is that they’re often even more competitive” because admissions offices are looking more deeply at other criteria, such as academic record, Flagel said.

[Less competitive = “more competitive.”]

Disillusioned Hollywood Sign Moves Back to Small Iowa Farm Town (Photo)


The General Patton of the Testing Wars

Kill the Messenger: The War on Standardized Testing
By Richard Phelps
Transaction Publishers (Livingston, N.J.: 2003)
331 pp./$23.99

Reviewed by Nicholas Stix
March 10, 2004

A week doesn’t go by, without a mainstream media story on the “horrors” of standardized testing, in which reporters tell of widespread testing error, of how testing is causing students to drop out of school, or of how testing is causing an epidemic of cheating.

The story behind the stories is that the relative prevalence of testing error is infinitesimal, that columnists stressing the dropout factor are mindlessly repeating a myth invented by radical Boston College teacher education professor Walter Haney, and that cheating is more easily prevented on standardized tests than with their alternatives.

For years, the American public has been force-fed a diet of test-bashing by the establishment media, the teachers’ unions, professors of teacher education and well-financed anti-testing organizations, in which test-bashers have twisted existing data, ignored contrary data, and fabricated data outright. So reports Richard Phelps in his brilliant, new book, Kill the Messenger: The War on Standardized Testing.

As Phelps tells it, Kill the Messenger “is as much about censorship and professional arrogance as it is about testing.” The author contends that the teachers and administrators who control the public education monopoly, and the teacher education professors who monopolize teacher credentialing, oppose standardized testing in order to shield themselves from public scrutiny and accountability. “…it is disturbing, because school administrators and education professors represent a group of public servants who should serve as models to our children. We pay them high salaries and give them very secure jobs. Then, we give them our children. Is just a little bit of external, objective evaluation of what they do with our money and our children really asking so much.”

Influential test-bashers include Walter Haney, Linda McNeil of Rice University, Harvard’s Howard Gardner, University of California president Richard Atkinson, writers Alfie Kohn and Nicholas Lemann, the privately funded organization, Fair Test, and the taxpayer-funded organizations, CRESST at UCLA, and Boston College’s CSTEEP. (CRESST stands for “National Center for Research on Evaluations, Standards, and Student Testing”; CSTEEP stands for “the Center for the Study of Testing, Evaluation, and Educational Policy.”)

Phelps argues persuasively that objective, external, standardized, high-stakes testing is the best measure we have of how much students have learned, and how well teachers, curricula, and textbooks have done their respective jobs. The tests give us a tremendous amount of information on children’s academic strengths and weaknesses, so that we may help them improve. “Objective” is in contrast to classroom grades, which are increasingly subjective, politicized, and inflated. “External” means that school officials with a stake in the results do not control examination grading. “Standardized” means that a test “is given in identical form and at the same time to students in more than one school, and all the results are marked in the same way.” And “high stakes” means that test scores have consequences, so that the test serves as a powerful motivational tool. Alternatives such as classroom grades and “portfolios” of work lack the advantages of standardized testing, while being much more vulnerable to manipulation and cheating.

Phelps sets out test-bashers’ strategies and tactics; presents case studies of campaigns against the SAT, the Texas teachers’ literacy test, and the 2000 October Surprise attack on the “Texas Miracle” of educational progress under then-Gov. George W. Bush; media coverage; the “benefits of testing”; legitimate concerns about testing; and “alternatives to standardized testing.” Two appended glossaries translate test-bashers’ Orwellian jargon, and explain testing terms. Richard Phelps drives through the armies of test-bashers like Patton’s Third Army cutting through France in the summer of ‘44. He catalogues and refutes the misrepresentations they have spread.

For instance, test-bashers have for years insisted that American students are tested more than students in any other country, and that high-stakes, standardized testing causes dropout rates to increase, and educators to “teach to the test.” And liberal reporters eat this stuff up!

Phelps scolds the test-bashers for being too lazy to make a couple of calls abroad, to determine that their assumption is false. “Virtually every other industrialized country in the world tests its students more, and with greater consequences riding on the results, than we do.” He shows how education professor Walter Haney inflates dropout figures by stealthily employing a highly irregular definition, whereby he counts anyone who fails to graduate on time with his age group as a “dropout,” and then leaps to the baseless conclusion that the fictional dropouts were caused by standardized testing. Noting that it would be irresponsible not to teach to the test, Phelps responds to that charge, “So, they should instead teach material that the test will not cover? They should ‘teach away from the test’?”

Kill the Messenger could have been called Coloring Education News, since it does for education reporting what William McGowan’s Coloring the News did for journalism in general. Phelps’ analyses of media bias, including statistical breakdowns showing how the media let test-bashers dominate the testing debate, provide a model for media criticism. He also reports on the undisguised hostility some reporters and producers show scholars who fail to tow the party line. (Full disclosure: Phelps praises my education reporting.)

Phelps suggests that the most insidious test-bashers of all are those who claim to support testing ... just not any existing test. For such people, “more research” is always required. “Given all the variety and all the experience, anyone who cannot be satisfied by any current testing program can never be satisfied with any testing program.”

Ultimately, Phelps writes, “Most of the attacks on student testing, indeed, are attacks on measurement ... of any kind ... or, more specifically, any measurement made by groups ‘external’ to the group being measured.” Phelps cautions the reader, however, that any test is only as good as the curriculum and instructional theory it is tied to.

Written largely in a conversational style, notwithstanding its staggering scholarship, Kill the Messenger casts much needed light on a public policy issue that affects us all, but which those holding the public’s trust have kept shrouded in darkness. As Phelps argues, “the debate on testing ... is part of a war for the control of our country’s schools ... The booty is our children’s futures. The stakes are enormous.”

Understanding the Economic Effects of the 2014 Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

By Nicholas Stix

At the Brookings Institution.

“Empty Chairs, for an Empty Suit!” Democrats Walk Out in Droves on “Obama,” as He Speaks on Behalf of Brother Democrat in Maryland



Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

A tip ‘o the hate to Drudge.

Obama makes rare campaign trail appearance, people leave early
By Jeff Mason
Sun Oct 19, 2014 6:22 p.m. EDT


U.S. President Barack Obama waves as he arrives for a campaign rally for Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown (R) at a High School in Upper Marlboro, Maryland October 19, 2014 (Credit: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque)

(Reuters) - President Barack Obama made a rare appearance on the campaign trail on Sunday with a rally to support the Democratic candidate for governor in Maryland, but early departures of crowd members while he spoke underscored his continuing unpopularity.

With approval levels hovering around record lows, Obama has spent most of his campaign-related efforts this year raising money for struggling Democrats, who risk losing control of the U.S. Senate in the Nov. 4 midterm election.

Most candidates from his party have been wary of appearing with him during their election races because of his sagging popularity.

Not so Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown of Maryland, who is running for governor, and Governor Pat Quinn of Illinois, who is running for re-election. Obama plans to appear at an event for Quinn later in the evening.

"You've got to vote," Obama repeated over and over at a rally for Brown in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, near Washington.
Democrats have a history of not turning up to vote in midterm elections.

"There are no excuses. The future is up to us," Obama said.

A steady stream of people walked out of the auditorium while he spoke, however, and a heckler interrupted his remarks.

Obama's help, or lack thereof, may not matter much to Brown, who is 11 points ahead of Republican opponent Larry Hogan, according to an average of polls by RealClearPolitics.

Quinn's race is tighter. He is ahead of Republican opponent Bruce Rauner by 1.8 points, according to the RealClearPolitics average.

Obama is scheduled to spend the night at his Chicago home after the campaign event for Quinn.

(Reporting by Jeff Mason; Editing by Mohammad Zargham)

Zombie Apocalypse: When Ferguson Meets Ebola (Matt Bracken)



Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

When Ferguson Meets Ebola
By Matt Bracken

For understanding why our official medicos and politicos are mishandling the Ebola threat so badly, read The Plague by Camus again, and reflect that it was based on ancient human impulses that never change. Look at the 1918-19 flu for some other lessons. Millions died. Very big mistakes were made and important lessons learned, most of them forgotten.

The “good news” in this mess is that the cities that get hit first and worst by Ebola will provide lessons for the rest of us. I think we will learn the hard way to segregate standard hospitals from fever/Ebola treatment centers. Admitting a flood of Ebola patients is a sure way to nuke a hospital as effectively as a bio-weapon WMD attack over time. The hospital will be contaminated and much of the staff dead, of the ones who didn’t run away early.

Eventually we’ll see newly-created fever camps become the only refuge available to anybody showing flu symptoms. Hospitals will turn them away, maybe with police assistance and the offer of a handy bus driven by a fellow in a haz-mat suit to take them to their new/last home. What’s behind Door Number Two? Don’t worry, you’ll find out later. Maybe you only have the still-spreading Enterovirus D-68, AKA the Guatemalan Flu. You won’t know for sure until your eyeballs are bleeding. Unless maybe you caught the big-E from the guy vomiting on the next cot over. Maybe you just had a nasty cold when they brought you in last week.

And this begs the question, what happens when 1 or 2% of a city have died: who will go to work? People will self-quarantine at home and the economy will crash. And what about the police, fire fighters, EMTs, and hospital crews? What about the crews down at your local power plant, or food distribution center? Think they will all become Mother Teresas, martyring alongside the lepers for the greater good? Think they will not stay home?

But even in the resulting economic crash, unfairness will be ferreted out. Is it fair that some people have prepared, and have several months-worth of food on hand? Is that fair, when the supermarkets were all looted in the general panic, and there have been no more food deliveries, and the EBT system is not functioning? Is it fair that some, who have prepared, will be able to simply ride out the Ebola pandemic to boot?

So the already latently violent among the starving will be very motivated to come out and play. Starving goblins, millions of them. What about the goblins who may think they have already contracted Ebola, and have a week until they die? Or if they believe they will certainly contract the deadly virus soon? And what if they firmly believe by then that Ebola was a CIA/Mossad plot to wipe out Africans and people of African ancestry?

Many American blacks are already angry. What happens to that anger when the epidemic strikes them? What happens when Ebola comes to Ferguson, USA, across most of the fifty states? Already brainwashed to a near fever-pitch of racial anger by professional agitators, it is my fear that after the plague hits they will then become super-beyond-belief pissed, and eager to share their case of Ebola with any white overlords and oppressors who come in range as their final act.

If you thought you were going to die in a week, most painfully and horribly, and you already had a giant hate-on for whitey, what might you do as some of your very final acts upon this earth? What will flash mobs of people that angry do? For just one example, home invasions in search of food and perceived retribution, will explode.

Talk about your perfect social storms?

No, worse.

Talk about your zombie apocalypse.

I’ll say it again:

Alas, Brave New Babylon.
Also by Matt Bracken:

When the Music Stops – How America’s Cities May Explode in Violence

Alas, Brave New Babylon.

Enemies Foreign and Domestic

Domestic Enemies: The Reconquista

Foreign Enemies and Traitors

The Bracken Anthology


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday, October 19, 2014: Table of Contents


Ebola, the First World, the Third World, and Beyond: My New VDARE Report is Up!

Is Pope Francis an Atheist, or Just Plain Evil?

Thomas E. Woods Jr.: Why You've Never Heard of the Great Depression of 1920

Minneapolis (Red) Star-Tribune Gets Caught Covering Up Black American Non-Muslim vs. Black Somali Muslim School Riots, by Blaming White Boogie Man (“Racism”)!

Clarence Page: Obama is Perfect but, Alas, Ordinary Americans are Not

Women, Immigration, and Electoral Politics

Hannah Graham Alert! Police Find Tall, Unburied Human Skeleton in Albemarle County, VA: They Believe It is Graham!

Official Statement by Hospital That Treated Ebola Man, Thomas Eric Duncan

Meet Rose Douthat: “Conservative” New York Times Columnist, Heretofore Known as Ross Douthat, Has Had a Sex-Change Operation, and Now Supports Feminist Campus Rape Hoax

Obama Intensifies B.S. Campaign, Promising to Attack Ebola in a “Much More Aggressive Way,” While Wasting More White Taxpayer Money, and Doing Nothing to Protect Public Health in America

Barack “Mengele” Obama—is He Using Ebola Pandemic as a Pretext to Murder Predominantly White, Elite 101st Airborne? He is Deliberately Sending Them in with Inadequate Protective Gear

Ferguson: Media Stick to Racist Narrative, the Facts be Damned (Heather Mac Donald)

Black American Doctor Who Has Helped Liberians Since 1980s Reports What No White Doctor Dares to Say: They Don’t Believe in Germs!

Read my new VDARE report:

On Being Culturally and Biologically Enriched by West Africa’s Ebola Zone

Black American Doctor Who Has Helped Liberians Since 1980s Reports What No White Doctor Dares to Say: They Don’t Believe in Germs!


Dr. Frank Glover

By Nicholas Stix


Ferguson: Media Stick to Racist Narrative, the Facts be Damned (Heather Mac Donald)


Photo by velo_city

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Ferguson’s Unasked Questions
In the Missouri city and elsewhere, the media clings to predetermined conclusions.
By Heather Mac Donald
6 October 2014
City Journal

The fatal shooting of a black 18-year-old named Michael Brown by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, this August triggered weeks of riots and looting, as well as nonstop media coverage. The press quickly developed a formula for reporting on the “unrest,” as the media still call such violence: select some aspect of Ferguson’s political or civic culture; declare that feature racist, by virtue of its being associated with Ferguson; disregard alternative explanations for the phenomenon; blame riots on it. Bonus move: generalize to other cities with similar “problems.”

Some examples: Ferguson’s population is two-thirds black, but five of its six city council members are white, as is its mayor. Conclusion: this racial composition must be the product of racism. Never mind that blacks barely turn out to vote and field practically no candidates. Never mind that the mayor ran for a second term unopposed. Is there a record of Ferguson’s supposed white power structure suppressing the black vote? None has been alleged. Did the rioters even know who their mayor and city council representatives were? The press didn’t bother to ask. But this “problem” is disturbingly widespread, in the media’s eyes: MOSTLY BLACK CITIES, MOSTLY WHITE CITY HALLS, announced a New York Times front-page story on September 29, complete with a sophisticated scatter-graph visual aid.

Example: Ferguson issues fines for traffic violations; 20 percent of its municipal budget comes from such receipts. If people with outstanding fines or summons don’t appear in court, a warrant for their arrest is issued. Conclusion: this is a racist system. The city is deliberately financing its operations on the backs of the black poor. The only reason that blacks are subject to fines and warrants, according to the media, is that they are being hounded by a racist police force. “A mostly white police force has targeted blacks for a disproportionate number of stops and searches,” declared Time on September 1. What is the evidence for such “targeting?” Time provides none. Might blacks be getting traffic fines for the same reason that whites get traffic fines—because they broke the law? The possibility is never contemplated. The most frequently summonsed traffic offense is driving without insurance, according to the New York Times’s “exposé” of Ferguson’s traffic-fine system. Perhaps the Times’s editors would be blasé about being hit by an uninsured driver, but most drivers would be grateful that the insurance requirement is being enforced. Might poor blacks have a higher rate of driving without insurance than other drivers? Not relevant to know, apparently.

The next highest categories of driving infraction are blasting loud music out your car and driving with tinted windows. Attend police-community meetings in poor areas and you will regularly hear complaints about cars with deafening sound systems. Should the police ignore such complaints? Are they ignoring similar complaints in white areas because they want to give whites a pass? Do Ferguson’s white and black drivers blast loud music from their cars at the same rate? We never learn. Tinted windows pose a possibly lethal threat to the police during traffic stops, since they prevent officers from assessing the situation inside the car before approaching. Ignoring this infraction puts officers’ lives at risk. Should the police nevertheless do so? Such is the implication, if doing so would mean fewer fines for black motorists. The New York Times quotes a victim of the racist Ferguson traffic-enforcement system, who was fined for driving without a license. Why was his license suspended—was he driving drunk? Did he hit someone? We will never know. What is the crime rate in the black areas of Ferguson? Also something that the mainstream press is not interested in finding out.

But the most ubiquitous “Ferguson is racist” meme was the most familiar: the police force is too white. Four of Ferguson’s 53 officers are black. This imbalance must be the result of racism and must itself cause racist enforcement activity. How many qualified black applicants to the force applied and were rejected? Not an interesting question, apparently.

The “too-white police force” meme, which the New York Times generalized into another front-page article (MOSTLY WHITE FORCES IN MOSTLY BLACK TOWNS, September 10), complete with another impressive set of graphs, is of particular interest in light of the federal government’s current investigation of New York City’s sprawling Rikers Island jail complex. In August, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York issued a report denouncing the “deep-seated culture of violence” among Rikers corrections officers towards adolescent inmates. He accused guards of handcuffing juvenile inmates to gurneys and beating them. Rikers has been bedeviled by such claims of officer abuse of inmates for years. The resulting problem for the “abusive white cops” meme is that the Rikers’ officer force is about two-thirds black. (New York’s population is 23 percent black; no one has complained about the racial imbalance among Rikers guards.) This August, the Detroit Police Department emerged from 11 years of federal oversight for alleged abuse of civilians, including a pattern of unjustified shootings. The Detroit force, too, is about two-thirds black. The U.S. Justice Department opened an investigation of the New Orleans Police Department in 2010 for a pattern of civil rights violations; in 2012, the Justice Department imposed on the New Orleans PD the most expansive consent decree in the nation to try to rein in the alleged unconstitutional behavior of its officers, the majority of whom are black.

Now perhaps these civil rights allegations against these majority black forces are trumped up. But if so, perhaps similar allegations against majority white forces are, too. Or maybe the race of officers has little to do with whether they can police fairly.

The facts in the Ferguson shooting remain unknown. A videotape captured the 300-pound Brown committing a strong-arm robbery minutes before his encounter with the police. Brown’s supporters claim that officers stopped him for walking in the middle of the street and then shot him in cold blood, either in his back or when his hands were up. The Ferguson police department has not released the officer’s account of the shooting, but the officer’s supporters allege that Brown had fought viciously with him while resisting arrest. A grand jury is under enormous pressure to charge Officer Darren Wilson with murder for shooting Brown, with the usual threats of even more vicious riots to come should the grand jury fail to deliver an indictment. Officers have been shot at in and around Ferguson, violence which the authorities hastily discounted as related to the ongoing protests; death threats against officers have been made. Whether or not an uncontested account of the incident will ever emerge, it is certain that the media spin on Ferguson itself has been driven by facile and ultimately dangerous preconceptions.

Barack “Mengele” Obama—is He Using Ebola Pandemic as a Pretext to Murder Predominantly White, Elite 101st Airborne? He is Deliberately Sending Them in with Inadequate Protective Gear

By Nicholas Stix

At Gateway Pundit.

Obama Intensifies B.S. Campaign, Promising to Attack Ebola in a “Much More Aggressive Way,” While Wasting More White Taxpayer Money, and Doing Nothing to Protect Public Health in America

By Nicholas Stix

At the Daily Mail.

Meet Rose Douthat: “Conservative” New York Times Columnist, Heretofore Known as Ross Douthat, Has Had a Sex-Change Operation, and Now Supports Feminist Campus Rape Hoax


War victim Lauren Burk found death preferable to letting war criminal Courtney Lockhart rape her, though he was probably going to murder her, anyway

War criminal Courtney Lockhart

War crime victim Laura Dickinson was a coed at Eastern Michigan University when war criminal Orange Taylor III raped and murdered her. The university president and chief of campus police conspired to cover up the crime, and deceive the campus community into thinking that Dickinson had died of natural causes. The president and pc were eventually caught and fired, but never punished for their crimes.

War criminal Orange Taylor III is serving a sentence of life until parole. His first trial ended with a hung jury, in large part due to a racist, black female juror.

[Also at WEJB/NSU:

“The Campus Rape Myth”;

“According to the Obama Administration and Feminist Scholars, Coeds Get Sexually Assaulted on Campus Over 100 Times as Often as Women Not Attending College!”;

“Feminist/Eunuch U.: Wesleyan University Uses Campus Rape Hoax Hysteria to Impose Death Penalty on All Campus-Based Fraternities”;

“Read the Eye-Opening Article that Forbes’ Feminists and PC Eunuchs Sent Down the Memory Hole, and Whose Author They Immediately Fired”;

“Rape Culture: An Honest Definition”;

“Totalitarian Feminists Seek to Force Every Faculty Member in Every Class to Make a Loyalty Oath to the Over 20-Year-Old Campus Rape Hoax, and the Even Older Feminist Power Structure”; and

“Obama: ‘It’s on Us’ to Spread the Lies of the Campus Rape Hoax!”]

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

This is what happens to a writer who wants to be considered both “conservative” and “respectable,” write for powerful communist media outlets, and get invited by communist/socialist/whatevers to their dinner parties. You have to turn yourself inside out, and become the antithesis of what you claim to be. You support their hoaxes, which corrupts everything you say on such topics, and causes you to lie and/or avoid saying anything of value about real problems.

Here, Douthat is offering “solutions” to a non-existent problem: White college students raping white coeds. He does not mention at all the real problem of black men raping white coeds on and off campus, and of feminists who lie about the reality, terrorize innocent white men, and empower black rapists.

If Douthat were honest, he’d point out that the non-existent “debate” on campus rape is based on fraudulent rape statistics, fake rape accusations against white men students, and on ignoring very real black rapists.

See also:>“Nicholas Stix` Absolutely Definitive Account of the Incredible Disappearing Duke Rape Hoax.”

Stopping Campus Rape
By Ross Douthat
June 28, 2014
New York Times

IN the debate over sexual violence on college campuses, two things are reasonably clear. First, campus rape is a grave, persistent problem, shadowing rowdy state schools and cozy liberal-arts campuses alike.

Second, nobody — neither anti-rape activists, nor their critics, nor the administrators caught in between — seems to have a clear and compelling idea of what to do about it.

The immediate difficulty is that what many activists want from colleges — a disciplinary process that leads to many more expulsions for sexual assault — is something schools are ill equipped to offer. As Michelle Goldberg acknowledges in a judicious article for The Nation, dealing with serious crimes in a setting that normally handles minor infractions risks a worst-of-both-worlds scenario: a process whose lack of professionalism leaves victims more “devastated than vindicated,” even as its limited protections for the accused lead to endless lawsuits claiming kangaroo-court treatment.

The deeper problem, which applies for courts of law as well, is that even with a near-perfect justice system, sexual assault on campus often happens in a context that by its nature defies easy adjudication. Most campus assaults involve incapacitation, usually involving alcohol, rather than brute force; most involve friends and acquaintances and partners and exes; and most women assaulted while under the influence do not themselves use the word “rape” to describe what happened. [Because they weren’t raped!] As long as these patterns persist, it is difficult to see any disciplinary or legal change that would inspire substantially more formal accusations, let alone clear and airtight verdicts.

But this does not mean our society is helpless against sexual violence on campus. Rather, we’re searching ineffectively for better after-the-fact responses because we aren’t willing to deal with some of the root causes, or upset the underlying legal and cultural status quo.

[The way to deal with the fake campus rape problem is with the truth.]

As examples, here are three shifts I suspect would, in combination, do more to reduce the rate of sexual assault than any disciplinary change being contemplated. The first would require action by legislators; the other two, by administrators. Probably none of them will happen; all of them, in theory, could.

First, our lawmakers could reduce the legal drinking age to 18 from 21. The key problem in college sexual culture right now isn’t drinking per se; it’s blackout drinking, which follows from binge drinking, which is more likely to happen when a drinking culture is driven underground.

Undoing the federal government’s Reagan-era imposition of a higher drinking age is probably too counterintuitive for lawmakers to contemplate. [The drinking age was changed, due to pressure from insurance companies, who felt they were paying out too much on claims for car accidents caused by drivers under 21 years of age.] And obviously it wouldn’t eliminate the lure of the keg stand or tame the recklessness of youth. But it would create an opportunity for a healthier approach to alcohol consumption — more social and relaxed, less frantic and performative — to take root in collegiate culture once again.

Second, college administrators could try to break their schools’ symbiotic relationship with the on-campus party scene. This is not an easy task, mostly for financial reasons: The promise of Blutarskian excess often attracts the kind of well-heeled kids whose parents pay full freight, and the “party pathway” through academe involves two intertwined phenomena — big-time sports and wild Greek life — that basically define college for many deep-pocketed alums.

[What about the well-heeled coeds who make false rape accusations, and whose parents pay full freight?]

But what Murray Sperber has dubbed the “beer and circus” atmosphere around college athletics, combined with what Caitlin Flanagan’s recent Atlantic article terms “the dark power” of (some) fraternities, are the deep forces shaping the vulnerable trajectory of many campus nights. Weaken those forces, rein in their often-misogynistic excesses, and what’s lost in alumni dollars would probably be gained in lower rates of sexual violence, and a safer campus over all.

[Douthat is despicably perpetuating the feminist war on frats.]

Recent Comments


This is the first time I have ever read someone advocating lowering the drinking age back to 18. Unfortunately, it is 1000% necessary. I was...


It is very easy to stop campus rape: stop lying about it.One in five women on campus are not raped.And if we stopped redefining sexual...


Odd that Douthat would take on this topic without acknowledging the outrage that George F. Will so deservedly met when he chose to...

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Finally, colleges could embrace a more limited version of the old “parietal” system, in which they separated the sexes and supervised social life. This could involve, for instance, establishing more single-sex dorms and writing late-night rules that apply identically to men and women. Bringing a visitor to your room after 10 p.m. or midnight might require signing in with an adult adviser, who would have the right to intervene when inebriation seemed to call consent and safety into question.

This need not represent a return to any kind of chastity-based ethic. [Then there’s no point to it.] The point would be to create hurdles for predators, clearer decision points for both sexes and — in the event that someone sneaked an intended partner in, and the encounter ended badly  —  a reason short of a rape conviction to discipline or expel.

[This will not create hurdles for predators, because they are aimed at young men who are not predators, and will have no effect on those who are, because the latter are not entering dorms with their intended victims. They are either raping young white coeds outside of the dorms, or wandering the dorms alone—think black racist predator

Orange Taylor III, who raped and murdered white coed Laura Dickinson, at Eastern Michigan University, which then sought to cover up the crime—in search of prey.]

Colleges have gestured in this direction with programs encouraging bystanders to step in if a pairing-off seems to be turning sour or violent. But taking on a formal, chaperone-like role themselves would cut against the ideological spirit of the modern university, and no doubt would be widely denounced as puritanical, heteronormative ?!], reactionary.

Embracing such a role, though, would probably make the typical campus a place of greater safety than it is today.

[No, it wouldn’t, because it would target imaginary predators, instead of real ones, leaving the real ones free to do what they do.]

So as this [non-] debate continues, it’s an alternative worth pondering. There are ways, apart from ineffective tribunals, to reduce sexual violence on campus. We just aren’t ready to embrace them.

I invite you to follow me on Twitter at

As my favorite blogger likes to say,
"‘Rape culture’ is how the left blames white men for black men raping white women on college campuses.”

Statement by Hospital That Treated Ebola Man, Thomas Eric Duncan


Liberian grifter-carrier Thomas Eric Duncan, who died on October 8, who knowingly brought Ebola to America, has so far infected at least two nurses and, along with his grifter relatives in Dallas, promises to destroy a major hospital

See my new VDARE report, “On Being Culturally and Biologically Enriched by West Africa’s Ebola Zone.”

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

U.S. public health response to Ebola

Hannah Graham Alert! Police Find Tall, Unburied Human Skeleton in Albemarle County, VA: They Believe It is Graham!


See my new VDARE report, “On Being Culturally and Biologically Enriched by West Africa’s Ebola Zone.”

Hannah Graham recovery, Chesterfield County Sheriff's Office Deputy Sgt. Dale Terry, and murder suspect Jesse Matthew Jr. The Last Refuge/Conservative Treehouse


By Nicholas Stix

Thanks to my partner-in-crime, David in TN, for this story.

At The Last Refuge/Conservative Treehouse.

Women, Immigration, and Electoral Politics


See my new VDARE report, “On Being Culturally and Biologically Enriched by West Africa’s Ebola Zone.”
By Nicholas Stix


Clarence Page: Obama is Perfect but, Alas, Ordinary Americans are Not

See my new VDARE report, “On Being Culturally and Biologically Enriched by West Africa’s Ebola Zone.”

By Former Stockbroker
Page: Yet as a fair historical accounting will show, Obama did get some things done. He reversed the recession with a stimulus that injected billions into the economy. Recovery has been sluggish and low-wage workers have not benefited as much as upper-income earners. But unemployment is down, so is the deficit, and the stock market, for all of its bounces, has hit record highs.

Unemployment is down because folks have given up looking for non-existent jobs. And the jobs that have been created are mostly low-wage ones in the service sector or government jobs, i.e., a waste of resources.

Wall Street ain't Main Street.

Easy money, courtesy of the Fed, drove Wall Street to record highs. I know this, as I used to be a stockbroker, and have an MBA in finance and accounting.

Clarence Page is a dolt.

But you knew that already.

“Clarence Page: Obama's Second-Term Slide Mostly About Us, Not Him.”

Minneapolis (Red) Star-Tribune Gets Caught Covering Up Black American Non-Muslim vs. Black Somali Muslim School Riots, by Blaming White Boogie Man (“Racism”)!

See my new VDARE report, “On Being Culturally and Biologically Enriched by West Africa’s Ebola Zone.” 

By Nicholas Stix

At, of all places, Power Line Blog!

Thomas E. Woods Jr.: Why You've Never Heard of the Great Depression of 1920

See my new VDARE report, “On Being Culturally and Biologically Enriched by West Africa’s Ebola Zone.”

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

I heard somewhere that Hegel observed that the only thing we learn from history is that men learn nothing from history. If he really said that, it must be one of the five or fewer clear, wise things The Master of the Universe ever said.

Uploaded on Apr 10, 2009 by misesmedia.

Presented by Thomas E. Woods, Jr., at "The Great Depression: What We Can Learn From It Today," the Mises Circle in Colorado; sponsored by Limited Government Forum of Colorado Springs and hosted by the Ludwig von Mises Institute. Recorded Saturday, 4 April 2009.

Is Pope Francis an Atheist, or Just Plain Evil?

See my new VDARE report, “On Being Culturally and Biologically Enriched by West Africa’s Ebola Zone.”

Pope Francis

By Nicholas Stix

At The Other McCain.

Ebola, the First World, the Third World, and Beyond: My New VDARE Report is Up!


Body removal team in Unification Town, Liberia, using bricollage "Hazmat" (plastic bag) technology

By Nicholas Stix